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  • danbreunig

    When you say you’re producing animations, does that mean these shorts will be original stories, or that they’re your same reviews as usual but animated? I guess that’s my question, originals vs. reviews.

    As far as frequency of releases goes, I’d be alright if they came out once a month or every other month. I’d rather have everyone produce their videos at their own comfortable pace and be happy with their hard-earned results, than feel the need to crank one out once or twice a week and either get stale quick, become status quo, or burn themselves out. Sometimes they also need to take breaks and deal with real life events. So I’m alright if it takes longer, so long as it’s worth the wait.

    • tedzey71

      You know, I was torn with that as well! I played with the idea of making myself an animated character in simple 3-minute scenarios to taking characters i’ve created in comic form and putting them into motion! But no, not animated reviews. I did try that with a series called “A Drawing Watches” (though the animation is VERY limited… ilke Crusader Rabbit limited!)


  • Muthsarah

    YOU’RE NOT JOEY!!! You’re a midwestern pod person! Joey doesn’t talk like that!

    So….obviously fake pod-person Joey: Quality over quantity is usually the better way to go. Twice a month is a good enough output. Weekly is nice, but it favors the extemporaneous review (v-logish). If you want anything that involve scripts and/or editing, twice a week is best, unless it’s your full-time thing. And I’m assuming nobody here does this full-time (very few online have such luxury).

    • tedzey71

      Mid west? Far from it!

  • Magdalen

    I’d be fine with waiting for original content. Have you seen Tales of Mere Existence on Youtube? You shoudl check it out. Also, lookin’ good Tedesco!

    • tedzey71

      I have, and I’ve definitely love it’s angle! And yeah, just trying to stay in shape! 😀