Ultra-racist Rupert Murdoch says some ultra-racist stuff… Does anyone care?

Ultra-racist Rupert Murdoch says some ultra-racist stuff... Does anyone care?

TV network and news mogul Rupert Murdoch had some ridiculously racist stuff to say on Twitter.

Says Murdoch: “Maybe most negroes peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing violent thug cancer, they must be held responsible.”

Holy fuck, right? Oh, wait, sorry, Murdoch actually said it about Muslims:

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Yeah, everyone knows Rupert is an evil, ancient fear-monger, but why isn’t this getting more play? Seriously, it’s the very definition of racism: announcing that anyone who shares a certain trait, say skin color or religion, deserves scorn and mistreatment because of you’ve generalized the actions of a few.


Hell, the guy even had to throw a “maybe” into the idea that most Muslims (or, as he prefers, the outdated and arguably offensive “Moslems”) are peaceful.

Pick another group—Hispanics, Jews, etc.—and we’d all be questioning this morning if and when Rupert should step down as CEO of 21st Century Fox. But because it’s Muslims, it somehow falls to comedian Aziz Ansari of Parks And Recreation to stop and say, “Dude, seriously, that’s not cool.”

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Aziz’s reaction is poignant and clever. So is J.K. Rowling’s:

aziz v rupert rowling tweet

But a brilliant as those comments are, the media should not be treating this incident as a celebrity Twitter feud. Where is the serious reporting? Bigotry is not a joke.

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