RAW FEED: Virginia Reporter Shootings vs. Fictional Violence - Count Jackula Rants

Yeah, I talk about the Virginia Reporter shooting.

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  • Gearóid

    I liked your video some good points, i watched a lot of violent movies when i was 7 or 8 and RoboCop 2 to me sticks out a mile, i was too young to have watched it and find it traumatic to think about now. Looking at some of the images from the Virginia shooting is a totally different vibe and i wish i hadn’t, because you can tell the difference, i know in RoboCop they skillfully use the art of Film for maximum impact, it is supposed to be over the top and crazy, so i understand better now evan though it still gives me the creeps.
    The bombing of Baghdad in 2003 is for me the most terrifying thing i have ever seen on live T.V. and traumatizing but like any war the people in power in the United States would rather blame Film or Computer Games instead of taking a hard look at themselves in relation to violence being perpetrated by its people in the streets. Every week my friend shows me a video of a U.S. policeman either shooting someone or beating them up for no reason.
    I don’t understand social media or why people use it but your right that this was bound to happen and will probably get a lot worse.