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This episode, Sofie is joined by Joey Tedesco to discuss a show they both hate with a passion: the 2012 animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, which has nothing to do with Marvel’s line of Ultimate comics, or its regular comics, or anything Spider-Man related for that matter.

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  • Waaaaaaait, Sofie, Joey, you didn’t like Amazing Spiderman? D: But, but it was fun, and it’s miles better than Spiderman 3, and Spiderman ACTUALLY did spidey stuff like using spider webs with strategy and being snarky and not emo Toby Mcguire D:

    The Ultimate Spiderman does suck horribly tho.

    • Sofie Liv

      Some-thing I gotta admit, I like Andrew Garfield way better than Toby McGuire, I think Garfield has a genuine charm to him and erhm.. hehe.. it was easy to crush on him, I get what the girls are thinking here.

      But really, ones I sat down and actually thought about the plot, pacing and stuff that happened in the movie.. is was pretty stupid. And I like silly superhero movies! I like Spiderman 1 and 2! .. i’m probably going to make another video speaking about this one day. But that movie does not have good script, to many things is introduced, then is never brought up again, to many plot convinences, to many instances of. “why didn’t he just???” it’s sort of a hack script I am afraid.. the cinematography is nice though. All though I have been told that NYC doesn’t look nearly as nice in real life as in.. at all.

      • Well neither did NYC look like what it looked like on the other Spidey movies, and most movies for that matter…

      • From a distance at night, NYC is probably the most beautiful man-made thing I’ve ever seen. Up close… not so much. Then again, I imagine Cardiff and London don’t look quite as nice as Doctor Who makes them, either, so it’s not too much of a shock. I’m trying to think of a movie that accurately gets the feeling of New York City… Blade Runner, maybe.

        • Highlander as well.

          • Sofie Liv

            I don’t know, that’s one of the things I enjoyed in the movie, Spidy swinging over London in night time, i did call it. “the most beautiful I NYC I haver ever seen in any movie.” and I stand by that.

            I have never seen it in real life, so I personally don’t care if it was realistic or not, it was beautiful for me.

    • IDK… People say that the movie was fun, and I have no clue what those people are talking about. A lot of the fight scenes never had stakes or even warranted epic moments. Just by setting things at night and having him fight in the shadows took away alot of the swashbuckling charm that made Spiderman… well.. Spiderman. They attempt to modernize spiderman like in the Ultimate series, but never stay consistent. it’s like the frankenstein of Spiderman mythos that comes out pretty convoluted.

      The costume looked like crap and the pivotal moment of Uncle Ben dying was terribly put together. Changes were made for changes sake and I could not get behind Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. When Tobey’s Peter Parker was tormented (in the first two movies), it was pretty believable. Hammy, but he was a likable kid that you wanted to see win even when the odds were against him. Halfway through the movie, I felt like you could take away the costume and you’d have a generic superhero. If anything, him building himself up as a superhero seemed less like Spiderman and more like Kick-ass.

      Oh, and the editing in the film was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear, watch it again and you’ll notice inconsistencies and random jumpcuts in the middle of scenes that I would make! Was there something I enjoyed? Well… Stan Lee’s cameo was neat… and that’s about it.

      • Wizkamridr

        Gwen was still better in the last movie than MJ in the previous ones.

        • Sofie Liv

          To bad she is going to die in the next one isn’t it? or at least in the third one. One of them any-way.

      • Are you kidding me? What about the fight in the classroom? There was no dark enviroment in that one, or in the sewers, when Spidey set up his big web to trap the lizard…you know, like a spider would??

        And as someone who liked the first two movies I am sick of “tormented” Peter Parker, sure he doesn’t have to be hyper all the time, but it’s better than being another The Dark Knight like Man of Steel seems to be trying (don’t even get me started on how they’re making Man Of Steel look).

        I will give you this, the editing could use more work, still, it wasn’t super terrible and neither was the movie…except for the script, boy did it have a lot of hiccups, but I still enjoyed it despide that.

        And like Edwin said, THANK GOD there’s no Mary Jane in this movie. Gwen FTW.

        • As someone who likes the comics I’m sick of tormented Peter Parker too. Unfortunately, he was created to be that person, and it’s only very rarely that he pokes his head out of that shell. And even more rarely that he does it and makes sense in the process.

          • Not current comics, mind; I haven’t read a Spiderman in years.

        • To each his own. You asked why I didn’t like amazing spiderman, and those are my reasons. I can’t even watch it a third time that’s how sick I am of its lazy editing, uninspiring fight scenes (not to mention the fight with the lizard were… ugh. tail growing back and practical martial arts? wheres the unbelievable Steve Ditko physics Raimi incorporated?!) and unlikable Peter Parker. Seriously, lets have Pete find Uncle Bens killer out of vengeance. How is that NOT confusing the essence of what the character’s supposed to represent in favor of characters you find in “The Dark Knight?!” BTW There’s no alternative universe where a good looking skateboard riding jerk doesn’t have at least a group of friends!

          Yeah, I’ll take Raimi’s first two spiderman movies over this Dookie any day!

    • Wizkamridr

      I liked the last spidey movie even with the hole plots. Never really liked Mcguire. That’s like asking me who was a better Superman? Chris Reeve or Dean Cain?

  • Tash Diehart

    Other then hating on Amazing (Which i find one of the best Spider-Man films, if not the best), i completely agree about USM, fuck that show hard, it’s really awful.

  • Thank you Sofie. Thank you for making me aware of this show when I was in your TMNT review…you’re lucky you’re cute otherwise I’d have to give you a ruddy great big punch on the bottom for that!

    I saw that episode you used a clip from in the TMNT review and I never went back near it after I saw it all. I, not a big comic reader, hadn’t read the comics or have seen all the TV shows. The same could be said for the new TMNT. The difference being, the latter really hooked me into the show because of it standing on it’s own as a great cartoon and making me enthusiastic about a franchise I had not seen much of. This however, did the complete opposite!
    Never have I been less interested in Spiderman since I saw Spiderman 3. It’s stupid, the humour is so forced it makes Shane Dawson look like Peter Sellers and it didn’t give me any incentive to keep watching since it was so busy with crap humour that it didn’t pull me into the story or the characters, which wouldn’t have mattered anyway because Spidey is obnoxious and his superhero allies are just uninteresting and unlikeable.
    And Joey, slag off MLP all you want, at least that show (to me in the very least) gives off a feeling of sincerity and leaves the viewer feeling good, for the most part since some of it’s episodes did leave me either feeling a bit empty or confused with some of it’s recent rushed endings. This show just makes me feel disgust and I was way better off knowing it didn’t exist. Ignorance had never been more blissful. Good review but for making me aware of it again, you’re a bunch of stupid, flipping great wallies! I didn’t want to resort to this type of language but this show makes me so ruddy peeved! 😛 (Seriously though, good job guys, keep up the mental duel!)

    • Hey, that bit about MLP… Sofie wrote that! I wish I could get into the show just for the animation, but one episode and I can’t seem to get into another.

      …well at least there’s “The Regular Show!”

      • Oh OK, apologies for any misconceptions about who says and writes what on here. I can understand about people not getting into it and I really hate it when people try to force it onto others because it was NOT supposed to get that sort of following, but it did because of the passion behind the show, even with a big corporate influence, which has done some things I’m not happy with, like previewing Equestria Girls (a humanised version which I am sure with the way it’s being presented will completely miss the point of the real show) and shutting down the fan-made game Fighting is Magic (which looked pretty damn good btw) because of copyright laws when the creators were just about to release it. It’s not putting me off the show though because it and the fanbase, for the most part, is awesome to be a part of.

        I don’t see many ‘Ulties’ showing up any time soon though. I know quite a few bronies who despise Ultimate Spiderman just like every other nerd. They can only love and tolerate so much!

        But yeah, Regular Show, Adventure Time, the new TMNT, Legend of Korra, MLP FiM and even the DC Nation shows (with some casualties along the way) have disaplyed that each channel does have a niche flagship show and some damn good animation to boot.
        Oh and another thing I forgot to add, great men can make bad moves and decisions eventually. John Hughes is one such example. Dini putting his backing into this is disconcerting to say the least but it’s not the first time that someone had a big drop in quality.

        • Sofie Liv

          When you are watching a cross-over of a specific show, you can be pretty sure the owner of the show wrote the episode. This was Movie Dorkness episode, so I wrote it taking in suggestions from Joey. Was this a Cartoon Palootza episode, it would have written by joey with suggestions from me.

          Wel, that there a good shows among the bad are just a good thing right? I’m even going as far to say, that in the case of cartoon shows, it’s one of the rare genres where most of it is actually pretty good.

          And yeah, it’s the first time I have ever seen Paul Dini being associated with any-thing bad, and he has earned his right to a blunder, I am not going to think any less about him because of this.

          It’s just a little dissapointing when you know what he is capable of, and it’s just not really happen. Whether it’s because of studio decisions or what, I don’t know, it’s just a little sad.

  • Liz

    Thank you so much for doing this review! i can’t stand this series. i wish it could focus on the truly awesome team more but nope it’s all Spider man, with very little focus on his team mates.

    • Sofie Liv

      you are welcome, as you can see, we both despise this show, oh so very much. Really, despise it.

  • The_Stig

    Bendis I get. He made Ultimate Spidey act like he was possessed by an old Jewish woman. Screw him. But Paul Dini, how could you?

    Oh, and they’re cancelling Green Lantern and Young Justice too. *facepalm*

    • Sofie Liv

      Paul Dini as a write in this show, is really also the thing that hurts inside.

      As for the cancellation of young justice and Green lantern though.

      I don’t know, maybe the shows had just run their course, that happens you know? When a show has run its course and told the story it wishes to tell, it’s time to end it, and that’s fine.

      Young Justice were potentially never supposed to be any longer than this, and so they end it, Green Lantern were probably not supposed to be any longer than it, and this ending feels natural. It even feels damn great, that whole thing going on with Aya, and wauw she sure is one of the best female main characters I have ever seen in a superhero show, I liked her very much from the beginning, I found her very complex and interesting, and as for the current story arch, I actually like it, and I feel sad for her.. hope she’s going to be okay.

      Even My little pony had run its course now you know, Hasbro had only intended 65 episodes, that used to be a thing with Cartoon shows, they only made 65 episodes of each of them for re-syndications, and yet that one is going to continue.. that honestly feels really weird, just.. the last episode would work as a show ender, it doesn’t work as an episode in the middle of a show.. if they were going to make that episode they should have been sure it was the end of the show. it’s just weird.

      Thundercats how-ever, was a pretty good show being cancelled mid story arch!

      Spectacular Spiderman was another good show being cancelled just, mid story arch, and it was so good, so.. ARGHHH!

      As for current good shows, I say check out the new Teenage mutant ninja turtles show, it’s really good.

      • GamerSlyRatchet

        Actually, the producers for Young Justice and Green Lantern had a LOT more plans for future season. So even though they got to run longer, they had plenty of ideas for future stories.

        • The_Stig

          What this guy said. The reason GL and YJ is being canceled boils down to nothing more than typical corporate network bullcrap. Honestly, both shows were way too good for saturday mornings.

          • Sofie Liv

            oh, okay then.

    • I wrote a short rant about the cancellation of Young Justice, let me see if I can find it.

      It’s really a disappointment that they’re canceling this, not because it’s the best show ever, but because I can see every reason WHY they’re canceling it. The two poor decisions the writing department made were being too ambitious with the second season, and actually trusting the audience. If I sound bitter it’s because I am. Anything that requires someone to pay attention to something for longer than an episode is absolutely beyond the scope of a modern audience and it just baffles the absolute fuckshit out of me that shows like the 1993 X-Men went on for over 5 seasons by being ridiculously complicated because people still watched it because it was awesome, while this, a much simpler show, is too complicated to hold the audience’s attention and needs to be replaced with an all-comedy version of a show that people like because it was a good mix of comedy, action, and Batman TAS style drama.

  • YEAH, fuck this sho….wait, they did the Throg storyline? Dudes, that’s not insulting or embarrassing, that’s fucking awesome!! That’s a classic story from the comics! Damn, that’s what I hate about this show, it has so many cool obscure things from the comics, but it somehow messes them up. They do mess it up, right? I mean, it’s pretty hard to make a concept like Thor turning into a frog not automatically funny, but they managed it, right?

    • Sofie Liv

      keep in mind, this was the introduction episode of Thor.

      Not a filler episode to come down the line, not a “We are tired after a big even, so now we relax before the next big thing.” episode. Nope, it’s his grant introduction, “Zap, bang, Frog.” and then captured by Loki, then Spidys team just travel to another dimension, then the team gets straight out handed magical weapons without doing any-thing for them. (Very obviously accesories for the toy-lines.) then they defeat Loki and Thor is back, and we never see those weapons again. It was dumb, believe me.

      And by the time Loki re-appears, he turns Peter into a pig, and sends a bunch of Asgardians on a pig hunt in the park of NYC, that may sounds like a funny episode, but it’s not, it’s stupid.

      • MephLord

        Do you think JLU did the same premise much better with Circe and Wonder Woman, and Batman eventually had to admit defeat and to get Diana back had to admit “you win.”? Circe being the self centred and egotistical bitch she is enjoyed the whole spectacle, not really hating Diana or Batman but enjoying the performance. She was out to prove a point more than anything that even heroes can be humbled, not every villains needs a master strategy. It’s one of my favorite episodes because it shows that Batman can’t beat every villain.

        • Sofie Liv

          “This little Piggy.” Was a waaay better episode in a way better show.

          Also that episode, was a funny little filler, what you call “A breather.” in between some much bigger story arching.
          That’s traditional pacing, before some-thing big happens in a show, you have a little breather, so the audience is ready for the big event, and the big even ends up looking better in comparison.

          This Spiderman Pig episode, didn’t enjoy the same placement or sweet-spot, as just being the fun little diversation in a normally much more serious show, it’s just another obnoxious “Comedy episode.” in an obnoxious “comedy” show.

          • MephLord

            “This Little Piggy” worked on so many levels. It really was the only episode of it’s kind in the entire run of JL/JLU where Batman lost, had to admit defeat and you know he tried his best to beat Circe at her own game. It was a brilliant narration and even at the end, Diana couldn’t hate Circe. She knew Circe had her reasons for wanting Batman to try and outsmart her and he couldn’t. Batman doesn’t have many weaknesses but Diana is one of them, and she exploited that weakness, that’s why he worked tirelessly to cure her while trying not to admit defeat. Aztec and Zatanna cameos didn’t hurt the episode either, and looking back on it, it looks better now than it did three years ago.

      • John Wilson

        How do other dimensions work anyways? Whenever I think about them. I think 3d,4d,2d etc.

      • So, we DON’T get frog Thor helping out the frogs on Central Park in their war against the evil sewer rats trying to poison their pond?

        • Sofie Liv


  • Jay_Bay

    As soon as they said “Starring Drake Bell as Spiderman” I was like no, not gonna do it. However, his teammates and many of the side characters were interesting enough (to me) That I would love to see a show with them minus this Spidey.

    Also, why is everyone wanting to make Spidey a hipster (maybe exaggerating, but still)?

  • Thomas Stockel

    In defense of Dan Slott, he is at least trying something new with Spider Man. One of the problems with there being so many Spider Man titles over the years, then for years making Amazing Spider Man come out three times a month they have burned through a helluva lot of storylines. What else do you do with him?

    So for better or worse Dan Slott has been given the unenviable task of taking the character some place new. Look at Iron Man these days. He fell off the wagon. Again. He lost his company. Again. The character is just spinning his wheels because past writers were forced to piss away interesting storylines because of what was going on in the overall MU. Did you know Tony Stark was Secretary of Defense? For, like, five issues before Bendis destroyed that plot when he took over the Avengers title. Tony was director of SHIELD but because of all the company wide crossovers Stark had to lose the job in, what, a year?

    So I cut Slott some slack. I’m not buying Superior Spider Man, but as an outsider I cut him slack. I guess if I was more emotionally invested in the character I might feel differently.

    • That’s the thing, I was probably more emotionally invested. I agree with the plethora of spider man titles and mixed continuities that even confused me at time. However when it comes to the original series, I wish it would have been a bigger villain to send off Spiderman as opposed to Doc Ock. I would rather have Norman Osborne since to me he’s the ultimate arch-nemesis for years. The concept of a villains redemption is interesting, but the execution is pretty weak. I can’t take seeing Ock looking at MJ or the fact that Peter’s spirit’s trying to get back full control of his body (yeah, it’s as dumb as it sounds). I wish I could get back into it, but i’d rather see Peter come out victorious than having more crap piled on top of him. Much like the recent movie, these are changes to the character that don’t seem really beneficial; but changes for the sake of changes.

      • Sofie Liv

        You do realise Doc Ock in Petes body is hardly going to be permanent right?

        It’s designed as a temporary status quo changer and.. that’s sort of a good thing. You need to do that ones in a while, then bounch back to normality. It’ll last for one or two years, then change back, and that’s pretty good.

        Doc Ock didn’t kill spiderman permanently, he’ll be back, don’t worry.

        • Absolutely! It’s indicated with that ghost thing that they never switched physical brains and Peters brain is gaining full consciousness!

      • Thomas Stockel

        I think Doc Ock was a good choice for this. Norman is simply too batshit insane for the story to work, and in a way Ock is Spidey’s opposite number. Both are highly intelligent scientists, whereas Norman just seemed to be an industrialist with access to lots of toys.

        • IDK I like the contrast between Norman and Pete more but it’s probably rooted towards the older comics. Also, Lex Luthor’s juxtaposed between Clark Kent and their prime examples of comic book adversaries.

          • Thomas Stockel

            I understand where you are coming from and yeah, in some ways Spidey/Norman and Supes/Luthor does have some parallels. I think perhaps one problem was some people had plans for Norman so he was not available to the story, and the other was at this point Ock was marginally less evil than Osborn, so the potential redemption angle works better.

  • drumstick00m

    Irony: most people (especially people older than 23) tend to take one look at shows with Teen Titans aesthetic and think it is a show like Ultimate Spider-man in terms of drama and comedy. Honestly we need to raise more kids on GOOD cartoons.

    • Sofie Liv

      I’m 23, I have a friends whom is older than me, we all agree Teen Titans is a damn great show.

      But yeah.. yeah we do. Never thought I would say some-thing like that, but.. Nicklelodion is our best chance right now!

      Right now they have TMNT, Avatar the last airbender, Kung-fu panda LoA, Penguins of madagascar.. even though the latter two are spin off’s from Dream work movies, it’s four very good original shows, worth watching. Right now Nick is the most consistent studio in producing new stuff out there.. if they would only finally kill Sponge Bob! Kill him, it’s been a long time since he out-lived his natural time.

      • drumstick00m

        Good to know my experiences with friends and relatives older than me and cartoons that do visual tonal shifts, Teen Titans, are just that. Will definitely have to start watching Nickelodeon again after I get out of school this summer. They seem to have come a long way since the days where the only truly great stuff on them (I say this with hindshight) were Hey Arnold! and Invader Zim (not my thing the latter, but).

        • Sofie Liv

          Watch their new TMNT show! It’s so damn good!

          • drumstick00m

            Oh, I was weaned on the Ninja Turtles (still like Leonardo the best), so I definitely will. I love that the theme song is back to the original one, and that Shredder is terrifying. April seems a little young, but otherwise it looks pitch perfect.

  • drumstick00m

    Oh, and and @Joey Tedesco, yeah I have given up on Spider-man (and Batman fanboys too), I have given up on Spider-man too. I swear he has been transmogrified into just an excuse for men in arrested development never to have to grow up, whilst simultaneously being a way for Sony CEO types to make money off lazy parents or whomever feeds that movie series…

    • Kind of a cynical implication, but I agree. I can’t stand the direction they’re putting the character in, and that virtually every market (TV, comics and movies) range from mediocre to bad!

      …well, at least the hulk has some dignity if it weren’t for that stupid “Hulk and Friends” show they’re producing. Is that still in production?

      • Sofie Liv

        yes, it’s still in production so erh.. see you back here in say? twelve months?

      • drumstick00m

        Let us just keep and share all our old copies of the DCAU, Spider-man 2, along with X-men: Evolution (which is on Netflix), and make the world a better place that way…

  • Wizkamridr

    I love the animation style, but that’s about it. The Japanese Spidey is better than this garbage.

    • Sofie Liv

      dude, any other Spiderman is better than this.

      Turkish Spiderman, Spiderman 3, Amazing Spiderman i’ll take ANY of that, over this, any day.

  • MephLord

    Watching this video reminded me why I’m so pissed off lately. We get cancellations of Spectacular Spider-Man, JLU, Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes, Teen Titans and Young Justice, while the replacement shows of Ultimate Spider-Man, Beware the Batman!, Teen Titans Go and Avengers Assemble look to be beyond horrible. I’ll stick to my older shows that were good, fuck the studio executives for not appreciating their audiences.

    As for the review, Joey I really feel your pain. Sofie is a rare European that grew up in a super-hero culture, but we were there from day one, so to be spit on like we have been, especially after Avengers showed how awesome properties can be when treated well, is a real slap in the face. I was never the biggest Spider-Man fan but this show was just so bloody bad I couldn’t get past the first two episodes. And White Tiger was a poor choice for a female agent, when Tigra was available, who has much stronger name recognition and a more well defined personality, and would’ve been my choice to have been in the team with Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Nova. Tigra could relate to Peter Parker the best since she struggles with her own inner demons and obligations and keeping the two parts of her persona separate is a key part of what makes her interesting. So juxtaposing that onto Peter could’ve been a really cool tangent for the series. But like the video stated, no one cared one bit about making show more than Peter whining and Nick Fury being a goofball. What a joke of a show.

    • Sofie Liv

      Teen Titans definetely just ran its course and ended naturally.

      It had been running for five seasons and got a movie, that one you can’t be angry at! it run its own course, it ran for a pretty long time, and it ended when it was natural to end.

      Same for JLU, it ran it’s course, it also ran for five years and ended when it was supposed to end.

      Spectacular Spiderman and Avengers Earth mightiest heroes how-ever, yeah go ahead raging about that, those were indeed cancelled prematurely.

      What made you think I am a “Rare.” European whom grew up with superheroes? I got TONS of friends whom all loves superheroes.

      No, none of us persay grew up with the comics, but we grew up with the movies and television shows just as much as you did! it’s not rare, is just as much a part of our culture as yours.

      I don’t know, White Tiger is fine, I don’t even know whom Tigress is, except for being a character in Kung-fu Panda, and Artemis’s current undercover name in young-justice. So for me it makes no difference.

      It’s just a shame none of the character presented seems in any way interesting or enganging, not even multi dimensional, just.. sip, I don’t think it’s the characters themselves, just the presentation of them.

      • MephLord

        Tigress is NOT Tigra…Tygra is the Thundercat, Tigra is the Avenger character that should not be confused with Tigress from Kung Fu Panda or the alter ego of Artemis from Young Justice. I don’t think anyone else even knows about her or how great she is a character.

        As for Europeans and superheroes I don’t dispute that you have comic books (Asterix, Tintin and Smurfs proves otherwise), but superheroes is not really European. Mythology, fairy tails and that is very European but not super heroes. So it’s quite cool to see that Europe that accepted super heroes in the way that we in North America have done so.

        • Sofie Liv

          I still don’t know who she is, so I have a hard time caring about it.

          both Batman Tas, Justice League, Teen Titans and Spectacular Spiderman was syndicatedi n Danish television.
          As well as many other US shows, the shows we produced ourselves has been few, far in between and low on quality. Last one I can remember was “The ugly duckling.” and that was a pretty bad CGI animated show.

          Every single big blockbuster superhero movies has been the big things in Danish cinema, in fact your big Hollywood movies are bigger deals to us than any danish movies, what made you think differently?

          • MephLord

            It’s OK no one cares about Tigra. I’m used to that.

            I didn’t know so many super hero shows were broadcast on Danish TV. Were they dubbed or subtitled? And don’t think I’m American I am Canadian I have no allegiance to Hollywood so please don’t say that again. Canada is as similar to America as Denmark is to Germany. No one would ever think that, it’s why I get so annoyed when China is confused with Japan and Chile mixed up with Mexico. Let’s do some research before we talk about other cultures.

          • Sofie Liv

            they were all dubbed and they still are dubbed.

            And they still broadcast here, Avatar the last airbender, Pokemen, Dragon-ball all of it, yep was dubbed and broad-casted on Danish tely, don’t really see how that is so weird.

            When it comes to Hollywood though, it’s the big hollywood movies that are a big deal and the genuine blockbusters in Canada as well isn’t it?
            Just like England, Denmark, Germany, French, Polen and where ever else. Hell, when i was in Vietman, I found out they all LOVED kung-fu Panda over there.

            Not that I blame it, Kung-fu Panda is some awesome movies, and I can’t wait for the third one, but it’s kind of funny isn’t it? Kung-fu Panda is a thing in Vietnam.

          • MephLord

            I wasn’t aware Hollywood movies would be bigger than UK or European movies in Europe. That does surprise me s a great deal. Europe has so many other movies that are better than Hollywood movies that I instinctively thought “why would you watch them over Thale? That’s just being stupid.”

            And yes in Canada we get subject to the same crap as Americans do. Film Brain talks about the crap of the UK Film industry, but no one even knows that Canada has a film industry because most of our good shows (Corner Gas, SCTV, Trailer Park Boys, Wild Rose) ever have any appeal other than Degrassi and Slap Shot, and other obscure titles likes Beachcombers, Little House on the Prairie and Black Beauty. The most commonly known Canadian icons are Winnie the Pooh and Anne of Green Gables, and I find them both terribly boring…so yeah I’d better shut up before I dig my trench any deeper.

          • Sofie Liv

            Dude, budget. In Denmark it’s a huge deal when a danish movie had 80,000 cinema tickets sold!
            Meaning if a movie was a great success here, they can maybe earn half a million dollars on it.
            In the US, a movie is considered a bomb if it makes less than 40 mio dollars!
            (depending on movies budget, they have to earn themselves in, and some hollywood movies costs 200 mio dollars these days.)

            Movies like Avengers, Batman, Die hard, Titanic, Brave, Paranorman, Terminator, James Bond, Brave heart, Bambi and bloody Ted, would never ever happen here! because we don’t even have the budget for a plausible CGI teddy bear.

            There-fore we have to think in alternatives, you saw my review of “Ronald the Barbarian.” a while ago.

            That’s the very best we can do in animation, we can’t do better than that. We don’t have the budget to do any better.

            The way they are animated with spaghetti arms that moves easily, that’s for budget costs to get the it done cheapest possible.

            England has a bigger budget than Denmark, but it’s still very mini-scule in comparison to Hollywood, an exspensive movie for England would be around 40 mio Dollar, never will they actually pour 100 mio dollars into a movie, we don’t have that kind of money or that big an audience.

            Hollywood is the big place in english speaking nations, and well. I like Avengers, Batman, Die Hard, Brave, Terminator, James bond ext.

            The big events for me last year was following; Avengers, Brave and The Hobbit. All hollywood movies.

            And the big events for this year is following;

            Iron Man 3, Superman man of steel, Thor 2 and the Hobbit 2, again, all hollywood movies.

            You can’t be that surprised about this.
            We only life 5 mio people in this entire country, we really don’t have the people to have our own version of hollywood.

            but you know, lesser budgets is kind of also why we often have the more inventive movies, we kind of have to think around the budget problems instead of go. “I dunno, put another explosion in there? it fills out the time!”

          • John Wilson

            No. Lesser budgets means the movies doesn’t look quite as good. Look at asylum, each movie they make cost between 250 thousand-1 million dollars. And they still have a lot of blocker buster movie type element. Its just how the people work on it:).

          • Sofie Liv

            We still never could make those beautiful animation movies nor the grant action flicks that well, I enjoy highly and am I a big fan of.

            Yeah, with smarts some-one around here could maybe make a hammer styled Horror movie, but we don’t have the Danish audience to consume it, out of our population of five million, how many do you think are interested in that kind of horror movies?

            And those whom actually are, they can just go straight to Hammer, we understand english just fine.

            No one in denmark even knows how to make that kind of movies.

            And for us.. 250,000 is also A LOT for a movie, we cannot fund such a movie by ourselves, we would have to get outsider funding from international movie studios (I kid you not.) we are working on a much smaller country scale than what you are used to here.
            “A royal affair.” was founded by the english film institute and was designed for English to release, that was the only way to make that movie.

            Sir.. Germany is a country six times as big as us, russian is a country eight times as big as us, therefore they can have bigger movies. You cannot even compare us with that, and when you can’t compare that with the US, cause the US is just that big.. urhm.. you have to think in compleately different terms.
            We got a television budget for our big movies, that’s the best way to describe it, but even lots of your television is a budget we can’t have for our movies.

            But we got some clever directors and script-writers, why do you think they keep shipping danes to Hollywood? We are trained to think out-side of the box mate.

          • MephLord

            I think you’re looking at it wrong. Nigeria has a movie industry (I’m not joking) that does just fine on local releases. Of course the movies are in English to have crossover appeal to ex-patriates that emigrate to other countries, so it’s quite often you’ll find such movies in the UK, US and Canada as well as in other English speaking countries. is a useful resource if you or anyone else is curious about a part of the world not known for it’s movie industry.

            Denmark can’t compete with the big countries (especially the US) for movie budgets. It’s impossible. We’re lucky to have Vancouver and Toronto that make it cheaper for movie studios to simulate American cities but not be stuck in California or deal with the headache of true location shooting in those cities. I like watching Film Brain discuss British movies because it’s interesting to see how other countries fund and create their movie projects.

            In the end though, anyone talented will be taken by a major studio in the US, so home-grown talent will always be in demand (who doesn’t want to be the next Guillermo Del Toro?). So once someone proves their worth in a local market, they’ll move onto bigger movies with bigger budgets. And if those movies make money they’ll get more creative control. I think that’s the idea of how promotion works.

          • Sofie Liv

            We do have a movie industry, I even said so, the hollywood movie industry is just dominant and is behind all of the block-busters I enjoy.

            We could never ever make a block-buster, we make smaller “Artsy” films or cheap comedies, some-times a cosy family movie, that’s it, that’s what we good.

            “Artsy.” “comedy.” “Family.” out of these categories our artsy category is actually highly respected in movie circles in foreign countries, and those are the ones we are able to sell to other countries, so they get most of the afford.

            Then we can also do murder mysteries and social drama, cause it’s cheap, and as a result we are quite good at it.

          • Wizkamridr

            I disagree. I’ve watched “low budget” movies from Japan that were better than American blockbusters (IMO).

          • John Wilson

            Well both probably have it share of good and bad movies. Its just that the bad ones don’t get released overseas. Hollywood has a foothold in ever market. They even make foreign movies. Its just the way it is:).

          • Sofie Liv

            absolutely, Denmark currently makes just as many sucky comedies as all other countries.. urgh.. Mick Øgendahl I hate you.. you don’t know who he is, but I do, for some reason he is the big comedy guy around here, just came out with another movie, and he is just not funny! none of his self-written movies are funny, his stand-up is only mildly amusing. why? well, he has more heart than Adam Sandler, i’ll give him that :/

          • Randolph Quazalpene

            pssst dont forget the canadian connection to Reboot. And for adult stuff, I’ll put Flashpoint against any of the American prime time cop dramas that dominate the landscape.

            I hate that we often get Amercian crap, but not the sweet stuff. We have quite a few stupid barriers (at least out west) that just don’t make sense to me.

            I’m still fuming (fan boy rage not going away) that I had to hunt down Korra b/c it was regioned blocked o the net and YTV did a horrid job of promoting it, or putting on consistingly in order on time.

            Young Justice didnt seem to come up anywhere on any of my digital cable, and if was/is I havent been able to find it out here on TV, despite having like 4 WB channels; and if it was, well they didnt seem to push it at all. I cant say this enough, don’t say no one is buying/watich your stuff when you hide it from us and force us to find it through other means.

      • James M. Fabiano

        Which makes me wonder how a CHIBI Teen Titans is going to carry a series of 30 minute episodes. The shorts were good, but can you really get beyond kids as far as who’ll be entertained by this?
        Someone mentioned Beware the Batman above…after the way the other series that called him “The Batman” turned out, I am worried. CGI, if good, is not a problem to me, and GL:TAS (which was also good and so of course that is being buried) got over with me with time. But A) the designs of BTB looked like the Kids’ WB show, and B) I was turned off when I saw Alfred with a gun, which Bruce should LOATHE. Is Tim Burton writing this series? That’s the only excuse I can think of for them ignoring the “no killing, no guns” rule of Batman.
        Oh, and Mike Young MOTU got totally screwed as well. I wanted to see Hordak!!!!!!!!
        I agree with your other opinions…TT and JLU had good runs. I didn’t even watch the former regularly near the end. I was a little sour about JLU ending because it was clear that “The Batman” was WB’s “favorite” and thus they meddled with whom Timm could and couldn’t use. (I got screwed again out of seeing Joker in the Legion, dammit!)
        Did you watch Brave and the Bold?

        • Sofie Liv

          I really don’t know how that Teen Titan project is going to turn out.. well, here’s for crossing fingers, and yeah, the shorts were good, those were funny, so there’s a slimmer of hope yet.

          I’m actually one of the few liking. “The Batman.” no it’s not “Batman Tas.” nothing ever could be, but I think it got merits in its own right, I think it’s a better animated show.

          All though, why the hell Wonder woman isn’t in their version of the justice league is beyond me! you went from making sure there were two women on the team, to have no women on the team.. just.. wauw that was a dumb decision.
          And if that show is the reason The Joker wasn’t in the legion in JLUA.. okay, screw the executives.
          Batman is all-ready appearing on both shows, why can’t Joker? that is just baffling.

          Just. “Beware the Batman.” is also an awful looking series, I am going to give it a watch though, it’s unfair to judge any-thing before you have seen it, I thought I would hate the new TMNT show because of the CGI design, and I ended up LOVING it, finding it the best animted tely show I have seen in a long while, and my favourite thing out of any teenage turtle thing I have ever seen.

          And well, this series was kind of nice looking in the promo pictures, and then turned out to be awful so.. never judge a book by its cover :/

          I’m unsure whether Green Lantern is getting litterately canned or if it also is meeting it’s natural end. No it’s not a longer running series, but not all series has to be, and the climax it is undergoing right now, seems like a very natural ending climax. And it’s a good one to.

          Aww, poor Aya, I hope you’ll be all-right and that Razor will just get over himself all-ready. shesh, his commitment issues are just astounding.

          Yes i’ve seen Batman the brave and the bold, it’s a great show, and yes definetely canned prematurely. I love it, it’s a lot of fun, especially after it hit its stride in season 2.

    • You’re telling me! What a waste of potential, especially since I like “Film Roman” animation! They worked on Avengers EMH and their work shines… just not with this crap!

  • xxstyxx

    As Spectacular Spiderman got canceled i was really upset. But i heared about the new Show an i was very excited. ^^

    I saw 10 Minutes of the first Episode and screamed at the Screen! No Joke!
    The Moment i saw Spiderman in a mexican Outfit, with Rattles, talking about his spanish classes…
    …..what the fuck just happend? Ô.o

    • Sofie Liv

      And those cut aways.. never… ever… stops.

      GARH! it’s not funny when Family guy does it! says a joke and then shows it, that is not funny! what made you think you could pull it off?

  • I really thought you were heading toward an Ebert “I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate this show!” at the end.

    Thanks for the review, guys. I’ve seen some content from Ultimate Spiderman, and while I never felt it was the best comic I had ever seen, I still held some private pride and hope that it was doing what the regular line hasn’t been able to for years. Clearly, this show isn’t cut from the same cloth as even that.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well I all-ready sort of did that when i reffered to this show in my TMNT video.

      and nope it doesn’t, if you know what is good for you, just stay clear of this show.

  • Marc Baker

    ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ is the perfect example of my worst fears of Disney’s purchase of Marvel. Especially since Disney Channel, and Disney XD’s programing is filled with shameless crap that panders to stupid tweens, and is an insult to the Disney name. (‘Lizzie McGuire’, ‘Hanna Montana’, ‘High School Musical’, ‘Zeke & Luthor’, All crap!) Now granted ‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ was one of the few bright spots of Disney XD. It’s got good writing, good animation, and respects the characters histories. Why cant’ ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ be as good as ‘EMH’?! Hell, why can’t it be as good as ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’?! I’m still bitter over the cancelation of that show in favor of this piece of crap! ‘Spectacular’ was a GREAT ‘Spider-Man’ cartoon! Good writing, good characterizations, good animation, everything ‘Ultimate’ thinks it is, but really isn’t! While ‘Ultimate’ has some nice animation, it’s poisoned with that obnoxious ‘Disney Channel’ pandering that has poisoned Disney for the past decade! Like Joey said, What we’re Brain Michael Bendis, and Paul Dini thinking, and I admired, and RESPECTED Paul Dini! When A cartoon about candy colored ponies is more entertaining than a new Spider-Man cartoon, you know something is wrong. (Fun fact, the original ‘My Little Pony’ cartoon was co-produced by Marvel Productions. How’s that for irony?) Now I’ll admit that I had some issues with ‘Teen Titans for it’s brand of wacky comedy, but it did have it’s moments, and maybe I should look at it again to see if I was a bit unfair to it. I’m sure I might like more than this.

    • Sofie Liv

      to be fair to Paul Dini, this is the only real blunder he ever did, and he wrote so many stories which just made out all superhero interpretations in saturday morning cartoons and brought them to the next level.

      He earned his blunder by now, every-body is allowed at least one blunder if they do other stuff to make up for it, this was his, I am not thinking any less of him nor his work because of this.

      Now if he in the future went ahead and made several more blunders like this, then the story would be different, for now, I still think the same of Paul Dini.

      Teen Titans is great, and I thought it was genuinly funny, can’t help it if you feel like it isn’t.. comedy more than any-thing is individual taste I guess.

      And as I stated in this video, yes, yes Spectacular Spiderman is a bloody great show.

      And yes, yes what Disney Channel is doing to their animated marvel shows currently, smells so bad, it’s painful.

      And erhm.. even though Disneys life action programmes are.. well shit, they do still put out pretty decent some-times even quite good animation. Phineas and Ferb is the best current animated comedy show out there right now if you ask me and…. urhm.. okay that’s about it. But at least it’s some-thing! and it is a capable studio, it’s just a shame they turned so pandering -_-;
      And yeah, this show sucks, it’s truly painful to watch.

      • James M. Fabiano

        Paul Dini also did the He-Man episode where he was, for all intents and purposes, up against the Easter Bunny. Whether or not you consider that “bad” is your guess…
        Can’t wait to watch this video, as from what I heard of USM, it really needs a shellacking!

        • Sofie Liv

          Well.. first and foremost that must have been a very very early work of Paul Dini’s and well.. you need to learn your craft before you are a master, learning process’s are very important, lets consider that one a part of Dini’s learning process, and hell it might even be good, I haven’t seen it.

          Since then, he wrote every single episode you remember the best from Batman Tas and Batman Beyond. And went ahead to write acclaimed comic books and so on. He can have this one, it’s oki by me. I blame the executives at Disney more than I blame Paul Dini himself.

        • Randolph Quazalpene

          Dini also wrote a script way back for the 1980’s dungeons and dragons cartoon about teh valley of of the unicorns, and frankly in the context of that show, and all the 1980’s trops still better than ultimate spidy. Check it out if you can take 1980s animation; its a bit corny but you can kind of sense what DIni’s writing style would turn into (mostly).

          IDK disney gave me gargolyes and the disney afternoons in the good old day (pulls out old man cane) I still have hopes. Sadly their demographic is still 8 and under, and live action kids sitcoms are cheap and fast to make, and obviously really good for their bottom line in the past decade and half. They also gave me Tron Uprising which does take itself quite seriously, its good enough to give me some hope for other stuff. (not a poke just a plug 🙂 )

  • John Wilson

    What about

    Italian Spiderman!:).

    • Jay_Bay

      Turkish Spiderman is the superior Spiderman…..oh crap

    • “Shut up and make me an espresso!”

      Man, I haven’t see this in years!

    • Sofie Liv

      Well.. seems like I know what the Agony Anarchists will be handling eventually <_<

      • danbreunig

        Anticipation consumes me.

      • Yessssss
        Plus it’s a short film, only half an hour!

  • Darth Wedgius

    Have you seen The Super-Hero Squad Show? And if so, may I ask what you thought of it?

    • Sofie Liv

      it’s a stupid idea that never had any chance of being actually good.

      • Darth Wedgius

        Thanks for the reply, Sofie! I liked it, myself — which is not at all a criticism of your opinion. I may just lean more towards the super-hero parody. Or it might just be harder for a show to talk down to me.

        Wait, did I just dis myself?

        • Sofie Liv

          I’m all for super-hero parodies, I love Adam Wests Batman, I also love Batman the Brave and the bold, which I think is a underated and very hillarious show. But well.. honestly, I made it ten minutes with the Superhero squad show before giving up, as soon as I saw chibi wolverine I couldn’t take any-thing seriously any-more, I made a “urgh” sounds and switched the channel.

          So maybe it is hillarious and I just don’t know it, cause I am a close minded bastard whom turned it off.

          A parody of the avengers characters could certainly work but… why the chibi form? that looks like a cheap way of saying. “Look at us, look at us, it’s superheroes AND anime, that’s popular right?”

          I just.. no. Superhero parodies can be funny, it’s a genre that deserve its share of parodies, there’s a lot to make fun of.
          I don’t feel like that is the way to do it.

          • TobeGrendizer92

            Not taking anything in that show seriously would be exactly what the creators were aiming for. Besides, it sounds suspiciously like you disliked it because it uses anime art style. I don’t understand that reasoning.

          • Sofie Liv

            I like anime art-style, I liked it in teen titans, I liked it in Avatar the last Airbender, I liked that they made the design more anime like in the new TMNT show. I don’t like they made them chibis out of all things.

          • MephLord

            I like my super hero cartoons to be taken seriously. Even though most people hated X-Men: Evolution, it’s still my favorite version of the team, even more than Wolverine and the X-Men because of it’s superior art style. It also had some funny moments with Nightcrawler and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Teen Titans is completely awesome, I still watch it on a regular basis. The Marvel Anime are all good too, although the Wolverine Anime was by far the best. I haven’t yet seen the Green Lantern series but I hear that was a good show as well.

            I don’t understand why they need to dumb down their shows for us. As a kid the comics I liked the most were the ones with the most complex plots and used language that expanded my vocabulary, along with pleasing art. Some comics to me now though just have too much detail and I find it hard to follow what’s happening; sometimes simplicity is a good thing for sequential art.

        • Randolph Quazalpene

          Naw man, but with so much compition and its pedigree we kind of expected more. It just kind of feels like a cartoon version of a bad moive tie in video game at times. .

  • DavidWilmotLow

    so who do you all think won in this battle of the accents? 😉

    • Sofie Liv

      pff, please, my only real competetion on this site is Film Renegado.
      And some day, he’ll…. go… down…


      • -Insert Evi Laugh Here- ;D

      • MephLord

        Actually I think Sursum wins the battle of the accents contest. That’s even taking into account the British Invasion set of recappers on the site now.

        • Sofie Liv

          hers doesn’t count, people in genneral actually knows what she is saying.

          I on the other hand, out-siders don’t even know what the hell my accent is! And some can’t understand a word I am saying!
          Just the other day some-one called it. “What a horrible forced british accent.”

          Many people actually thinks I am using a fake accent to make myself sound cooler, not even Jerry has that problem… heheh… yeah.. -_-;

          (For crying out loud people english is not my first languet, Danish! I’m Danish!!!)

          • DavidWilmotLow

            Your accent is great Sofie, though I do miss the way you used to say “wampire” lol 🙂

          • Sofie Liv

            thanks. Well, i am constantly working to improve it so people can have an easier time understanding me. I just think that’s the least I can do, when people point out such things to me, I will work on fixing it. So next time I givne a pronounciation you find hillarious, don’t’ tell me if you want me to keep it 😛

  • Lance

    While I agree that Ultimate Spider-man is crap, you lost me early with your whining about how awful Amazing was. Guess you like your Spider-man full of camp and lacking charismatic leads.

    • Sofie Liv

      I have to go into detail why it isn’t a good movie later don’t I?
      I will how-ever say, that movie is waaaaay better than this show, and I take it over this show any-day.

      But no matter how I turn it, it’s just a poorly structured movie, with way to many plot conveniences and questionable scenes.

      I like Andrew Garfield better than Toby McGuire, I actually do, i even developed a slight crush on him while watching the movie, some-thing I could never do with McGuire. But well, if you ask me, the one thing to get Spiderman most right, still is. “Spectacular Spiderman.” which has a lead with charisma, and.. well yes, I like camp, to me camp is fun.

      • James M. Fabiano

        I liked that Andrew actually joked as Spider-Man, as the comics version is wont to do. Tobey, not so much.

    • I can’t stand that movie, and you’re more than entitled to your opinion on the film. I thought it was lazily edited, had an unlikeable lead, and made changes to the source material for changes sake. I know people who have read more Spiderman comics than me saying the same.

  • TobeGrendizer92

    I’ve never seen this show, but this video makes it look really interesting. Or, at least, has the capacity to be entertaining. Except for the characters being jerks, that sounds bad. Still, I liked The Super Hero Squad Show and this looks similar.

  • Randolph Quazalpene

    TY you two, I share your pain. I bow to your stamina getting past half a season,
    I do like seeing Powerman and Iron Fist, and really really pine for good Luke and Danny show everytime I see Ulty Spidy. Also where’s my Frog of thunder plush…phhht
    Does any one think that this was meant to be deadpool cartoon, but they couldnt get around using “dead” in the name or the endless use of Guns… Ultimate Wade..think about it.

    Avengers cartoon had some failings, but mostly b/c you could really tell the writers were being gangpressed in the end.

    The idea that spidey may have been scouted by SHIELD inbetween the movies and declared him too wild to put on the Avengers initative is actually a really good idea; maybe a like an old school anime mini series with like 12 episodes would been the way to go. Honestly its how these tie ins should be done. plan for an end, and give a good arc, and fans would be iching for your next project.

    Well at least Ulty Spidy didnt hurt me as much as superhero squad (shiver).

    Oh if you want to catch a cartoon that is actually a pretty good movie tie-in, try Tron Uprising. You’ll get use to the CGI, works pretty good for the environment. Give it some time and it grows on you, its really too bad it has the movie baggage, and that they just cant let it be a total retcon of the movie.

    Also Young Justice, poof gone (though it never showed in my region. if you need more customers/viewers distribute your wares to ppl w/ money, like honesty). Felt like a natural extension of the Timmverse. Sooo close to being proper young adult anm…I mean cartoon. stupid need for cartoons to only sell toys in north america…and “cartoons are only for little kids”……and writing yourself into a bit of corner…….shakes fist Weisman!!!!

    • Sofie Liv

      The idea of Spidy being scouted by Shield and they simply deemed him “To young.” seems very plausible to me. And yeah, if they would bother just doing mini-series, that would be sort of nice. But no one does animated mini series, never heard of such a concept.

      Power-man, Iron Fist and Tigress all seems like they could have been far better character, some-where else.. the basic characters are good, but they never get to do any-thing great or reach beyond their stereo-type, then Spidy the camera hugger just jumps up and pushes them out.

      Well, since I havn’t seen any of the Tron movies (I know, i’m sorry.) I think I’m going to skip that one, but i’ll take your word for it being good, you are probably right.

      And yeah. you are not the only one angry about young justice, just have a look around the enternet, people are in a collected rage over that one :/

      • Randolph Quazalpene

        Sadly the limited series seems to be an Anime thing more than a toon thing, and yes can be quite rare and out lived by series that are wayyyy to long, need to keep the gravy train running as long as possible.

        Ya a short series b/c of viewership and network problems, but eventually found the end it needed, leading it to be a mondern cult classic. I mean (Cough) Firefly (Cough) that just silly.

        awww no love for Tron thats too bad. Like I said movie baggage can really suck for a series. But thats ok we still like you 🙂

  • James M. Fabiano

    1967 Spider-Man says, “You’re all watching Ultimate Spider-Man, and I’m glad I’m just sitting here masturbating!”

    • The_Stig

      I thought he’d still be wondering how he shot web.

  • Macattack

    Actually, Paul Dini and Brian Michael Bendis didn’t have much of a say in USM compared to Man of Action, Joe Quesada, and Jeph Loeb. Get your producers/writers straight. XD

    • Sofie Liv

      Brian Micheal Bendis is credited as writer AND producer.
      Paul Dini is credited as writer and consultive producer.. granted, consultive producer doesn’t really mean jack-shit, but they must have had some say, and they have both written episodes. And believe me, there are no actually good episodes in this :/

      urgh.. Joe Quesada, curse you! how-ever I have no idea whom Jeph Loeb is or what he has done.. can you fill me in on that?
      Funny though as Quesada isn’t really credited for any-thing, though I am actually aware he is involved.

      • The_Stig

        Quesada is the human turd pile that ruined Marvel as a whole. Screw him too!

    • So you’re saying Paul Dini and Brian Michael Bendis AREN’T involved with this show?

  • MephLord

    Sofie I’m going to get my first ever cosplay wardrobe set up for an online encounter with a YouTuber for a skit…and I’m scared to death of the idea of being on camera. I’m going to play Sportsmaster and she’s going to be Cheshire (at least that’s the plan) how do you relaxed knowing everything you say and do someone will have an opinion on? I asked her and was surprised when she said “yes” so now I’m worried about making mistakes and looking stupid. At least I’ll have a mask on, but being on camera is so bloody scary!!!

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, what I usually tell people whom is about to perform, and this is just me being honest.

      There is not one single actor in the world whom doesn’t have stage angst or performance angst, those whom genuinly don’t, don’t care for the performance or how people will see it, and that’s bad, they don’t even want to be there. .

      You are exsposing yourself, there will be people not liking it, hell I did the mistake of following the out-going links of people whom had from out-side sources come to this video, you can do that to and the genneral response is.. they hate this video.

      Me and Joey are just two amatours with each our camera and a opinion, that’s really it, and people find it easy to target us for that.

      I do mistakes, plenty of them, I have yet to make a video that is universially liked. Not all people like me, hell the most common complaint is that they don’t understand what I am saying due to my accent. So I all-ready know I am never going to make a living out of this or any-thing, to many things are stacked against me. So I do this for me, and because I want to do this.

      The only real answer is you gotta do this for your own sake and because you want to do it, do that protect you want to do.

      Make it in a way so you can sit back in half a year and is sort of proud of it and say.

      “Yeah I totally did that. I spat fear in the face and did what I wanted to do, in spite of the anxiety.”

      You don’t get rid of the anxiety, that’s impossible, you challenge it.

      And a good way to get the energy up and running before takes is to make genuine warm up, step up in the room, put on some music, get the adranalin flowing, and it becomes so much easier to get the energy on camera. dance baby dance.This is a number I regularly use for warm up before turning on the camera, it’s how I get my juices going.

  • Grimevil

    I don’t know why, but the Spider-man franchise has had a lot of mediocre adaptations. Perhaps it is getting harder and harder to stay true to Spidey’s character roots without making him look pathetic. Peter Parker started as a geeky kid turned superhero, he is supposed to be vulnerable and insecure, trying to do the right thing despite his shortcomings. A very intriguing character concept that so many creators tend to twist into a pathetic mockery of itself. in my perfect Spider-man cartoon Peter Parker would be a woobie trapped in a world akin to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. Peter’s friends dieing gruesome deaths or turning into monsters… a perfect reason for interesting angst and drama. He doesn’t have to be eternally young or socially awkward, I think that the universe always punishing his good deeds and doing everything it can to screw him over would be enough, wouldn’t it be? I like the concept of him being literally “cursed with awesome”.
    Btw my favorite Spidey cartoon is of course the classic 60-ties version (so bad that it’s good), and the least favorite is Spider-man Unlimited. Compared to the latter Ultimate Spider-man looks actually decent 🙁

    • Sofie Liv

      I do think “Spectacular Spiderman.” also captures that concept sort of beautifully.

      The world is just out to screw over Peter, people he knows turning into monsters. First his best friend Harry, is getting hooked on green juice causing him to black out, and they figure he becomes the green goblin. (all though in a twist, that was a set-up and he’s not really the green goblin, on the other hand he’s screwed up in other ways.)

      Curt Conners whom Peter bonds with turns into the lizard, later to have that information used as black-mail against him. The person Peter views as a big brother, Eddie brook is slowly consumed by hurt and rage, to become Venom. Jonah Jamesons son also goes insane, Peters girl-friends brother.. the whole lot. And Peter is just not catching a break in this series! ever.. really.

      It’s a brilliant show, go check it out of you havn’t all-ready. And yeah, definetely my personal favourite incarnation of Spiderman.

      Oh dang.. I remember kind of enjoying Spiderman Unlimited back when it shortly ran in tely, how-ever I was highly annoyed when it just suddenly stopped.

      I was just a kid though, so I have no idea if it’s any good if I viewed it today.

      And well, why does any super-hero have medi-ocre or bad tely/Movie interpretations? it sort of happens all the time.

      • Grimevil

        I saw a couple of Spectacular Spider-man episodes and I liked the story and action. Unfortunately the animation style for some reason did not sit well with me… oh well, I will give it another try 🙂

      • James M. Fabiano

        I still say the two 80s series were the best…

  • zodd

    This show really is bad. I gave it a chance but eventually I gave up on the series.

  • Patrick Lemke

    So you’re going to bash a show that hasn’t even aired yet? That’s rather biased. Literally no one has seen AA yet, so you can’t say it’s horrible just by rumors. That’s very unprofessional in my opinion.

    • When and where did we say “I will not watch ‘Avengers Assemble?'” Seriously, point out the exact phrase and i’ll give you brownie points! Hell… even along those lines, bud!

      • Patrick Lemke

        “And thus Disney Channel got the brilliant idea to cancel the good Marvel show and make a new tie-in that plays itself closer to the movie. Which would be okay, if it weren’t for the fact that the new show sucks.”

        • Sofie Liv

          “The new show.” which is a singular sentence, meaning we were only refering to one show, in this case ultimate Spiderman.

          We cannot give an honest opinion to “Avengers assemble.” as we have not seen it yet, we can only look at the pieces leading up to that animated show, tell what that indicates, and we are both sort of dreading the show as neither of us find much indication in it being good.

          How-ever, I for one am going to give it a shot, as it’s not fair judging a show you havn’t seen, again TMNT was indeed to big surprise for me last year.

          And i’m sure Joey feels the same way.

          • What’s wrong with cartoons and cartoon characters breaking the 4th wall?

        • Dude, we were referring to Ultimate spiderman. We didn’t even use a visual to indicate that we were referring to “Avengers Assemble”

          • Patrick Lemke

            Okay. Sorry for the confusion. 🙂

          • It’s all good!

  • I lost hope in Spider-Man when One More Day/Brand New Day hit the comic stands, and that hope was dead and buried by the time “Superior Spider-Man” started. I’m still boycotting the comics.

    Really sad part? As much as the “Amazing Spider-Man” film grated on my nerves at times and as goofy-as-hell as “Ultimate Spider-Man” can be…


    …I still like the “Ultimate Spider-Man” cartoon better than the Spidey comics that have been published since One More Day. Makes me pine for the days of Maximum Carnage.

  • Jay_Bay
    • tedzey71

      You know what… they could have made the show about his instead! This sort of humor works better with Deadpool’s continuity and not Spidey’s! Loved Will Friedle as Terry McGuiness and his work as the blue beetle in Batman: Brave and the Bold… but this I’d have to get used to him playing Deadpool (implying that I would check out this episode… sigh). Seems too over-the-top, which is odd considering that this is Deadpool.

  • Guest

    BTW Since someone should say this, your review was awful.

    I didn’t say anything until now because I wanted to keep it myself, but good Zeus you two were annoying and overacting your parts. For one thing you went out of your way to make the show seem like the worst thing ever, by finding everything to nitpick about and just spending 15 minutes screaming at the camera and acting annoying like little kids.

    When you do things like mixing two clips from completely different episodes together to prove your point (the cutaways breaking the drama) it makes you seem unprofessional and bigoted.

    I highly recommend you read this link for a better insight than what you presented.

    I’m not saying all this just to troll, that’s the last thing I would do, but to simply criticize.

    • RespectfullyPointingOut

      Respectfully…I think your comment is unprofessional, clouded, and painful.

      1) They were overacting to make a point as to how most kids and adults would react to such a awful show. Gee: What a concept.

      2) They used more than two clips to make a point. You sure you took basic math?

      3) Your link is defunct.

      4) If you think they’re annoying reviewers…why did you watch the review in the first place? You don’t like them? You can just not watch.

  • CasuallyInquiring

    Yes. Thank you.

    I completely agree this show sucks, and you hit on everything as to why.

    You know what would be a much better show to come out of it instead?

    Leave all already established characters but Nick Fury out, and put in Avengers Academy characters instead. Hell, you already would have another already established character from Marvel cartoons: Reptil from Super Hero Squad. But, done more seriously.

    And, another character from it was just as in your face as Spider-man painfully was. Yes: I’m talking about Striker. Just make him the main focus to keep your talking down to the audience segments, and there you go: Adaptation from the movie universe is insured without tripping over already established characters. And, you can merely hint at back stories to keep a Avengers Academy cartoon under the Teen rating.

    And, the best part is that Avengers Academy started up because of the Green Goblin taking over the world for a time and experimenting on potential villains that started off as mostly one dimensional characters. So, yeah: There’s your reason for Ultimate Green Goblin or another Green Goblin to appear. Because, whether it’s the two The Amazing Spider-man movies or the original trilogy… Movies already had a Green Goblin.

    There’s your reason for one-dimensional characters at first, as well as the opportunity to expand them however you like. And, there’s your reason for most of the Avengers being not so great to them and kind of hurtful at first.

    Plus, the comic Avengers Academy has already run its run. And, it’s never been adapted into tv or movie form. You can literally give it new life however you like without having it seen as a reboot or a revamp.

    Everyone is happy.

    Ok: Maybe not. But, it sure sounds leagues better than what we got.