Wayne Gretzky, Sportsball Philosopher

Wayne Gretzky Is A Wise Philosopher

In honor of Lord Stanley’s Bloody Cup Fight Competition, today’s inspirational quote (there will be one every day, get ready) is from a man who inspired Wayne in “Wayne’s World,” among other wise minds. According to those who know about sportsball, this gentleman is called The Great One. Gretzky has more career assists than the fellow after him on the list has goals AND assists (does this make sense to you? Of course it does. You are smart.) He has the most career goals of any hockey puckster ever. Also, he was once the star of a 1991 combination live action/animated series with Bo Jackson and Michael Jordan.

And here is his wisdom, which is super-famous…

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Now go meditate on that, humans. And please feather your mullet if you haven’t already.


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  • Mojopo

    Hockey! I do not miss hockey games, unless I have to. Sick to death as a Blackhawks fan, but go Rangers!

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      Crawford never had a chance at that last shot- tough break. Go Hawks!

      • Otto66

        Ha, ha. No Back2Back for you. GO WINGS! er… GO KINGS!

  • melizer

    Hockey is not included under the sportsball umbrella

  • Vienna Woods

    Gretzky, meh! You ought to hear what Brantford people have to say about the Gretzkys off the record. Meanwhile, some real hockey heroes… Jean Beliveau and Bobby Orr!

    • dorquemada

      Gordie Howe. 52 years old and still taking the youngins into the boards.

      • Vienna Woods

        Damn straight.

        • Mojopo

          Bobby Orr’s book is wonderful. Great player, great man. “My Story” – good read.

  • dorquemada

    I like him, but the cockblocking he did to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix, when they were ready to come here to Portland, was, and still is, inexcusable.

  • wallydog

    Go Kings. The K’s in 5. Wayne is the best and a classy guy to boot.

  • EricPoole

    The greatest hockey players in NHL history – 1) Bobby Orr, 2) Mario Lemieux, 3) Wayne Gretzky. (Lemieux had a LOT less to work with than Gretzky).

  • mtn_philosoph

    Mullet duly feathered.