Watch Jon Stewart Drop A Factical Nuke On Paul Ryan’s Fake School Lunch Story

If you follow Terrible Things For Terrible People, you probably already know that Yr Editrix helped debunk Paul Ryan’s moving, mostly untrue CPAC story about how liberals are terrible people who want to feed hungry children food instead of brown paper, which truly loves them. True parts: there was a kid and a paper bag. The story made the rounds all weekend, and if there’s a better rapid-fire summary of just how much Paul Ryan got wrong than Jon Stewart’s, we don’t know what it is. Enjoy!

We sure hope that Mitch McConnell wins his primary against challenger Matt Bevins so that Jon Stewart can keep doing that Cecil Turtle voice, at least until November, ayep.

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  • Señor Skwerl

    The Power of Love is the Gun. The Gun is good, the peni… er… The clip is pretty amazeballs.

  • $160578

    What is it with these Republicans, that so often their target of choice is lunches for poor kids? Is it because they figure poor kids are least likely to fight back? Is it because they are getting back at some elementary school bully who stole their lunch money by stealing the lunches of other kids? Is it because they are complete and utter dickheads?My guess is it’s mostly the third one.

    • elvigy

      Why choose? It’s like a lunch smorgasbord…there’s something there for every Republican.

    • fredoandme

      what we have here is whatcha call a tri-fecta. i grew up in louisville, ergo i am a bettin’ expert just because. use to be rare, like triplets. not so much anymore, though.all we can hope for is that it doesn’t spread.

    • hellslittlestangel

      To paraphrase James Baker: “Fuck the kids. They don’t vote for us, anyway.”

    • splashy79

      They are afraid the poor kids will be able to compete better against their kids if they get fed, so they want them to be only thinking about food, not learning.

  • NDeeeZ

    “The (Stopping) Power Of Love!”

  • jangoodell

    My kid packed his own lunch–so full of self-love (and responsibility, Paul)! Of course, the other kid got school lunch because he actually realized it wasn’t bad (at his school, anyway).

  • hellslittlestangel

    Give a kid lunch, and he eats for a day. Give a kid a brown paper bag full of cotton wool, and he can pretend someone cares about him for a (brief) lifetime.

  • temporarily’tom’

    Ryan’s schtick illustrates the sick collusion between right-wing politics and slimey preacher sermon ‘anecdotes’

  • Antonin Dvorak

    Even if we pretend “knock-out gamers” are real; isn’t it only an “inner city black on black crime”? Why would old white republicans care? Apparently, their fictional boogey men lack internal logic.