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'The Voice' Recap: Semi-Finals

'The Voice' Recap: Semi-FinalsTime to recap. Tuesday night “The Voice” got down to the nitty gritty during its semi-finals round. In the end, the percentage of Americans who are willing to vote by phone and buy iTunes songs chose three vocalists to head to next week’s finals: Tessanne Chin and Will Champlin from Team Adam, and Jacquie Lee from Team Christina.


Those same voters sent bearded wonder Cole Vosbury home, the last member of Team Blake (the three-time winning coach’s cowboy hat will now fit on his head again), as well as Team Adam’s James Wolpert. They were good, just not great compared to the other three. See ya, losers.


It was no surprise that Tessanne and Jacquie Lee survived the cuts—their performances Monday night were fantabulous. These women can shatter plated glass.

As for the three guys, it was pretty much a toss up. They were equally matched, but Will, who has been the underdog during these last few weeks having almost gone home more than a few times, seems to have won over the populace.

Will Smiles

Will’s “wheels turning” look, as Adam calls it, normally plastered on his face at all times sort of melted during his rendition of Fun’s “Carry On,” making the anthemic song his own and truly connecting with it. America likes that shit.

“I’m just happy because I’ve rarely, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this—look at that smile,” Adam stammered, making Will blush a bit. He is so hard on himself that is rare he gets his own approval. Clearly, the song itself lifted his spirits to the point he lost himself.

“It’s been pretty cool to see you all swaggy up there,” Ceelo said, giving out the props now that he’s out of the running completely with no team left.


Our favorite old soul Jacquie Lee helped us fly away for a bit with her stunning performance of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.” We were transported to an imaginary funeral for a moment there, bringing grief to the surface.

“Wow, you did things I didn’t know you were going to do tonight,” Christina said. “You blew me away.” It was sincerely gorgeous.

Tessanne practically busted a lung taking Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to new heights. She is a star. We cannot imagine that she won’t win this thing. If she doesn’t, it’s all a farce and the American people that are willing to vote with their phones or buy songs by “Voice” artists on iTunes are lame.


“That was crazy what just happened,” Adam said after her last note. He said he was speechless even though he kept babbling away, saying it was the most flawless performance he’d ever seen on the show.

It quite possibly was.

Next week, the Voice has finalists perform on Monday, but leaves you hanging for results until Tuesday like every other award show ever. Get ready!

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