V “Reflections in Terror” (part 3 of 3)

And now, Diana is meeting with famed Visitor tracker Laird, and giving him his orders to find the Starchild clone. And Laird is played by Anthony James, one of those Hey, It’s That Guy! actors who’s done a million bit roles. And I don’t want to be cruel, but Mr. James has… some skin issues. Let’s just say he makes Edward James Olmos look like the next spokesperson for Neutrogena. The thing is, the Visitors are supposed to be wearing fake, manufactured human skins. So why would someone intentionally create skin this bad? Yes, I am putting way too much thought into this, thanks for noticing.

V "Reflections in Terror" (part 3 of 3)

And now the Elizabeth clone has found her way into a concrete tunnel, and is undergoing a metamorphosis. This primarily allows the producers to reuse stock footage of the real Elizabeth transforming in the pilot episode, complete with the icky cocoon, and the prosthetic Jenny Beck head with air bladders in the cheeks.

V "Reflections in Terror" (part 3 of 3)

Cut to Julie down at Science Frontiers, wearing granny-style glasses, complete with a neck strap, while doing science-y things like looking into a microscope and typing on a computer. The computer identifies the presence of dioxin in Elizabeth’s blood sample. Dioxin! I knew it! That dioxin is nothing but trouble.

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Multi-Part Article: V "Reflections in Terror"
TV Show: V

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