Vegas Nightclub Sorry You’re Offended That All Asian Women Are Prosties And Hooers

Vegas Nightclub Sorry You're Offended That All Asian Women Are Prosties And HooersTao Nightclub and Asian Bistro in Las Vegas, Nevada? Shhhhhh. Stop talking. That lady who was offended by your billboard featuring a naked chick with Chinese character tattoos and the legend “Always a Happy Ending” doesn’t need you to PR-splain that the actual offensive thing is that so many Asian women are whores.

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Blah blah blah, paragraph paragraph paragraph, we love Asian people, word word word. Oh, here we go:

We regret that you take such offense and see it as a perpetuation of an unfortunate stereotype that is cultivated FAR MORE heinously by the hundreds (if not thousands) of Asian massage parlors in L.A. and Las Vegas…not to mention the hundreds of billboards that scream out REAL happy endings. However, as a gesture of good faith we have decided to remove the billboard since it offends you so much. In the future, perhaps your focus would be better directed at the real source of the stereotype, actual happy ending massage parlors and their advertisements, not our harmless ad that elicits far more chuckles than letters such as yours.

That is a BAD APOLOGY! In fact, that is really not an apology at all, it is calling the original party, Ms. Christine Lu — the CEO of Affinity China, which is this — a whining whiner who is probably a prostitute! (We added that last part for them, because YOU KNOW they wanted to.)

When will Christine Lu apologize for getting her icky offendedness all over the ownership of Tao Nightclub and Asian Bistro? When will she apologize for writing letters that do not make people chuckle? Why hasn’t she founded an anti-trafficking and -massage-parlor foundation yet? She could probably get the Redskins’ Dan Snyder to help.

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  • Eh, it’s less offensive than Colbert going all “ching chong ding dong”.

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      #CANCELTAO(which sounds suspiciously like #CAMELTOE which is a new club that is opening at the Wynn as we speak)

  • Fitzgerald Chesterfield

    Wait a minute, can you get a happy ending at Tao or can’t you?

    • $73376667

      You have to go outside city limits for the happy ending.Or so I’ve read.

  • Señor Skwerl

    This is outrageous! It’s not like those billboards have been up for years, and not like it might be time to change their marketing campaign! How dare they cave into censorship. :-P

  • Fitzgerald Chesterfield

    From the look of Affinity China, Ms. Lu is more the Madame than the hooer.

  • BaldarTFlagass

    They should just change name of the club to Chuck E. Tao’s and the slogan to “Always a Happy Birthday.”

  • Joseph

    Careful the Park chick will be ll over you like cheap perfume.

  • uniquename72

    That ad’s been running for 5+ years. What suddenly happened to make it offensive? (And just for the record, the 4 Asian “massage parlors” within a stone’s throw of my house in downtown Las Vegas aren’t allowed to mention “happy endings” on their signage. Otherwise our not-at-all-corrupt police force might start thinking they’re doing sexystuff there.)

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      I work at the resorts on the strip frequently (4 trips so far this year) and yes, Tao and the ad have been around forever. Hell, none of the hookers are even Asian…

  • Camberlane

    Don’t mean to be a clown or perhaps I’m not familiar enough with the prose of hntp to get this writer but I don’t see anything wrong with this ad (as it’s completely done in jest), and further Tao’s response is almost word for word what I was thinking. What has Ms. Lu done to curb trend of asian massage palour/whorehouses aside from contribute to the clickbait outrage machine? I’m from Toronto and these places are everywhere. People seem to love fighting the symptoms instead of the causes… less bashing Tao’s classlessness (remember, it is a Vegas nightclub) and more helping compatriots get out of this situation (and if you can’t or if it is indeed culturally okay, then good god accept it and let it go).

  • marindenver

    Holy shit! I can’t believe the bigotry in this thread! As the adoptive mother of a beautiful young Korean woman, I am just stunned by the crap people are saying here. Asian women do not deserve this treatment and fuck you all.

    • Camberlane

      I honestly applaud your outreach, but I’m genuinely curious about this from a cultural perspective, and I’m not intending to throw bigotry around. I also don’t think Asian women are being treated like anything by this ad… good or bad, it’s for a casino, and we know that. I agreed in my post the double entendre use is pretty classless, but then how is the gaming business ‘classy’? I’m saying the problem isn’t with billboards the problem is with the actual sexwork locations… if they’re even a problem at all (I’m not of asian culture, and I genuinely don’t use, know or judge sexwork).

      • Camberlane

        I guess what I’m getting at is the question is outrage misguided? Similar to the perception that Inuit peoples club baby seals and participate in what Ellen called “the most inhumane slaughter” when in fact they are incredibly humane and hunt for survival. I do have asian friends across a multitude of economic backgrounds, it’s an interesting topic to discuss further and I plan to. I just don’t like being asked to be outraged about something I culturally do not really understand without more perspective.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.