Unhappy not-nice words for Jenny McCarthy as she departs The View


U.S. Surgeon General Jenny McCarthy bid farewell to The View yesterday. She’s off to join Bill Krystol in the “Why Isn’t Nine Years of Trying to Kill Other People’s Children Enough to Get Your Ass Kicked Off Television Forever” Hall of Fame.

McCarthy lasted just a little under one year on the show, or about 4-5 times longer than the ten infants who died of a whooping cough outbreak in California. Yeah, this post is a just barrel of laughs, ain’t it?


During McCarthy’s tenure, The View steadfastly refused to address the issue of vaccinations or the damage and deaths caused by the anti-vaccine movement. Fuck that. Even if it’s a drag on the lighthearted snarky nature of this blog, McCarthy’s bullshit can’t be ignored or laughed off.

In recent weeks, The View fell behind The Talk among women in the demo for the first time ever. Now they’re booting McCarthy and bringing back Rosie O’Donnell. That’s something, I guess.

For The Daily Show‘s Samantha Bee’s much funnier take on the anti-vax movement, check this out:


PS: Sherry Sheppard departs The View on Monday.

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