Watch Jimmy Carter Take This Whippersnapper Stephen Colbert To School (Video)

Let’s just get it out there: We just love Jimmy Carter, and we’d watch him on the Morning Farm Report. Put him across a table from Stephen Colbert, and we are there — or our DVR is. He’s having fun, and has obviously done his homework: he’s perfectly ready for the back-and forth with Colbert. If it’s a little short on life-changing epiphanies (and why are you looking for life-changing epiphanies on late-night basic cable anyway?), it’s a lot of fun to watch Jimmy play with the Colbert Persona. Carter has been making the talk show rounds to flog his new book, A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power, which gives him the chance to cut off Colbert with a lovely correction:


Stephen: You’ve written about a dozen books at this point…

Jimmy: Twenty-eight.

Who cares if they maybe choreographed that in advance? Carter’s smile is magnificent.

[Well, peanuts: the video embed from Comedy Central is borked, so here is the link to the video. No, we don’t know why Daily Show vids work and Colbert vids don’t.]

The highlights for us? Carter telling Colbert that he’ll happily become a Catholic as long as 1) Pope Francis stays in office and 2) he’s invited to convert by a female Catholic priest.

And there’s a terrific discussion of the ways the Bible has been used to oppress women:

“If you read the words and actions of Jesus Christ, he exalted women,” Carter said. “He never made any insinuation that women were inferior in any way …

“Some of the words of Paul, who’s our chief religious theologian for Christians, can be interpreted either way,” Carter said. “If you’re a male religious leader, and you want to stay in unchallenged power and not have women challenge yours, then you can pick some of those things that Paul said.”

He said Paul’s letter to the Ephesians was selectively quoted to justify the subjugation of women by demanding that wives obey their husbands.

The beginning of that says, a husband and a wife should respect each other, and then it goes on to the other,” Carter said. “But Paul also wrote the Galatians that there’s no difference in the eyes of God between a woman and a man, between a slave and a master, between a Jew and a gentile. Everyone’s equal in the eyes of God.”

You might want to jot down some notes for your next dinner with a wingnut relative.

And here’s Part Two, for your viewing convenience:

[Once again, here is the direct link. Rassenfrakken Comedy Central]

Colbert is just too sweet here — he stays in character, but he’s obviously a fan — and good on the Carter Presidential Library for hosting the interview and Colbert’s slightly deranged introduction, which keeps trying to drag in that Reagan guy.


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