V “War of Illusions” (part 3 of 4)

Back on the bridge of the Mothership, Lydia and Philip are just kinda hanging out, when a Visitor enters and delivers a message to Lydia. Strangely, the message is on a sheet of paper. Of the future!

Lydia crumples the paper, obviously troubled by the contents. I’m guessing the message is that the hacking attempts are still ongoing, but she never actually says. She complains to Philip about Diana’s “foolish insistence” on letting Lt. James capture the hacker.

And June Chadwick being British, she calls him “Leftenant James” instead of “Lootenant James”. And I know that we Americans have our own weird pronunciations of words, but “leftenant”? How the fuck did that come about? Regardless, I do think the entire cast of V should have picked one pronunciation and stuck with it.

After another dead, awkward pause, Philip warns this kind of incompetence might reflect poorly on Lydia. So Lydia says that Philip, being in “legal affairs”, should know that Diana is not “military attaché”, and therefore, her “field decisions regarding Earth missions are absolutely inviolate!” I have no clue what any of this means.

And then Diana is in her quarters, and… Oh, Jesus. Are they kidding me? There’s a line of three male bodybuilders standing there, all shirtless, and Oswald is going down the line and saying, “Eenie, Meenie, Miney…” He trails off and says, “I’m afraid there’s no Moe!”

Caption contributed by Albert

I see nothing homoerotic in this shot at all.

Diana complains that these men are “not good enough”, but Oswald says it was the best he could do on “such short notice”. He says he had no idea she had gotten over her “fascination” for a certain someone, but Diana cuts him off. “Please, no names!”

I guess that… Diana is looking for men to take James’ place, now that James has moved on to Lydia? Or something? I have no clue what’s going on here.

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Multi-Part Article: V "War of Illusions"

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