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Your Utterly Arbitrary Best of 2013 Wax Cylinder Releases Thus Far

GodDAMN us for launching in the end of the third quarter of the year. Who on earth does a 3/4 year best of? Apparently us. Do you like this list? You should follow us on Spotify: happynicetime. Do you not like this list? You should follow us anyway.

Best of 2013 is subject to change and no guarantee is implied or provided and happynicetime reserves the right to terminate this list at any time and you should listen at your own risk.

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  • $73376667

    I find your choices and order of said choices totally wrong and can no longer be your friend.

  • SullivanSt

    Oh dear I must be an old now, given the number of artistes’ names I don’t even recognize :|

    • Arcturus

      At our age we don’t need to know 17-year old New Zealanders and we’ve heard all the disco we needed to 35 years ago. Try Sleigh Bells, 1975s, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

      • SullivanSt

        Lorde is one of ones I knew – Royals is pretty hard to avoid hearing right now, and I still haven’t reached saturation point. Sleigh Bells and Yeah Yeah Yeahs were also on my radar (heck, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ debut album is a decade old)

  • x111e7thst

    Still, Bowie..

  • Gleem-McShinez

    Here’s the search term you should copy and paste into your Spotify search bar to find and follow without needing to be Facebook Frenzz!spotify:user:happynicetime

  • KarenGohlsen

    Really? Robin Thicke?????? Who cares if it has a good beat, he’s a misogynist–shame on you!

  • Guest

    No Bach?