V “War of Illusions” (part 4 of 4)

Cut to the next day, and that same junkyard from the start of the episode. Philip is handing the big blue Hershey bar over to Mike, saying it’s the Leader’s battle plans. He explains that “Every facet of the invasion will be computer controlled.” And what could possibly go wrong with a plan like that?

V "War of Illusions" (part 4 of 4)

He reminds all the slow viewers, “The only way it can be stopped is by computer!” And then he asks if the Resistance has had any luck finding one of these rare, precious computers. Mike says they’ve been trying to track down a guy named Dr. Atkins, and Philip reveals that Atkins is onboard the Mothership, and he’s Diana’s prisoner.

Mike goes back to Kyle and Henry. I guess Henry is supposed to be bitter because they haven’t rescued his dad yet, because he asks in his usual whiny smartass voice if Mike is “fresh from another foul up”. Kyle tells him to shut it, and Henry asks, “What’s the matter? Truth hurt?”

Mike reveals that Henry’s dad is a prisoner aboard the Mothership. Henry doesn’t miss a smartass beat, and without taking even the slightest pause, he goes, “Oh, that’s really excellent!” Hey, stupid, do you realize the only reason your dad is up there is because he confessed to being the hacker? He’s only Diana’s prisoner because he’s protecting you, dipshit.

I realize the idea was to make Henry sort of a selfish brat, you know, as in the typical computer hacker stereotype. Which probably wouldn’t have been tolerable even with a skilled actor in the role, so suffice to say, the terrible acting job here is making this character insufferable.

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Multi-Part Article: V "War of Illusions"

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