Venom (2018), a recap (part 7 of 7)

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Previously: The villain went kaboom. What more do you really need to know?

It’s daytime now, and there’s a serene-looking shot of the San Francisco skyline, so I guess the city recovered pretty quickly from a rocket exploding in the bay. Annie and Eddie are sitting outside on her stoop having a chat. Annie asks how he’s feeling, and he says he’s doing alright but he’s thinking about “suing”—who, exactly?—and wonders if she can help. Annie says he’s out of luck, because she’s now working for the public defender’s office.

Eddie says his old TV network contacted him about bringing his show back. Really? After basically destroying his former boss’ office? But Eddie turned down the offer, because he wants to “concentrate on the written word”. Oh yes, I can totally imagine this clueless mook hunched over a laptop furiously typing away.

You’re looking at the next Hunter S. Thompson right here, folks.

In fact, Eddie says he’s just “scored the interview of a lifetime”, but won’t say who it’s with. Annie gets sad and tells Eddie that she’s “sorry about Venom,” you know, his cute l’il misunderstood buddy that just died. And then Eddie wonders if they should talk about “that kiss”, meaning… the kiss they shared when Annie was possessed by Venom, right after she bit off a guy’s head? Yes, that was certainly a moment fraught with emotion.

Annie says the kiss was just “your buddy’s idea”, thought she doesn’t sound terribly convincing about it. She adds that it did “feel kind of great”, but quickly clarifies that she’s not talking about the kiss, but rather having the power of Venom. She also says they can’t tell her boyfriend Dan about any of this. Just then, Venom’s voice pops up in Eddie’s head again, saying that Annie has no idea “we are going to get her back”. So it turns out Venom’s not dead. How shocked are you? Eddie stupidly starts talking to the voice in his head and Annie suspects something is up, but Eddie quickly says he’s got to go.

As he walks away, we get one of Stan Lee’s final cameos (he’s credited as “Dapper Dog Walker”) as he crosses paths with Eddie and tells him, “Don’t give up on her,” then suggests he knows about the Venom symbiote living inside of Eddie when he adds, “Either of you.” So is this more grist for the “Stan Lee is Uatu the Watcher” conspiracy theory mill? Venom is momentarily confused, then starts talking about how Stan’s dog looks “delicious”. RIP Stan the Man.

“You two remind me of an issue of Spider-Man I did. When Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy went lingerie shopping. Of course, the Green Goblin showed up, and he pumpkin-bombed the hell out of the place. But aside from that, it’s pretty much the same thing.”

Now Eddie’s back in his own neighborhood, walking down the sidewalk, and getting looks from people as he talks to himself, telling Venom that if he’s going to stick around, they have to establish some “ground rules”. He says Venom can’t go around eating whoever he wants to eat, and the only people he’ll be allowed to “touch, harm, hurt, possibly, very possibly eat” are the “very, very bad people”.

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Multi-Part Article: Venom (2018), a recap
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