Army Makes Greatest Sexual Harassment Video Of All Time (Video)

Harassment video

Sexual harassment education videos may be my favorite thing on YouTube, and this one may be my favorite example of my favorite thing on YouTube. Not only does it have the best title — “Unwanted Affection” — but it was produced for employees of Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Because if you’re going to serve our nation’s heroes, you’d sure as fuck better not waste time trying to play grabass with your coworkers.

Harassment 2

Yes! The graphics are amazing. And just look at how much fun the probably-actual-Walter-Reed-employees people are not having in this video. The acting! Extraordinary!

Army Makes Greatest Sexual Harassment Video Of All Time (Video)

This next bit might be the sexxxiest part of the whole thing. You can just tell he’s ready to throw it up in there the moment she says the word.

Harassment people

And if this video doesn’t suit your afternoon laughter needs, well, we’ve got others in store. All you need to do is just agree to go off base with us tomorrow night, maybe check into a local Motel 6 and let us watch you shower. That sounds right, don’t it, girl? You want that promotion, doncha? DONCHA?

UPDATE: We have learned from comedian and veteran Kevin Plantz that this video may still be in use! He saw it before his Kosovo tour in 2010. That. Is. Spectacular.

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  • Señor Skwerl

    Oh the feds have some great sexual harassment videos! They showed us some hooters when I was a Jackbooted Park Ranger.

    • BMW

      I thought seeing hooters was what they were trying to prevent.

  • Lazy Media

    And people say the Army hasn’t done enough to combat sexual assault and harassment. This video should put a stop to that slander!

  • dorquemada

    Nothing funnier than 120 guys on a submarine, in the middle of an eight month deployment, watching sexual harassment videos. The audience responses put Rocky Horror picture show to shame.

    • Enfant Terrible

      Is there anything funnier than watching your colleagues, grown responsible adults, squirm and fidget during these videos?

  • Monty

    It’s all good…

  • Mahousu

    I felt sorriest for the poor guy starting around 3 minutes in. They put his pen on a chain so short, he couldn’t write anything!

    • glasspusher

      writing implement bondage is a form of harassment

      • Mahousu

        “We will put your instrument on a chain so short you can’t use it, and we will dare you not to think of what this symbolizes.”

  • I’ve been over to Walter Reed a few times for work. Oh the ass grabbing I’ve seen over there.

    • glasspusher

      That’s what you get for wearing tight pants.

  • glasspusher

    my design sensibilities were harassed by the pac-man error text graphics.