Walking Dead Recap: Are We The Only Ones Who See The Guy With The Eye Patch?

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Well things certainly came to a head on Walking Dead this week. The sickness finally got to be too much, supplying some much needed cast trimming, and elsewhere the zombies got to be too much for the fence again.

Oh and the Governor is back. So much for that cold trail Darryl!

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This episode is mostly framed by the dissolution of efforts both inside and outside of the prison walls. Inside Hershel is trying his damndest to keep people alive long enough to get the medicine from Darryl and his team. At the same time, it’s only Maggie and Rick outside to try and keep a growing crowd of zombies from busting through the fence to ruin their Sunday picnic. Fucking zombies with their lack of common decency and manners.

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Rick informs Maggie of his Carol decision and agrees with it, saying she didn’t know if she’d be able to do it if in his position. He also tells Hershel, but then Darryl is gone for almost the entire rest of the episode. Bye Bye Darryl.


I think I’d want to have a dog during the zombie apocalypse. The ones Rick passes by the side of the road were chowing on a zombie and didn’t seem to have a scratch on them. Of all the animals on the show, they’re doing the best so far. Worst? Rick’s horse didn’t even make it an episode, followed closely by Hershel’s cattle.

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Hershel is in the quarantine crafting breathers for people choking on putrid blood or boiling tea for folks to drink. You gotta give the tough old coot credit, he’s making strides and being effective in the face of insurmountable odds. And he’s making spaghetti jokes! It’s basically “MASH” with zombies at this point.

It is clear this episode was meant to clear out the extra cast and move the show forward to the next stages. There wasn’t much more that could be done about the sickness and with Carol’s big reveal last week, and the writing was on the wall for the current storyline. So goodbye to you Doc C, idiot with gun, nameless blonde, and breathing tube guy from the beginning of the episode. You will be kind of missed as they burn the bodies behind the cell block but then you will be forgotten like so many have been forgotten before you.

We did get some nice zombie kills during the maelstrom from inside the quarantine zone. Hershel is trying to tend to Sasha, who has fainted, and suddenly everyone is dead from the virus and now a zombie.Hershel fights like mad to save everyone and while they just sort of do their own thing and save their own tails. Looking right at you idiot with a gun. We saw you come out of that cell with the zombie. Why didn’t you shoot him?

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At the same time, the zombies finally bust through the fence and Rick has to call on Carl to help (Maggie has run to aid her father). It’s a nice bonding moment, firstly with father and son bracing the fence and then followed by father and son taking assault rifles to a horde of zombies coming at them. It’s no wonder they didn’t need to share any words with each other in the garden at the end of the episode. Once you blast a group of zombies with AR-15s and shove pipes through their skulls, you’re of one mind.

And with typical timing, Darryl shows up right as the fighting stops with the van of medicine. Fashionably late Darryl is the worst. We bet he didn’t even brother to bring anything to drink for the group! Luckily we know Bob did, but he might be hard-pressed to share.

Now with crises averted yet again and medicine helping the surviving few get past the zombie flu, we can look forward to the greener pastures ahead.

Walking Dead Recap: Are We The Only Ones Who See The Guy With The Eye Patch?

Or we can look forward to the Governor staring ominously at the prison, followed by an advert for next week where he’s scowling in front of burning mansion. He’s back and crazier than ever it seems. We can only hope it’s one of those standalone type of episodes where we follow his life from the moment he murdered his entire army and left with his two partners for the wilderness. We need to know what happened to that crazy bastard and how he has made his way back to the prison.  Is he the one feeding the rats? Did he release the virus? Is he waging a guerrilla war against the prison while waiting for a moment to strike once again?


Or hell, will he join the group?  They let Merle into the group, so maybe they’ll let him in too as a sort of Loki-type of foil.

Tune in next week to find out what the Governor has brought as his covered dish to this annual prison get together and to see if Darryl gives Rick a kiss for helping him break it off with Carol. Man really likes his motorcycle. All this and The Muppets at 9pm Sundays on AMC.

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