RAW FEED: Update 3-30 2015

Just a small thanks and notion about what the heck is going on.

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  • David F White

    Today is my birthday!! I am 44!!

    • Jonathan Campbell

      Um…happy birthday, I guess?

  • Jonathan Campbell

    Sorry to hear about your cat.

  • Gearóid

    Your 23 I think (am I wrong about that), I didn’t really start to achieve and feel like I could justifie my claim to being an artist or having knoledge that could be put to good use untill I started going to art class and studying sociology, and I am 31 now and only started these things when I was 30. It seems to me that you have achieved a lot and have a very good body of work.
    Medication can make you very sleepy ( I am guessing that’s why your tired, if I am wrong I mean no offence, I have went through phases of sleeping ungodly hours and in the day).
    I liked your piece last mental health awareness week, it must of been a year ago. What your doing is great I wish I had the courage to critique movies and the like in front of millions of people on the web.
    I have been useing the agony booth since 2007 I absolutly love it and enjoyed following your different videos Sophie.
    I drove through Denmark while on my way to Finland and I am quite happy I did since your from there, Evan though I only saw motor ways.
    I would like you to do a review in text about LORT or the Hobbit, I love the Agony Booth text articles, though I would be more criticle of the Battle of The Five Armies, I didn’t like it.
    Hope you do well Sophie from a hugh fan of the Agony Booth and your videos.