Venom (2018), a recap (part 2 of 7)

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Previously: A spaceship belonging to Carlton Drake’s Life Foundation crashed in Asia, carrying several mysterious “organisms” (AKA symbiotes) as well as J. Jonah Jameson’s astronaut son, who immediately died and passed on a symbiote to an EMT worker. Meanwhile, Drake didn’t like the probing questions he got from journalist Eddie Brock and had both him and his fiancée fired.

Cut to nighttime, as a convoy of trucks rolls into Life Foundation headquarters. One truck is carrying the “samples” recovered from the crash in East Malaysia, and it’s several glass canisters holding gooey creatures that look like Wacky Wall Walkers. Drake opens the truck and looks them over and calls them “beautiful”.

Why yes, they are quite fetching.

And then it’s back to East Malaysia and that symbiote subplot from the prologue. The possessed EMT worker stumbles out of the haze and finds herself in a street market. So apparently, this woman has been walking for as long as it took for the Life Foundation to recover all their “samples” and ship them back to the US, which must have taken a few days, at least? Also, does anyone at the Life Foundation care that one of their precious symbiotes is still missing? At the very least, you’d think Carlton Drake would be looking into why Jameson never made it to a hospital after being loaded into an ambulance, but it never gets mentioned.

In the market, the EMT worker spots a food cart with live eels in a tub of water. She reaches in and grabs one and starts munching on it.

“You guys really have the freshest sushi around.”

When the cart’s proprietor protests, the EMT worker suddenly morphs her hand into the shape of a big metallic spear, and slashes his throat. This prompts a group of guys to get up and brandish switchblades, so the EMT worker bows for a moment before shooting a whole lot of spikes out of her body, which kill everybody in sight. That is, except for one frail old lady with a walking stick.

When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room.

The EMT worker grabs her by the throat with her tentacles, evidently passing on the creature to her just before she drops to the ground. The old lady’s eyes glow blue as she suddenly walks upright, and then we get a “Six Months Later” caption.

And of course, the symbiote is going to get passed onto more people before getting to its final destination, even though it makes no sense. At least in the case of the ambulance crash, we could infer that Jameson’s body was far too damaged for the symbiote to carry on, so it had to transfer to the EMT worker. But why did the symbiote switch to the old lady? Its previous host was perfectly healthy as far as I can tell, and the person it’s transferring to is frail and partially disabled. Like I said, this whole subplot is a complete waste of time.

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Multi-Part Article: Venom (2018), a recap

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