Vegas nightclub sorry you're offended that all asian women are prosties and hooers

Vegas Nightclub Sorry You're Offended That All Asian Women Are Prosties And Hooers

Tao Nightclub and Asian Bistro in Las Vegas, Nevada? Shhhhhh. Stop talking. That lady who was offended by your billboard featuring a naked chick with Chinese character tattoos and the legend “Always a Happy Ending” doesn’t need you to PR-splain that the actual offensive thing is that so many Asian women are whores.


Blah blah blah, paragraph paragraph paragraph, we love Asian people, word word word. Oh, here we go:

We regret that you take such offense and see it as a perpetuation of an unfortunate stereotype that is cultivated FAR MORE heinously by the hundreds (if not thousands) of Asian massage parlors in L.A. and Las Vegas…not to mention the hundreds of billboards that scream out REAL happy endings. However, as a gesture of good faith we have decided to remove the billboard since it offends you so much. In the future, perhaps your focus would be better directed at the real source of the stereotype, actual happy ending massage parlors and their advertisements, not our harmless ad that elicits far more chuckles than letters such as yours.

That is a bad apology! In fact, that is really not an apology at all, it is calling the original party, Ms. Christine Lu, the CEO of Affinity China, a whining whiner who is probably a prostitute! (We added that last part for them, because you know they wanted to.)


When will Christine Lu apologize for getting her icky offendedness all over the ownership of Tao Nightclub and Asian Bistro? When will she apologize for writing letters that do not make people chuckle? Why hasn’t she founded an anti-trafficking and -massage-parlor foundation yet? She could probably get the Redskins’ Dan Snyder to help.

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