RAW FEED: Watch_Dogs(TM) - Video Games Suck

Instead of reviewing Watch_Dogs(TM), I decided to review modern gaming, and Ubisoft. Fair warning, it is not a positive review. Go fuck yourself, Ubisoft. And for the rest of you, thanks for watching, see ya next time. Twitter: @ELoG_Roland Website: http://examinedlifeofgaming.blogspot.com/ Email: fofxstudios@gmail.com Facebook: facebook.com/examinedgaming

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  • Moppet

    It’s sad to see this game, and some of the other new games, take such a tole on you. I wish the games would live up to their potential better, just so you’d seem less frustrated by them. Watching your trouble with that mission, with the enemies killing
    themselves, failing the mission for you, really just hammered home the
    overall point you were trying to make about the game.

    I always enjoy your videos, especially those you really go into the mechanics of, it’s a shame we don’t see more of them. I really enjoyed your look through the Mechwarrior series, but I think my favorite video was your look at Chrome (Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat).

    Maybe some good older games will cleanse your palette. Good luck and good times, whatever it is you decide to do.