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'The Voice' Recap: And Then There Were Eight

This guy?

This guy.

This week on The Voice we said buh-bye to Austin Jenckes and Kat Robichaud, and we had a close call with our precious little Caroline Pennell.

But thankfully, viewers were allowed to take to Twitter once again, capitalizing on the five minute window to save one competitor in the Bottom Three, and they chose Caroline. In doing so, they also saved Ceelo, who has only one contender in the competition.


Team Blake Shelton

Team Testosterone was down to three guitar-wielding dudes at the start of the week. On the results show, Blake and his team took to the stage for ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” like they were hanging out at a watering hole in the back hills somewhere. But frankly, it could have used some hooch.


Austin Jenckes: Taking on The Outfield’s “Your Love,” Austin showed he’s good, but clearly not The Voice. He ended up in the Bottom Three twice in a row, and this the Twitterverse did not save him. Bye bye Austin.

Blake truly thought this was Austin’s breakout performance with his slow build before bringing out the awesomeness, but it wasn’t enough. Adam remains impressed with the range of Austin’s “gravelly” voice, but he wanted to hear more of the big, high notes. Apparently, so did America.


Cole Vosbury: The other bearded dude, Cole, brought out Mr. Big’s “To Be With You.” This is the song that will be remembered for getting Cole laid multiple times. “He just makes me so happy,” Blake said right off the bat. “You sang the daylights out of that.” Former coach Ceelo reinforced his fandom, as well.


Ray Boudreaux: OK. We finally get it. This was by far Ray’s best performance, but it still doesn’t make him The Voice. But his version of Ray LaMontagne’s “You Are the Best Thing” finally showcased some of Ray’s personality as he bent notes and connected with the crowd.

Team Christina Aguilera

Xtina brought in her personal yogi during coaching sessions to help her team in various ways, and then on Tuesday night she scorched the stage with them singing Janet Jackson’s “Black Cat” and a Michael Jackson medley.

Jacquie 2

Jacquie Lee: The pint-sized powerhouse used her quieter tones and falsetto for good, making an emotional connection with Zedd’s “Clarity.” Christina could not have been more pleased with her girl’s vulnerable performance. That timid start though threw Ceelo, but the big Jacquie finish was stellar. We agree.


Matthew Schuler  Matthew is ahhhh-mazing. With Emeli Sandé’s “Beneath Your Beautiful,” he showed off his romantic side, as he channeled any feelings he might have some day for his future wife.

During his performance, Christina didn’t even touch her notepad. Words just did not suffice for her love of Matthew. And as far as finding that future wife? “Not going to be a problem for you,” Adam said. He would know.

Team Adam Levine

Well, well, well. As Carson announced, Adam Levine is the Sexiest Man Alive because People Magazine said so. Please note that your Happy in no way agrees with this decision. Adam didn’t have trouble getting women in the sack before and he sure as hell won’t now. We can only hope that someone’s looking after all the poor, vulnerable supermodels who will fall prey to his charms. Someone, please, look after the really, really good looking skin-and-bones ladies, won’t you?

Will 2

Will Champlin: He’s finally shaken that underdog status of his, thankfully, which he never really deserved. We always believed in you Will. He took on John Newman’s “Love Me Again” to show his range from behind the keys, manning up at the piano once again. But we must say, we’re starting to really appreciate the way he can work a stage as well. And he seems to be tapping into the sex appeal fountain weekly, becoming more of a man in front of our eyes. It must be rubbing off from his coach, who we all now know as the Sexiest Man Alive.

Tessanne 2

Tessanne Chin: If there has been anyone in the history of The Voice who earned the right to take on Gladys Knight’s “If I Were Your Woman,” it’s Tessanne. And she killed it, of course. This woman is really, truly that astonishingly amazing.


James Wolpert: Finally—someone took on some Nilsson Schmilsson. James tore the shit out of Harry Nilsson’s version of Badfinger’s “Without You.”


Adam praised his team member for his “long, high, sustained crazy notes” while also giving him props for his individualism. Christina loved his dapper suit, but Blake did not care for his short Freddie Mercury-style mic stand. And then Adam threatened to kill Blake over the diss. But seriously, it was just a matter of time.

Team Ceelo

Poor, poor Ceelo. Both of his team members ended up in the Bottom Three. He must have had the moment where he looked in the mirror long and hard. But we like our Mr. Ceelo. He has pizzazz and strokes a weird white cat. But his vision is obviously not everyone’s cup of hallucinogenic absinthe.


Caroline Pennell: This week we got to meet Caroline’s mom, and we learned that her parents met in a college a capella group. So her song choice for the week, John Denver’s “Leaving On a Jet Plane,” kinda makes sense to us now.

See, Caroline grew up singing the song at camp and she’s about to become an adult, so the song speaks to her. The stripped down, folk-y version was a much more straightforward stab for her, but apparently America did not care for it much. Cee-lo even pointed out that the song seemed like it was going to overpower her.  We don’t care because we like her unconditionally.

'The Voice' Recap: And Then There Were Eight

Kat Robichaud: Kat and Ceelo did not spare the theatrics with Kat’s version of Pat Benatar’s “We Belong.” A lot of work went into the stage production, but it may have gotten in the way of her vocals. Her paso doble-style moves had Ceelo glowing with pride and lavishing her with praise.

But unfortunately, he may have built her up too, too much. In the end, apparently, this Kat didn’t have nine lives. So long, Kat.

Watch the remaining eight battle it out starting Monday, November 25, at 8 p.m. on NBC. 

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