Video Show: The Bunny Perspective!

VIDEO: Audition (1999)

Prepare yourself for GoreGasm, hosted by a disturbed puppet named Barnabus! Just in time to be late for Valentine's Day, Barnabus riffs on a sick masterpiece by Takashi Miike, the Japanese director famous for his disgustingly violent films. Isn't it just so romantic?

VIDEO: Gotye

Phil once again turns his show over to sound engineer Rex Rabitt for another installment of The Bunny Perspective: Music! On this episode, Rex talks about the music videos of Gotye, but not the video for "Somebody That I Used to Know", because that's already been discussed to death.

VIDEO: LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem”

Phil turns the show over to his sound guy (and pop culture junkie puppet) Rex Rabitt! Is he merely an opinionated sound guy, or is there more to this red rabbit? Well, you won't find out here, but you will hear his thoughts on the group LMFAO and their one great contribution to party history, "Party Rock Anthem".

VIDEO: Time Changer (2002)

It's the belated final episode of Time Travel Month! Phil Buni looks at Time Changer, a really poorly made Christian sci-fi film where a professor from 1890 gets in Captain Stubing's time machine and travels to 2002. There, he's horrified to discover that America is no longer the god-fearing country it never was. It's hilariously awful!

VIDEO: Detention (2011)

This meta-mashup movie stars Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook in a high school comedy/drama that morphs into a slasher movie, which them morphs into a sci-fi story involving body switching, time travel, and the end of the world. Sure, given the time of year, there are other movies more appropriate for Phil's Time Travel Month, but no way and no how is he reviewing any movie version of A Christmas Carol.

VIDEO: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Time Travel Month continues with Phil's very first top ten list! He reveals the top ten darkest moments of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a 2011 anime series where a schoolgirl named Madoka becomes a Magical Girl and battles dangerous monsters known as "witches".

VIDEO: The Butterfly Effect (2004)

Phil's special Time Travel Month continues with The Butterfly Effect! Ashton Kutcher has the hereditary power to travel back in time, which he uses to try to fix things, but instead he just screws up the present more and more. Unfortunately, this movie doesn't understand how time travel works, or even the fundamental concept behind its own title.

VIDEO: Black Knight (2001)

December is Time Travel Month for Phil Buni, because screw Christmas! (Also, he did his Christmas specials back in July.) First up is Black Knight, a comedy where Martin Lawrence, one of the least funny actors of our time, works at a Medieval Times-style theme park, but then ends up traveling back in time to the actual medieval times! Did you notice how many times we said "time" in this description? It's a theme month! 

VIDEO: Invader Zim

While Zim is about an incompetent, self-centered alien who disguises himself as a schoolboy in a futile attempt to destroy the human race, and My Little Pony is about pretty ponies in a magical fantasyland learning lessons about friendship, Phil explains why they have quite a lot in common.

VIDEO: Stuck (2007)

It's the last episode of Phil Buni's second season! In honor of the occasion, Phil gets hit by a car, Trever drowns his problems in booze, and many other things happen that currently defy description. Oh yeah, and somewhere in here, Phil reviews the movie Stuck with Mena Suvari.

VIDEO: Grave Encounters (2011)

Phil Buni joins the site with a found footage horror movie that mocks bad reality TV! It's basically a better-than-expected Paranormal Activity clone, reviewed by a stoned bunny that really likes talking about people going insane a lot. Features a guest cameo from the Nostalgia Chick that's super important to the integrity of the review!