Venom (2018), a recap (part 5 of 7)

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Previously: Carlton Drake offed his lead scientist Dr. Skirth, then sent his security team to go retrieve his symbiote. But Eddie successfully eluded them by finally turning into Venom, whose primary superpower seems to be shooting black goo out of various orifices.

Cut to San Francisco International Airport. That little blonde girl from the airport in Malaysia has arrived, and she’s all alone. Did she fly all the way from Asia to the US by herself? Okay, I guess it’s possible the symbiote killed her parents along the way, but wouldn’t a child traveling alone have raised some red flags somewhere? Her eyes turn cloudy as she walks away, to make it obvious that she’s still possessed by that symbiote. And so ends this very necessary installment of the Symbiote from East Malaysia subplot. And again, you won’t believe how little payoff there is to all this.

“I can’t wait to get home and bite Barbie’s head off.”

Meanwhile, Dan calls up Annie in her car, and says he’s got Eddie’s MRI test results, and they’re like nothing he’s ever seen before. He tells her she needs to find Eddie immediately, but she can’t reach him.

Over at the Life Foundation, Dr. Skirth is dead, and so is the symbiote they tried to join with her. Drake yells at his scientists for just standing around and allowing the symbiote to die. He then tells his goons that they have to get the symbiote that’s inside of Eddie, but they can’t kill Eddie until they find another “suitable host” to replace him. Er, why? If Drake’s entire goal is to merge humans and symbiotes into a new species, then what does it matter who that particular one is inside of?

“Geez, this was a pretty harsh punishment, Lorne, all she did was drop an F-bomb on live TV.”

Annie goes to Eddie’s apartment building, but the neighborhood is entirely blocked off by the police due to the massive amounts of destruction and death caused by the earlier motorcycle/SUV chase. She tries to call Eddie again, and Eddie looks at her name on his phone and the Venom voice starts asking who this Annie person is. Eddie answers and Annie says she wants to come to him, but he tells her that now’s probably not a good time.

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Multi-Part Article: Venom (2018), a recap

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