VIDEO: Ultraman “Human Specimens 5 & 6”

In the near future, aliens and monsters threaten civilization, and the only one who can stop them is Science Patrol member Shin Hayata, who transforms into the super-powered giant from space Ultraman! Tom reviews the episode “Human Specimens 5 & 6”, where Ultraman’s sexually ambiguous enemy Dada comes to Earth in a body-hugging one piece to collect specimens for hir experiments.

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  • danbreunig

    I got the DaDa art joke right off the bat without explanation, so it’s still funny. What would need explaining is why there was no Wacko Jacko reference through the video (unless it was *too* obvious).

    Interesting enough that this is where Bad Channels got its plot.

    And sure, I’d be up for more Ultraman reviews.

    • Thomas Stockel

      Wacko Jacko? something tells me I missed and obvious joke…

      • $36060516

        Too busy thinking of Kate Bush to focus on Michael Jackson! (I didn’t catch that joke either. Interested to hear.)

      • danbreunig

        Wacko Jacko is because the DaDa monsters’ faces look like Michael Jackson in his last years. Now it’s not funny because I had to explain it. The risks of humor…

        I said Bad Channels because that also had a plot of two to three aliens capturing and shrinking babes (through early 90s era rock videos!) and putting them into specimen bottles.

        • Thomas Stockel

          It’s not necessarily a bad joke:

          Looks like these guys and Michael Jackson had the same plastic surgeon.

          Men In Black was right: Michael Jackson was an alien!

          My God, Bad Channels starred Martha Quinn? Why have I not seen this movie?!

  • $36060516

    I had a Japanese friend as a young kid who would do that Ultraman crossed arms firing a laser beam pose the same way American kids would pretend to do Star Wars moves. I enjoyed this video.

    • Thomas Stockel

      Thanks. I too would often do the Ultraman ray thing.

  • sleesestack

    The actor who played the Cpt., also starred in Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider is meant to be serious like Ultraman. Super Sentai (PR’s) is a mixed bag. In the 70s and 80s it was dark at times. It loosened up later on. It’s still more serious than the American version.

    • Thomas Stockel

      I never saw any of the Kamen Rider stuff. Other than Ultraman and a single episode of the show Power Rangers Turbo is adapted from there is very little live action Japanese television I’ve seen. There was that one episode of Spider Man Mendo reviewed. Man, that was awesome. Why doesn’t our Spider Man have a giant robot/space ship?!

  • Tahitifan

    Please review more Ultra-Man.

  • Tahitifanway

    I watched this show as a kid in the 70’s. This review took me back way back.

    • Tahitifan

      I don’t know how I screwed up my screen name