RAW FEED: Visual Basic - Sailor Jupiter Make UP!

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This video is no longer available due to the shutdown of Blip.tv.

A make up look inspired by Sailor Jupiter aka Kino Makoto.

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  • Jay_Bay

    As I continue to watch these (you are doing a great job on these, btw), one thing keeps popping up in my head….

    Girls have way too much shit that goes on the face. And I thought I was lazy when I don’t shave half the time.

    • Muthsarah

      I really like this look. I was thinking it would be hard to top the Mercury (because…everything Mercury is good), but this might have done it. I dunno, Mercury’s still more dressy, and Jupiter’s more everyday functional. They’re both good looks.

      “Girls have way too much shit that goes on the face.”

      Well, as long as they’re doing it for themselves, then nothing else matters. But, similar to what Nycea said in her previous video, guys aren’t likely to notice the makeup as much as the wearer is. A simple look like this one is plenty; just enough to give the illusion that that’s how she naturally looks. They probably won’t know or care any more than that.

      That said, you might actually be lazy if you don’t shave (:p), unless that’s the look you’re aiming for. The simplest things are usually the ones that make the biggest impression. It is easier for guys, so there’s less excuse for doing nothing unless you want people to know you’re doing nothing.

      • Jay_Bay

        Well no, the true reason is that I’m a baby and the cold hurts my face. Which is why I have a nappy fro and a crappy looking beard (even though I hate how I look like a hobo). Also, probably laziness.

        Was there a point I was trying to make? Oh yeah, I agree with the face they girls (and people in general) can do whatever they want. It’s their body and I ain’t judging. Nor am I just trolling Nycea to be trolling because obviously she is making simple touches that can stand out a face. I was just saying, in general, girls have a lot of products they have for the face area. Concealer, blush, eyeliner, eye pens, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, foundation, etc etc….

        You know what, chalk this up as “DUMB MAN SAYING DUMB MAN THINGS” and move on. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that Darkury is gonna be “eye catching”. Get it?

  • Alexa

    Yay! Jupiter, she’s the best. I guess I would be curious now about Sailor Venus. I’m thinking she would be very classy, but somehow bold. Also while she is kind of not as remembered, plus she isn’t really a planet anymore :'( I would like to see you do Sailor Pluto.

    • Magdalen

      Someone else has asked for Pluto too. I will definitely add her to the list. 🙂