Watch Chris Hayes Go Full Edward R. Murrow On Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Coverage (Video)

We are a little in love with this Chris Hayes clip for his earnest pissed-offedness at what 24-hour cable news can do with a story when the demand for information far outstrips the supply of actual new information. With Flight 370, there’s only so many times you can say, “Nope, still don’t know anything new.” And so if you don’t report on anything else in the world, your network may very well end up with Don Lemon seriously asking if a black hole ate the airliner.

And also, good on Hayes for pointing out that while the Lemon party is incredibly dumb, it’s also fairly harmless, while agenda-driven speculation — it’s terrorism! Start strip-searching all Muslim passengers! — tips over into propaganda and paranoia. We like it when Chris Hayes gets passionate about the news business, and this is a heck of a good rant against using a real tragedy to flog paranoia about political boogeymen. He’s not quite Edward R. Murrow taking on McCarthyism, but he’s pretty good.

Hayes was feeling pretty feisty Thursday, so he followed up with another story along similar lines, about the harm done by health fraud quacks and especially by anti-vaccination “activists” — and here, he does take on McCarthyism, although it’s anti-vaxxer idiot Jenny McCarthy. Just don’t read the comments on the story — a whole bunch of complaints that Hayes is obviously against people thinking for themselves.

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  • Mojopo

    Against my better judgement, I flipped on CNN yesterday for a few minutes. It just so happened that I tuned in at the very same time two bobbleheads were playing with the toy airplane model. Perhaps you have heard about the toy airplane? It’s quite appalling. The toy was being used to show how an airplane might break apart in a crash, though the parts would not snap so cleanly as they would on a model, and blarrg blarrg bargle blarrrg, is what they were saying. I was embarrassed for all of us.

    • lesterthegiantape

      Scoff if you will, but that is precisely why I will not fly in an aircraft less than a foot long.

    • jangoodell

      Lilly of “Lost” had a toy airplane. You don’t suppose there is some sort of connection?

  • crummett

    Oh, snap!

  • savethispatient

    I have some sympathy for Don Lemon, but he really screwed it up when he said “I know it’s preposterous, but is it really?”. If he’d said, “these are preposterous ideas from Twitter, lets go over why”, he’d have been okay.

  • devo-T

    Jenny McCarthy’s science:* Vaccines bad* E-cigarettes goodI rest my case.

  • Chris is my favorite. That is one hot man!!! I could listen to him for hours.