Venom (2018), a recap (part 3 of 7)

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Previously: Carlton Drake started using his symbiotes from space to experiment on homeless people, with predictable results. Eddie Brock, who previously lost his job over investigating Drake, got suckered into investigating him again. Meanwhile, an evil symbiote is aggressively making its way across the globe by merging with increasingly smaller and frailer people.

Dr. Skirth drives back to the Life Foundation at night, with Eddie hidden… in the back seat? The trunk? From the way this is filmed, I can’t tell. As they ride down in an elevator, Skirth explains the whole rationale behind the Life Foundation, which is that due to “overpopulation and climate change”, we’re now “a generation away from an uninhabitable Earth,” so Drake started up his space program to “scout real estate”, apparently to find new places for humanity to settle down.

But one of his missions “found a comet” that showed traces of life, so they checked it out and they even brought back specimens. Really? That’s how that works, huh? They were just toddling around space and happened to run into a comet and so they decided why not land on it? In general, space missions aren’t like Star Trek where they can just decide to go and explore something on a whim.

Eddie realizes that Skirth is saying that actual aliens were brought back from the comet, so he assumes she’s just crazy and starts doing an impression of ET phoning home. But Skirth insists that everything she’s saying is true and they’ve been trying to join humans with alien symbiotes.

“Actually, I don’t want to phone home, but I would like to phone my agent.”

Skirth sees a guard coming, so she opens a door and pushes Eddie out of sight. And of course, the area she pushes him into just happens to be a super-secure area where he just happens to come across some of the potential “hosts”. One of them is dead, some are sleeping, and Eddie snaps pictures with his phone.

Then one of them wakes up and starts pounding on the glass, and it turns out to be Eddie’s homeless friend Maria. I know, what are the odds, right? She begs to be let out, so Eddie, the genius that he is, starts randomly pushing buttons on the key panel beside the door. Her room is suddenly bathed in a red light, and she starts screaming in pain, so Eddie grabs a fire extinguisher to break the glass.

He’s able to smash through, whereupon Maria rewards him by slamming him to the floor and grabbing him by the throat. As she chokes him, some black goo travels from her arms to his neck and disappears, and then Maria collapses, apparently dead, and having passed on her symbiote to Eddie.

Cooties are real!

A computer announces a “Code Silver security breach” as Eddie runs out of the secure area. He finds himself in a corridor where he’s attacked by security guards, and to his amazement he’s easily able to fight them off. He’s then able to kick down a door, and break through a fence, now he’s running through the woods as security guards shoot at him.

The guards continue to chase him, and pretty soon they’ve even got dune buggies coming after him. Eddie accidentally runs headfirst into a tree, but is surprised to find that he’s able to run right through the tree, totally pulverizing it. He collapses to the ground, but then some unseen force seems to pick him up like a marionette and force him to keep running.

It looks like the security guards finally have him cornered, but then they suddenly have no trace of him, and the guards look around in confusion. The camera then pans up a tall tree, and Eddie is perched at the very top. Did the symbiote turn him into Venom, or George of the Jungle?

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Multi-Part Article: Venom (2018), a recap

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