Utopia is dead! Long live Utopia!

And don't let the door hit you on the way out.

And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Fox has cancelled Utopia, finally, after two long months of dwindling ratings. The show is debatably the biggest money loser in TV history, costing $50 million to launch. Only 1.5 million total viewers tuned in last Friday for what turned out to be the show’s final episode.

Here at Happy Nice Time People, we long ago canceled our Utopia recaps when it became clear no one would ever watch the show. The biggest problem was the casting: these lunatics couldn’t work together with their own shadows, much less each other. There was never any of the “how do strangers organize themselves into a society” sociology experiment we were promised; there were only mystifyingly stupid temper tantrums punctuated by skinny dipping.


Fox originally had such faith in Utopia that it was airing two new episodes a week, but the Tuesday night edition was nixed a while back. Reruns of MasterChef Junior will take Utopia’s remaining spot on Friday night.

But never fear… HBO has announced a Utopia reboot!

Okay, it’s an entirely different Utopia. This one originally aired on Britain’s Channel 4 and features some comic book geeks who get drawn into a shadowy conspiracy when they discover an unpublished graphic novel that predicts all sorts of global catastrophes that actually start to happen.

utopia british

David Fincher, director of Gone Girl, Fight Club, and The Social Network, is in charge of adapting the series for American audiences and plans to direct the entire first season himself. And Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn is (re)writing the scripts. So while the plot may sound like something that belongs on SyFy, HBO is definitely trying to elevate the material.

Maybe this one will actually be worth recapping.

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