Watch Rachel Maddow Learn Why The Tea Party Is Too Terrible To Actually Help Ukraine (Video)

This glimpse into How Washington Works could make you slightly crazy: HuffPo’s Ryan Grim tells Rachel Maddow about the package of aid to Ukraine that moved forward in the Senate Monday, and why it may stall — not because Congress hates Ukraine, but because the bill reforms how the International Monetary Fund moves money around. It’s a technical reform that the U.S. agreed to four years ago but that the Senate never passed, because it is the U.S. Senate after all. And the provision could be a deal-breaker, because teabaggers in the House don’t like foreigners or the IMF.

But! They’re willing to compromise! Enough Republicans may decide to let the accounting change for the IMF go through if they get something in return — a change in rules so that the IRS would back off investigating whether tax-exempt nonprofits — those good old 501(c)(4)s — actually qualify for their tax-exempt status, or are just black boxes that anonymous (Koch Industries) money goes into and which emit political ads.

Yes. That vital foreign-policy issue is what is holding back Congress from providing aid to the freedom-loving Ukrainians. Be careful not to grind your teeth too much.

Also fun: Ted Cruz is opposing the IMF change because he claims it would increase Russian control over the IMF — which is nonsense, says Grim, but it will play well with teabaggers. Rachel’s reply is classic: Sure, we could help Ukraine, but

“Wow…. so anything that has any dollars attached to it to try to help Ukraine…. goes to the comments section at blog posts on World Net Daily about black helicopters, and there it dies. Amazing stuff.”

We’ve edited this video from a longer segment on Ukraine and the international response that you can find here, if you have the 18 minutes.

[Politico / Rachel Maddow Show]

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  • BaldarTFlagass

    I, for one, welcome our new teabagger foreign policy overlords, because Constitution.

    • weejee

      The Kochsuckers teabagging all of America.

  • Official Teabagger

    Teabaggers would rather spend their hard-earned cash (Social Security and Medicare checks) on Hoverounds and 64 oz. sugar drinks.

  • Paul J

    These are the same fucking people who bitch and moan about politics as usual in Washington.

  • a change in rules so that the IRS would back off investigating whether tax-exempt nonprofits … actually qualify for their tax-exempt status

    Not that Republicans have anything to hide, mind you. It’s just that the government should keep out of people’s business. Unless those people are pregnant, poor, unemployed, brown, getting divorced, Muslim, or Democrats*. But aside from those minor exceptions, the government should keep out of people’s business.* (But I repeat myself!)