Walking Dead Recap: The One With The Baby Smothering

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This week on “The Walking Dead,” we were given a glimpse into the whereabouts of the other members of the prison group and where the collapse has left them. There’s a severe lack of pudding this week, but you’ll live.

Instead of hop scotching back and forth between groups of characters like last week, the creative behind the show decided to give us the rest of the group in a series of connected vignettes. The gist of the entire episode is this: everyone is upset and they’re all looking for someone else.

We get to take a trip to Daryl-ville to start, as was hinted at by last week’s sneak peek clip, and it’s a weird, somber trip. He’s on the run with Beth and she’s in sad diary mode complete with a voice over and everything. She really thought she was going to be able to live in the prison for the rest of her life. Does she not realize she’s on TV? I’m sure they thought they were going to be able to live on that farm forever during season two, but that went south quick.

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Even if the Governor didn’t show back up, I don’t think anyone is putting down any roots in zombieland. Daryl knows that. And he doesn’t hesitate to really throw the harsh realities at Beth. It’s like a wounded lion, striking out because of the pain it is feeling inside. Or it’s just realism. Better be leaning towards the last one.

This was the weakest story of the bunch in this episode. Sure Daryl is a bad ass like he always is, but nothing really happened. They walked a bit, came upon a mess of walkers feasting on what used to be living people, dispatched them and then moved on. They wasted Daryl for a transition segment and that’s not too cool.

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The feasting zombies zaps us back after a commercial break and puts the spotlight on Tyreese as he attempts to care for his new set of white children, Mika, Lizzie and Judith. That’s right, Judith was not eaten by the hordes invading the prison (dammit) and she’s looking well while taking a walk through the forest with Tyreese.

The real character meat is with Lizzie and Mika. Sisters at polar opposite realms of the post-apocalyptic spectrum. Mika is so helpless and scared out of her mind, she’s frightened to the point that a stern talking to is enough to drive her running through the woods, and on the other end of this is Lizzie, a cold psychopath. A mini-Carol that was put through the ringer and then came out willing to do anything to survive. Anything.

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Oh is Judith’s crying drawing the attention of the zombies? Better suffocate the baby and go into a trance! I have no doubts in my mind that Lizzie was killing the rats (unless it’s some sort of bait and switch) and she’s unnerving to look at.

When Tyreese runs off to help a screaming group and the two girls are left behind, and we are all left wondering whether this show is going to suffocate a baby on screen and have a little girl do the deed. So if you’re keeping track at home, Judith being eaten by zombie is just fine. Judith being suffocated by another young girl at a wayward attempt at survival? That’s a red line.

While this is going on, Tyreese is off investigating those screams. He comes upon a group who we don’t know by name, so that doesn’t bode well for their chances against the zombies. Tyreese springs into action though and does his best to thin the zombie herd.


And then just as he lands the final blow, we get the other big reveal of this segment: Carol is alive and well.

What does Karen, Tyreese’s old girlfriend, think about this? Oh wait, she’s dead! And Carol killed her.

Walking Dead Recap: The One With The Baby Smothering

Next up is the Maggie and Glenn love update. They were split up of course and now it’s time for them to start their classical journey back to each other. And with it, we are back into tired territory.

Maggie is off with D’Angelo Drunksdale and Sasha, but she’s so worried about Glenn that she shits all over a perfectly good riverbank sleeping spot to go hunt down the bus he was on.

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It is broken down or disabled in the middle of the road and crawling with zombies. And in that moment, Maggie is feeling like a widow. You can’t help but think the worst, unless you watched the previews from last week and you saw that Glenn was still alive. It’s hard to build suspense when you do that.

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Did we mention Glenn is alive? He is not well though, waking up in a destroyed tower at the prison and finding himself surrounded by zombies. And then he heads inside to lie down for some reason.

He sees a picture of Maggie and pops up like Popeye in a spinach field, throwing on his riot gear and packing his valuables for a long trip ahead. It’s almost like he has a psychic link with Maggie and she was broadcasting to not give up. It does allow for one of the most badass moments of the episode when Glenn steps through the smoke in full gear.

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On his way out, Glenn runs into a despondent Tara. She’s locked away in a makeshift cage of sorts, while also being locked away mentally because she regrets joining up with the Governor. Things are getting deep.

Tara is a little upset that she joined up with the nut who cut a guys head off, so it’s understandable. But Glenn needs help and he’s not choosey. He slaps some sense into Tara and they both to work to escape together.

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But of course we’re introduced to another cowboy at the end. And we have the prospect of Tara getting killed in the process, which is sad.

His name is Abraham Ford and he’s the reason the comic book folks are in a frenzy right about now. He’s a major player in the comics, along with his companions, Rosita and Dr. Eugene Porter. I will call them Bellybutton, Mullet and Ginger Selleck from now on.

We get to spend some time with them next week and we get to return to see what Michonne, Rick and Carl are up to in the pudding shack. One can only hope that the appearance of Abraham means that the show will be moving forward now and getting us to the next story point. “The Walking Dead” is at its worst when it is doing nothing by traveling aimlessly.

Will Carl develop zombie diabetes from eating all that pudding? Will Abraham and Eugene inform us on how to maintain their sweet ass hairstyles in the midst of apocalyptic hell? Will Lizzie continue to try to shut Judith up by murdering her? Keep her away from the microwave. Find out all of this and more by tuning into “The Walking Dead,” Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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