If You Loved Veronica Mars On Teevee You Will Probably Like Her On Your Movie Screen Also Too

We admit it: we missed Veronica Mars. We missed the totes adorbs teen detective figuring out who stole the football team’s playbook. We missed candy-colored Neptune, CA, and it’s oceanfront seamy underbelly. We missed sidekick Wallace, and sidekick Mac, and dead Amanda Seyfried.


The show was taken away from us, ripped asunder. Kirsten Bell went on to rom-com land, with some successes and some failures. Amanda Seyfried and Mac would up playing Mormons on “Big Love.” Percy Daggs III (Wallace) went on to do a Hot Pockets commercial and not much else. We don’t know what all the buff white dudes went on to do, because we could never tell them apart anyway.

Lilly comes back to life and gay-marries Mac on Veronica Mars: The Lost Years

But now, thanks to the miracle of Kickstarter,™ the band is back together. Veronica Mars (2014) reunites the old gang on the occasion of their tenth anniversary high school reunion. Veronica starts out in NY, having left death trap, suicide rap Neptune for Stanford. She is just about to start some high-paying corporate gig, when Neptune pulls her back in for One Last Job.


The good news:

• Fun banter with Wallace and Veronica’s dad
• Great supporting cast with Krysten Ritter and Gaby Hoffman
• Somewhat intriguing murder mystery

The bad news:

• Formerly sunny Neptune now a dark urban hellhole
• Lots of excess backstory to allow the newbies to catch up
• Tina Majorino’s unfortunate haircut
• Veronica looks preggers

On the whole this is a movie for fans of the tv show. While they take care to explain the story to newcomers, most of the pleasures of this movie are seeing the old faces and hearing the old in-jokes. Without that it’s basically an episode of “Law & Order: SVU.” And movie ticket prices being what they are (thanks Obama!), you could buy an entire season of Veronica Mars: The TV Show on DVD for the cost of a pair of tickets for Veronica Mars: The Motion Picturing.

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