Twin Peaks, X-Men, Say Anything, and other old favorites getting developed into new TV shows

X-MenOriginality be damned! There are a whole big bunch of recently announced TV shows in the works based on existing properties, and some of them might not even suck.

Here they are, from most promising to least:

1. Twin Peaks

Holy crap, they’re bringing it back! David Lynch will direct all nine episodes of a Twin Peaks follow-up series for Showtime. He’s also co-writing all nine with series co-creator Mark Frost. Rumor is that Kyle MacLachlan will return as FBI Agent Dale Cooper, and that satisfying answers and explanations will finally be had. The only problem is… with a show this beloved and a sequel this anticipated… can anything possibly live up to the hype?


2. Junior Bender

No—not a Futurama spinoff featuring a hard-drinking kleptomaniac baby robot with a no-so-secret desire to kill all humans, although that would be awesome. This one would be NBC series based on the comedic crime novels of m about a private eye who specializes in criminal clientele who can’t go to the police with their problems. Eddie Izzard is producing but not starring, along with Royal Pains exec producer Jessica Ball who is penning the pilot.

3. Utopia

No—not an instant reboot of the newly launched but already bombing reality show on Fox. Instead, we’re looking at an HBO remake of the critically acclaimed BBC sci-fi show with House of Cards guru David Fincher directing the entire first season himself. The show centers around a group of comic book geeks who stumble across an unpublished script that predicts future events.

4. X-Men

Will Fox spread its X-Men franchise to the small screen, a la Agents of SHIELD, with a weekly companion series focusing on less famous mutant heroes? That’s the rumor, and with eight gazillion spinoff X-Men comic book titles to pull from, it’s not a bad idea. HNTP votes for X-Factor, even if the name is already in use by another show.

5. Myst

The best-selling computer game of the 1990s is coming to TV. Explore the strange island of Myst, where you can travel to countless other worlds. TV viewers will also have the opportunity to play along on their smartphones and tablets while they watch the show, although exactly how such interaction will work has yet to be revealed.

6. Say Anything

The beloved 1980s classic teen romance will get a TV series sequel set in modern times, if NBC gets its way. Movie couple Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court, now all grown up, will be reunited 25 years after breaking up. Cameron Crowe, who wrote and directed the original, is reported pissed and trying to kill the show in the womb.

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