VIDEO: U.S. Most Wanted: Nowhere to Hide

The Budget Barrel is back, baby, with the third game in the “Harm Trilogy” (as Roland calls them): U.S. Most Wanted: Nowhere to Hide, an FPS where you hunt down terrorists in vaguely-defined missions. Most Wanted makes some changes to the engine and formula used by In Harm’s Way and Shadow Force. How does it turn out? Badly. For everyone involved.

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  • TheScottCSmith

    I figured out what happened to all of my old games: YOU STOLE THEM ALL! No wonder I can’t find my copy of Revolution! 

    Fun Labs is still going strong and churning out hunting games…go figure.

    • I stole NOTHING! :D

      Hunting games aren’t really my thing, so I hope they go back to making shooters some day.

      • TheScottCSmith

        They must be doing well with the hunting stuff, plus they have a fishing game too.

  • IrenIvy

    I  think that the actual game about mind-controlled Illuminati agent could be pretty good :)
    Thank you for the review

    • The subtext is ALWAYS more fun then the regular text. :D

  • Necroglobule

    Noticed that the bad guys in the first level pretty much rain AK-47s. It’s like the beginning of Zardoz up in here. THE GUN IS GOOD, THE PENIS IS EVIL!