VIDEO: V/H/S (2012)

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BONUS! Count Jackula and Horror Guru’s commentary:

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This video is no longer available due to the shutdown of

Holy Inception, Batman! Count Jackula and Horror Guru get trapped in a tape… within a tape, as they review the new found-footage horror anthology V/H/S.

UPDATED Nov. 9, 2012! In this bonus video, Count Jackula and Horror Guru provide commentary on their review of V/H/S!

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  • Great review guys, I love the stream-of-consciousness random feel of the narrative. Haven’t seen V/H/S myself, and I bit bit torn, seeing as I hate found footage horror, but I love anthology horror (Trick ‘r Treat is a modern day classic in my opinion). Probably will wait for DVD.

    • Hell yeah!  Trick R’ Treat rocks my socks! =) 

    • MichaelANovelli

      Heheheheh, V/H/S on DVD…  :-)

      • Jack Shen

        Dude, I want the V/H/S DVD to come inside a case shaped like a VHS cassette or a big box. Also I want a special addition VHS. 

        • MichaelANovelli

          How about an 8-track, or a Laserdisk?

          • I would totally watch a V/H/S sequel called Laserdisk. =P 

          • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

            It would be epic if the V/H/S soundtrack came out on cassette!

        • The_Stig

          You know why I like you, Jackula? You’re steampunk and steampunk is awesome. 

  • MichaelANovelli

    Poor Masked Slasher…

  • Hahaha! That’s how you end a review!!

  • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

    I think I spend too much time in isolation…I’ve never even seen a horror anthology before…

    • Sofie Liv

       You’ve never seen the creepshow?

      Oh dude, you are missing out.

      • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

        Not only have I not seen it, I haven’t even heard of it…but if you recommend it, it must be damn good.

        • Creepshow’s a lot of fun.  Very EC Comics inspired. =)

          • Sofie Liv

             Also it has Stephen King playing a duped farmer.

            That thing honestly scared the hell out of me when I first saw it as a kid. Today.. It still scares the hell out of me! in spite of the camp style, but I have really gotten to appreciate it for all what it stands for.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

            I’ve read a ton of Stephen King books (not much of a fan of some of the books into movies, but I’m sure someone will tear into those at some point) and I know George A Romero is a legend but I find a lot of zombie movies to be pretty formulaic…I’d much rather watch a werewolf, ghoul or phantasm movie than a zombie, frankenstein, or vampire movie.  Kind of iffy about mummy movies since they are either really good or really bad. 

            The first three because they can rum the gamut of either not being mentioned or viewed in the same way and also haven’t been totally exhausted for source material.  Another case in point: How many chubacabra movies can you name, or Mothman (outside of Mothman Prophecies)? 

            For non-supernatural horror movies I easily think the top five are Coma, Outbreak, Hitcher, Anatomie (the German movie), and Saw.

          • Sofie Liv

             For me, it hightly depends on what kind of story we talk about here.

            I think what people often fail to notice is that Horror itself, has multiple genres!

            Slasher horror, psykolgocial horror, thriller horror, suspense horror, camp horror, gore horror, fairy-tale horror, comedy horror.

            And you can totally love one of the above mentioned genres while disliking some of the other stuff, that is compleately up to taste. And you can even take recognisable names and make it into any kind of horror.

            Frankenstein can both be told as a slasher horror, a morality piece with horror elements or my very favourit, as a gothic fairy-tale horror.

            Not many people make them any-more, but I am a sucker for gothic fairy tales as I like to call them. The old universal monster movies, they are told as gothich fairy-tales.

            Years later, Kenneth Brannagh re-made Frankenstein.. his version was not a gothic fairy-tale. It was some-thing entirely different (and I am not sure what.)
            The hammer versions of the story are well, often slashers!

            And well, as I am such a sucker for gothic fairy-tales, but don’t really go out of my way for the other stuff, guess what movie is my preference.

            Vampires more than any other creatures, has the potential to be put in any story you want, in any structure you want, do with them what you want.

            So yeah.. sign me up for the old school.. and any-thing made by Guilmoro Del-toro.

            Stephen king is though, his own genre in itself, but if you like him, do check out creepshow, he wrote several of the shorts in it. And not is, they were adapted from previous short stories, no no, he wrote original stories as a screen-plays for the movie, and they are awesome.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

            I appreciate the reply and the comments are really very valid, but for me the movies that scare me the most are the ones that could actually happen.  As much as they are popular, fantasy monsters don’t really exist.  The scariest movies are when it’s something that could actually happen (like Last House on the Left, that still creeps me out), and even A Clockwork Orange is in effect a horror movie.

            Now that’s not to say I don’t respect or enjoy other genres of horror, they all have their place and their audience (and with the right visual effects downright terrifying…fuck I’m still not over the exorcism scene from Constantine that was fucked up totally) but to me, real horror comes from anything that seems plausible and something that could happen.  The fantasy fan in me still likes seeing heroes acting heroic, but the horror fan prefers movies where the protagonists are in legitimate danger.

          • Sofie Liv

             Again, this is all up to personal preferance and taste. There is nothing wrong with having different tastes here.

            I am a fairy-tale girl, I love fairy-tales, I adore them!
            And make it more gothic and edgy, I will love it even more.
            I am that person still never missing any disney animated, and I probably never will. I love Doctor who exactly because it’s so out there.

            But that is me, and not other people, that’s my own, personal, taste. And no-body has to share it with me, unless they want to.

            … to me “realistic.” horror.. unless it’s really well presented like in “psycko.” or “the texas chainsaw massacre.” is the boring kind of horror. When I finally do sit down to watch a horror flick, I do prefer it just go balls to the wall within the movie, evil dead style. It’s not some-thing I do often, but when I finally do it, that is my preferance.

          • It’s not on the Agony Booth, but if you’re interesting in checking out some Horror Book vs. Movie reviews, you could check out my Blood Splattered Adaptations episodes on my blip page:

          • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

            Thanks for the link I’ll be sure to watch them.

  • Sofie Liv

    holy crap, mind-fuck.

    Great job guys! funny as all-ways.. all though I have no idea where you are going to take that one next. Going that mind-fucked that quick.. you are only three episodes in you know!

    • When all else fails, mind-fuck!  At least, I like to think that’s my motto. :P

  • Thomas Stockel

    Great review, guys. :)

  • I can’t watch shakey-cam movies in a theatre.  I get too nauseous to watch it.  When I saw Cloverfield I had to leave and spend 10 minutes outside the theater to keep from throwing up.  Even watching them on a TV is too much for me. 

    Anyways, you guys did a great job as always!   

  • Torgeaux

    Not at all into most horror.  I have a thing about dismemberment.  It upsets me for hours on end even if I see a doll, which is clearly not a living thing, disarticulated.  I have no idea why I’m like this. To each his own hangup I guess.  I have missed a ton and a half of great movies because of this. To this day I have never seen even a minute of ‘JAWS’ believe it or not.  Even though I know it’s just smoke and mirrors I can’t watch it.  I think you guys are doing some of the most entertaining reviews on this site.  Maybe if I keep watching I can make myself become desensitized enough to see what I’ve been missing all these years.

    • Dude, that is one of the greatest responses we’ve gotten yet. Thank you, and we hope we can keep entertaining ya. =) 

  • Liam Barrett

    I have rhythm for a fat bloke.

    Another great episode. 

    • You were amazing, man. The dead-pan killed me. =)