Venom (2018), a recap (part 6 of 7)

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Previously: Eddie was able to rid himself of the Venom symbiote at the perfect time: just as his arch-enemy Carlton Drake got his own symbiote and sent his goons out to tranquilize Eddie and bring him back alive. Oops!

Eddie wakes up strapped to a chair at the Life Foundation. Treece is threatening to torture him, so Eddie headbutts him and knocks him to the floor. Drake shows up, and due to him now being bonded to his own symbiote, he can sense that the Venom symbiote is no longer inside Eddie. He wants to know where the symbiote is now, but Eddie refuses to talk and calls him “insane”, and Drake sarcastically acts hurt by this.

Drake then launches into a rant about how humans have destroyed the environment, and now we’re on the “brink of extinction”, and he wants to combine humans and symbiotes into a new species. In response, Eddie just complains about having “one of these creatures up my ass”. So Drake turns full on into Riot, a bigger and uglier version of Venom, who yells at Eddie and demands to know where “Venom” is. Which seems to be more proof that “Venom” is somehow Venom’s actual alien name, which still makes no sense.

Wow, it’s a more exxxtreme version of Venom, and it’s not even the ‘90s anymore!

Eddie still refuses to talk, so Riot transforms back into Drake and tells Treece to “take care” of Eddie. After Drake walks out, Eddie mumbles, “Whoa, he has one up his ass, too!” Ooh, he said “ass”, twice. That’s double-hilarious.

Drake then goes into another room and talks to his symbiote alone via the “head coming out of his back” method, and his symbiote says there are millions of creatures just like him, who will all gladly follow Drake/Riot. All they need to do is go back out into space and retrieve them. Meanwhile, Treece and some goons walk Eddie out into the woods and get ready to shoot him. Luckily, they let Eddie babble on and on, which is long enough for some familiar tentacles to grab the goons and throw them aside.

Eventually, Venom appears, now in female form. She bloodlessly bites off Treece’s head, then makes out with Eddie, whereupon the symbiote passes from her to Eddie, revealing that it was Annie underneath. This is a reference to the character of She-Venom in the comics, also created when the symbiote left Eddie and temporarily bonded with Annie. So I guess both Eddie and Annie just happened to be suitable hosts, then? Also, should we be reading anything into the fact that the Venom symbiote decided it really wanted to make out with Eddie?

“I have the most uncomfortable boner right now.”

Annie can’t believe that “I just bit that guy’s head off!” Neither can I. Where exactly do heads go when Venom bites them off, anyway? Is Treece’s decapitated head now sitting intact inside Annie’s stomach? Actually, knowing Marvel, I’m sure the super-nerdy Official Handbook-type explanation is that those heads gets stored in a pocket dimension or something.

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Multi-Part Article: Venom (2018), a recap

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