Venom (2018), a recap (part 4 of 7)

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Previously: Eddie got merged with one of Carlton Drake’s symbiotes, which allowed him to climb trees and gave him cravings for all sorts of not-dead foods. After dining on extremely fresh lobster, Annie’s doctor boyfriend Dan did an MRI scan on Eddie and then told him to go home and sleep off that symbiote.

Eddie’s on his way home from the hospital on a cable car, because this is San Francisco, where surely everybody rides these famous cable cars on the daily, right? (Maybe when he gets home, he’ll cook up some Rice-a-Roni, too!) Suddenly, he hears his deep inner Tom Hardy voice say, “Hungry!” and his insides start growling. He makes a spectacle of himself in front of all the other riders, and then he gets home and puts some more of those frozen tater tots in the oven.

He gets a call from Annie, who’s on speaker with Dan, and they tell Eddie that he has a “parasite”. Eddie says he’s been hearing voices, and Dan assures him that “auditory hallucinations” are common with his condition. Eddie asks if a parasite could make him climb up a really tall tree, and the deep voice says, “Yes!”

Eddie starts to argue with the voice in his head, so Dan realizes they need to get Eddie on medication right away. And then Eddie’s neighbor starts wailing on his electric guitar again. Eddie rages again, but this time he goes and knocks on the guy’s door to tell him to turn it down. Guitar Guy initially asks dismissive until Eddie’s face briefly turns into the Venom face. And the best part is how his neighbor just acts mildly disconcerted at seeing a guy momentarily turn into a mutant alien hybrid creature.

“It’s cool, I’m totally used to my neighbors turning into demons. Happens all the time when I’m on shrooms.”

At the Life Foundation, Drake is interrogating Dr. Skirth, and wanting to know who she let into the building. He puts on a front, showing concern for whoever now has possession of the symbiote. He even promises that all that human experimentation stuff is behind him now, so Skirth coughs up that the guy she let in was Eddie Brock. Predictably, Drake switches right back to evil mode, telling Skirth that “You were our best,” and he already has a Wacky Wall Walker ready to go, and releases it in the same room as her. Though, if you’re excited that we might see Skirth later transformed into another symbiote character from the comics like, say, Scream (but I really can’t imagine who’d be excited about that), you can forget about it. This is the last time we see Skirth alive.

Dr. Skirth’s exit is capped off with a little “ding” which is coming from Eddie’s toaster oven because his tater tots are done. But before he gets a chance to dig into these very burned tots, the deep voice in his head tells him, “Do not open that door.”

A moment later, someone knocks at the door, and Eddie of course opens it, and it turns out to be Drake’s security team demanding Mr. Drake’s “property” back. They all point guns at him, and all their guns have laser sights on them, so Eddie puts his hands up. The deep voice takes issue with this, saying Eddie is “making us look bad” as he forces Eddie’s hands back down, and the two fight over putting his hands up or down.

Eventually, the deep voice says he’s going to take care of things, and just as Drake’s security team starts to hit Eddie with their tasers, the symbiote makes Eddie snake his hands out, which start stretching like he’s Reed Richards, except his arms are all made of black goo. He uses his black goo arms to push one guy out a window, and another black goo arm to throw another guy against the ceiling.

I’d call this a cool superpower, but I think that’s kind of a stretch.

A terrified Eddie says he’s “so sorry about your friends” as the black goo slams the lead security guy through a coffee table, and then the symbiote uses more black goo to grab a barbell and knock another guy out, and soon he’s battling the whole crew all at once. His hand turns into a really big fist made out of black goo as he punches one guy out, and the deep voice says, “Outstanding!”

“I’m so sorry, I just ates me spinach.”

All the bad guys are defeated, so the deep voice tells Eddie to bite off all their heads, and Eddie is horrified at the prospect. Instead, he runs out of his apartment, while Guitar Guy peeks out of his apartment and looks more freaked out at the sight of unconscious security guards than when Eddie morphed into an grotesque alien right in front of him.

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Multi-Part Article: Venom (2018), a recap

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