WaPo Tries To Bogart Our Fapping Strip-Clubbing Underwearing Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate

WaPo Tries To Bogart Our Fapping Strip-Clubbing Underwearing Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate

Some of you might remember that the Minneapolis mayoral race was deeply weird this year. There was a dude who legally changed his name to Captain Jack Sparrow AND was not the only pirate-themed candidate. There was a lady who did an ad dressed in Saran Wrap, and then there was the magnificent Jeff Wagner.

Wagner did one ad where he simulated masturbation (which he sadly later pulled from YouTube) as some sort of extended political metaphor that no one understood. He did a concession video mere minutes after the polls closed that told everyone to fuck off, but also that he “created a fucking brand.”

Wagner’s real tour de force, though, was his inaugural ad where he walked out of one of Minneapolis’ many beautiful lakes, wearing only underwear, drinking a cup of coffee, and vowing not to go to strip clubs any more.

It was beautifully incoherent, magnificently odd, and now Washington Post’s “The Fix” confirms what we all knew already: it was by far the worst political ad of the year.

What “The Fix” doesn’t quite manage to explain is that Wagner’s ad was an entirely different sort of terribawesome than those other ads, which were pretty much bog-standard — albeit really dumb — political ads. Wagner’s ad, though, is a bad ad for the ages. It will rank up there with such classics as demon sheep.

Way to go, Jeff Wagner! Take a victory lap, preferably right back into the lake.


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  • SeƱor Skwerl

    This reinforced my belief that we should not raise the filing fee from $20 to $500. The derp factor in these elections is just too sassy to let go.

  • FauxAntocles

    How did they get Tom to wear the sheepskin?

    • Mahousu

      The real question is how did they get him out of it, afterwards?

  • $160578

    You mean take a victory fap, preferably right back into the lake.

  • mtn_philosoph

    WaPo can’t recognize Dadaist performance art even when you shove it down their throats.