Watch Britney Spears Recite The Vincent Price Part Of ‘Thriller’ Because Why Not?

Watch Britney Spears Recite The Vincent Price Part Of 'Thriller' Because Why Not?
Is there a wildly successful performer you can think of that seems less happy that Britney? I don’t mean in a curmudgeonly Lou Reed sort of way, because we take that irascibility as a badge of genius a lot of times. The big pop stars, though – the Justins, the Katys, the Kellys of the world – have as their stock in trade the ability to make you feel like they are having a good time and you are having a GREAT time and you should all share a Coke and a smile. Britney carries herself with an almost robotic level of detachment and determination. It’s as if after her very public, very dissected meltdown circa 2006-2008 she vowed never to look foolish again. That’s probably admirable in terms of a career trajectory goal, but it ends up making you feel like she’s a perpetually joyless little girl lost. Even her (really legit awesome!) reinvention as fierce bitch gay dance diva

…has a grim tenacity. She’s hot! She’s tough! She’s sexy! She’s savage! You just want to grab her by the shoulders, shake her, and offer to get her high and watch old episodes of “Three’s Company.” Anything to take the edge off. That’s why it’s extra happy nice time to see her cut loose and be positively dadaist levels of dork for BBC Radio 1:


There’s Kristen Wiig-level mugging. There’s fake accent slippage to rival Olivia Newton-John in Xanadu. There’s 90 seconds of a rigidly constructed persona relaxing and just being goofy. No meta-statement, no career-advancing move. Just silliness from someone who probably missed out a ton of it earlier in her career, so let the woman have her fun, people.

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