‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Will Guest Voice On ‘My Little Pony,’ Cause Complete Nerdgasm

Yes, of course Yr. Doktor Zoom knew this was coming. I keep up on my Pony news after all. And after a bunch of rumors on the Twittersphere, now it is so: Weird Al will voice a one-off character named Cheese Sandwich who horns in on Pinkie Pie’s role as chief party pony in the February 1 episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. But the real question that must be considered: Is this good for the bronies?


Gotta like the Clint Eastwood costume, and the bowling shirt underneath. Then again, it’s pretty cheesy to give us a teaser clip for a musical episode and include only a couple bars of the actual song. That is cheating, Hub Network.

This might not suck. Or who knows, maybe it will be as cringe-inducing as the infamous St. Elsewhere visits Cheers episode. MLP doesn’t have much of a track record with “special” guest voices, with the notable exception of John DeLancie as Discord — a recurring character that’s pretty much a cartoony version of Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Of course, one of the constants of any fandom is the suspicion that the Powers That Be are trying to ruin the series forever, so let’s just predict that for all the fannish excitement over Weird Al, there will be plenty of cries that MLP is trying to become The Simpsons and is now ruined, ruined forever. And then there will be lots of fan art.

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