Watch Michelle Obama, Jimmy Fallon, And Will Ferrell In This SNL Sketch From 1986 (Video)

Submitted for your approval: A Saturday Night Live sketch out of time, with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell in drag as teen girls, joined by FLOTUS Michelle Obama in one of those guest appearances that proves that a prominent non-actor is a “good sport” — a little stiff but game, exactly as she should be. Michelle plays it just right — she’s clearly having fun, playing it mostly straight, with only a minimum of mugging required of her. Plus kale chips.

If this were an actual mid-’80s SNL sketch, of course, you’d see it every two weeks for six months, and then there’d be a movie.

Also, Michelle Malkin slurred all the Lazy Millennials, by momming them to death.

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  • pattyp

    I’d totally make out with a picture of Will Ferrell.

    • Axomamma


    • Annie Towne


  • Farb

    A FLOTUS who isn’t a dreadful stick? What will they think of next?!

    • glasspusher

      Please. Nancy had other skills that made up for it.