Utopia turns out to be just another reality show after all


Fox’s Utopia isn’t just another reality show, says the producers! It’s a brand new way to examine and challenge the fundamental principles of human society!

Fuck you, says the contestants. We know exactly where we are.

Apparently the people behind Utopia are shocked—SHOCKED—that the participants in a reality show where people in a wilderness camp and asked to rebuild a working society would behave exactly like reality show participants in any other situation. They’re immediately forming alliances and backstabbing each other for power and position, just like Survivor and Big Brother and all the others. I guess at least one of them has watched TV before.

Per Deadline:

Already, many of the males in Utopia are battling for alpha-dog status, though one of the women is giving them a good run, according to the execs on the call, which comes ahead of Sunday’s two-hour series premiere. And if you guessed it was Hex, described by the show as a “headstrong hunter … six feet of twisted steel and sex appeal” whose “primary game is to bring lessons from Utopia back to Detroit, her hometown” where her status is “unemployed” — you get extra points for understanding the wonderful world of stereotyping that is reality TV casting.

The contestants have been stranded in Utopia six days so far, and the plan is to keep them locked up in there for up to a year. Viewers will get to vote out their least favorites and vote in some players once a month.

But it’s not just power struggles that’ll get people hooked, according to exec producer John Kroll. There’s also sex:

He added that already there is “also a major undercurrent of physical and sexual and romantic attraction, and people seem to be trying to pick who might be their partner in Utopia,” noting giddily that “more than one is bisexual or poly-sexual, so it’s not an easy environment to navigate.”

Yeah, and they’re totally shocked that their little reality show didn’t turn out to be a high-minded sociology experiment. 

TV Show: Utopia

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