Walking Dead Recap: Mullet On A Mission

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This week on The Walking Dead, Rick attempts to take a nap with hilarious results. Michonne and Carl take a walk to bond together like pre-teen girls. And Glenn tries to pretend he’s tough against an overly assertive redneck with happiness issues and a secret mission. If I didn’t need to watch the show for this write-up, I probably would’ve skipped it. The good thing is I probably could’ve still hit on at least 80% of the plot points if you asked me what happened. This is “The Walking Dead” season four, episode eleven: “Claimed.”

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Now this episode begins with a short peek into the mind of Abraham Ford, the ginger haired brute played by Michael Cudlitz that we met at the end of last week’s episode, but let’s save the best, or at least the least bad, for last.


Instead let’s begin with Michonne and Carl in a meandering story that fills time in this episode and provides that insightful “character depth” you always hear people mention in shows like “True Detective.” Except this isn’t HBO and the character depth is derailed by shoddy acting and repeat performances.

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Now I’ve gone on record as a Carl supporter, especially during the mid-season premiere. I thought Chandler Riggs had grown a bit since early in the series and showed a lot of growth during that episode as an actor. Turns out that was all a ruse and Riggs is still in need of some help. Carl was just terrible in this episode.

Michonne and Carl out on their own for a bit was a great idea on paper and worked well before in episodes like “Clear” from season three. They were fantastic there and the episode provided a real connection between the two. Here it just felt like they returned to that area to play around a bit, but never really achieve any growth.

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The only key scene is when Michonne comes upon the scene of a group suicide and protects Carl from having to see it. Literal volumes could have been written about Michonne’s previous existence and what she saw in the room. Instead, Carl takes a dook on the scene by bringing up Judith and Michonne’s son Andre. This was not a pleasant time.

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Back at the house though, Rick is resting on Michonne’s orders. Having spent most of the previous “Rick” episode unconscious, the senior Grimes on the show decides it is a good idea to hang loose at the homestead. Of course, no one ever really gets to rest on this show and the house becomes invaded by an unseen group of men.

We don’t know who they are or what their intentions are, but we do know they aren’t nice. When you choke another man out to steal his bed, you’re clearly living in the bad side of life.

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One of the marauders is played by Jeff Kober, who you might know as Jacob Hale Jr. on “Sons of Anarchy” or as the tryst seeking landlord on Fox’s “New Girl.” This probably means we will be seeing the character again. You never really give a character solo screen time if you’re only going to use them one time.

Rick Is forced to go  Rambo on the guys in the house, killing one with his bare hands and escaping out of a window. His escape conveniently matches up with the exact time that Carl and Michonne are returning.

The trio head down the road and hit the train tracks, eventually coming upon the sign for sanctuary at Terminus, the same place where Tyreese and Carol were ending last week. Seems pretty clear that we have our next setting for the show, but what dark secret does it hold?

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Back to the start though, we have Abraham Ford and his merry band of world heroes. Ford, Dr. Eugene Porter and their scantily clad companion Rosita are on their way to DC in an effort to save the world. And they are spreading bad assdom across the area along the way.


They picked up Glenn and Tara at the end of last week and have driven some two hundred miles since, at least that’s what everyone is saying. I can’t be sure because I didn’t see the odometer.

Ford is the most interesting character in the episode by far, be it his determined kindness, his belief that they truly do know the top secret, classified reason behind the infection and that his trip to DC will save the world from the Hell they are currently living within.

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He kills zombies with a smile, tosses out blunt opinion after blunt opinion, and just looks larger than life. Sure his hair is a little goofy, his doctor friend has a king sized mullet and Rosita looks like she just got off at a Japanese karaoke bar. That doesn’t mean they aren’t damn interesting.

The only problem is that Glenn isn’t worried about DC, he isn’t worried about saving the world, and he isn’t worried about the future. He’s only worried about Maggie. And Tara pulls a Samwise and decides to follow him wherever he roams, despite the mission at hand.

Walking Dead Recap: Mullet On A Mission

Glenn butts heads with Ford  and the two end up fighting in the middle of the road, allowing walkers to surround their truck and force Eugene into action. He blasts through a few, alerting the group, but he also blasts the truck and kills their chances of making it to DC anytime soon.

Glenn is still going for Maggie and the stars align for the group to travel back down the road in search of love and, most likely, Terminus.

Will Ford and Eugene ever get a hairstyle that finds its roots in the modern age? Will Rosita prove that her main asset is her gigantic brain and not her sexy body? Will Michonne continue to eat cheese whiz like a four-year-old? Will Rick ever finish his book and get that nap? Will Carl ever fall off a cliff forever? Is Terminus basically just that white room in ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ and is zombieism just a glitch in the system! Find all of this and none of it every Sunday at 9pm on AMC with “The Walking Dead.”

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