V “Reflections in Terror” (part 1 of 3)

Just in time for the holidays, here’s a recap of the very special Christmas episode of V: The Series. And check it out: I’m posting this exactly 25 years to the day it originally aired.

V: The Series

Some of you young folk might be a little confused here. So let me clarify that this is actually the first crappy weekly series based on V.

V, which aired over two nights in 1983 on NBC, was a miniseries purportedly about an alien invasion; The Visitors came in peace, but were really lizard people disguised in fake human skins, awesome shades, and jackets from the “Thriller” video, and they wanted us for food. But what V was really about was a fascist takeover of the United States, complete with heavy allusions to the rise of the Third Reich in Nazi Germany.

V was written and directed by Kenneth Johnson, the same guy behind TV hits like The Incredible Hulk and The Bionic Woman (another of his shows that eventually got the ill-advised darker and edgier reboot treatment). The story goes that the V script was originally an adaptation of Sinclair Lewis’ novel It Can’t Happen Here, about a totalitarian regime rising to power in America. NBC executives rejected the script, saying TV audiences wouldn’t “get” fascism, so Johnson supposedly reworked the idea into a sci-fi allegory.

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Multi-Part Article: V "Reflections in Terror"

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