Let’s All Watch Aisha Tyler Get Kicked In Her Delicate Lady-Balls

Funny or Die enlists Aisha Tyler, who also voices the sexxxxy Lana Kane on Archer, to show us all how impervious you can be to danger if you have a magical Obamacare shield surrounding you. Helmets? Don’t need ’em. Safety belts? Screw those. Cup for your junk? Nope. The whole video is worth a watch just so you can hear Aisha Tyler moan over getting kicked in her tiny delicate lady balls.

Funny or Die has actually produced several videos about the ACA, from the straight-no-funny Elizabeth Banks looks hot and wants you to get healthcare:

…to Jennifer Hudson being let down that she can’t solve any juicy scandals because the Affordable Health Care Act fixes all of them.

Sorry in advance for sending you down a Funny or Die black hole for the rest of the day.

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