VIDEO: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (2012)

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It’s the first video of Sofie’s Twilight Month (which will probably now last into April) as she reviews the final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn: Part 2. It’s the end of a saga… Yeah, a saga, sure.

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  • robert roy

    hey sofie live you see the bum review of twilight breaking down part 2 is very nice

    • Sofie Liv

      yes I follow Doug Walker and his work.

      Don’t remember his bum review of Breaking Dawn part 2 so much though.. But I do remember it from Part 1, where it was the only time I have seen Doug walker becoming genuinely angry at a movie on camera, which was rather fascinating I must admit.

  • Sofie Liv

    There has been some serious delays on this due to real life…. I am putting up a play, so my schedule is a bit crammed.

    We got sold out seats for opening night in a month, and am not nearly done with rehearsels yet, so yeah… this probably will stretch into April due to time pressure.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      You’re writing a play?! Awesome!

      • Sofie Liv

        I’m not the main writer, I just helped out as a co-writer and I am a lead actress in it.

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          Well, thats cool. ^^ What is the play about and will we be able to see it? Are you taping it and will bring it on either youtube or blip?

          By the way, with the glasses, the white jacket, the blonde gurly hair you could almost cosplay as Shio Miyano, respective Sherry (or the older Ai Haibara) from Detektiv Conan, if you know who I mean.

          And at the topic of the movie – gnnnngh….
          Bella turns to be the ultimate Mary Sue in this one – however, who cares?
          Well – me, but I don’t count. ^^

          I just love how Christopher Heyerdahl (Volturi 2 next to Michael Sheen) closes the book and then his eyes, when blond-chick enters. You can clearly see him thinking “Why am I in this movie? Right now, I could act the hell out of it next to Amanda Tapping as John Druitt or as Bigfoot.”

          • Sofie Liv


            The play is about four people in a future dystopian mine city with each their compromising back-story, that gets trapped in a elevator while the mine itself is under attack, and while they are trapped there more and more of their individual pasts and connections to the revolution comes into play while the elevator falls further and further down. basically.

            It’s a detour from my usual stuff as it’s supposed to be dramatic instead of comedic, and believe me I was surprised when I was offered a lead that was supposed to be dramatic. But how could I say no?

            The play is in Danish, so I doubt you would get much out of seeing it if you could, we are hoping to film one of the shows and I am making a video diary of our production, made one as we had taken promotional pictures for wall-papers and the theatre programme and so on.

            I’ve read Conan, i really liked that series back in time. So yeah I know who Shio is.. she wears glasses? gosh I forgot.
            My only beef with that series is just that it goes on for-ever.. I mean just end the over-all story all-ready. Things do get boring when nothing happens for that long, you need to shake things up all-ready or.. I don’t know. End it! Naruto as well should have ended years ago, and I LOVED Naruto growing up, I even loved the beginning of shippudden, now it’s just.. would you just end all-ready?

            Inuyasha is officially the greatest manga/anime ever, because it knew when to end! It had a real ending and it didn’t drag out beyond what it should.

            Well, at least Michael Sheen had fun… got that laugh, I just had to stop when he did that it was just.. wtf? okay, that laugh, it just summarize how you view this entire movie franchise.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            That play really does sound frakking dramatic and so – yes, if there would be some day an international release – of course in english – I would like to watch it. I mean – people getting stuck in an elevator, while the rest of the city is blowing up… WOW.
            And there is nothing wrong with drama.

            Ah shoot.
            Sorry, Shiho does not wear glasses. Well, she did in one issue – so that does not count. However who wears glasses is FBI-Agent Jodie Starling. Sorry – mea culpa.
            Concerning Conan, I know what you mean. The story tends to continue forever… although I gotta admit, I like, that they will find possibilities of getting ever-so-closely near the organization and then are stopped by some plot device…

            However, there are things developing. Shuichi Akai (the guy with the knit cap) is apparently killed by a deep-undercover-NOC in the circles of the BO, so… yes, the manga is onward but it is shaking up stuff, really. And we are just at 74 issues. ^^
            And yes – Inuyasha… and the other Rumiko-Takahasi-Work Ranma ½… they knew WHEN to end, they knew what to do at the end, they even left the door wide open for possible sequels… that were good works.

            That laughter of Sheen was awesome.
            however – like I said – have a look at Christopher Heyerdahl (yes, he is related to Thor Heyerdahl, who was – apparently – his fathers cousin). That guy just knows, that he is in a movie-series made for teenage-girls and their mothers. ^^

            I mean, I liked him in Sanctuary, where he co-starred next to English Actress of pure sexyness and awesomeness Amanda Tapping and Danish actress of pure cuteness and kickassery Emilie Ullerup.

          • John Wilson

            You been reading any manga or watching any anime lately? I almost always thing I’m behind in manga. Then I look at Amazon and realize I know 50-75% of the manga there so (”)/. Inserting play. Its kind of funny because in the fanfiction I wrote a long time ago about you(because you mention you like to read fan fiction)I have you in a cave at the start. Its a pretty crazy fan fiction so be pa pare. Also I basically finished It(except for the last chapter . I just have to upload it.


            Keep doing what your doing:).

          • Sofie Liv

            I just figured they had animated the last books of Inuyasha into a series they called. “The final chapter.”

            I was very excited about that, watched it recently, and I LOVED it! it was so nice of them to finish a part of my childhood for me, and do it so well. thanks animated studio, thanks, that was great.

            And you know, now I all-ready were on a trip to Rumiko Takahashi memory-lane.. I sort of re-watched some Ranma 1/2 recently. another childhood favourite of mine, I actually own the entire manga series of that one.

            I am though, what I would like to call, a casual manga reader and anime viewer. I enjoy the occasional anime rather casually.

            There was a point in my life when I was a teen it was the new big thing, and I was devouring such things as Naruto, Dragon ball (also own the entire manga of that one.) Ouran High school host club, death note, shaman king. And of cause I followed pokemen religously, I am of that genneration. I both had the game-boy game and Pokemen stadium for Nintendo 64…

            But again, casual viewer, nothing more. And.. erhm thanks, i’ll give it a look when I have a break.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I am not one of those Otakus, who know the whole lot of animes. However I know me some Conan, Ranma, Yu Gi Oh and Inuyasha well enough to incorporate them in my fanfic. Oh, and the newest “Kyokai no Rinne”…

            I highly recommend it, if you are a Takahashi-Fan ^^

            And I knew Death Note from the movies, that I used to watch with three friends of mine.

            Pokémon, while owning a N64 (and still having it) was something, I watched, when it was aired, but never religiously.

            They did the last chapters of the Manga as an Anime? Well, I hope they translate those episodes in german, because – like I said – I am not really one of those otakus, who speak fluently japanese. When I watched my ex-girlfriend learning Chinese I memorized just two things. “Dad” is “Baba” and Movie is the combination of the mandarin signs for “Electric” and “Shadow”… so that a movie (in a cinema) is an electric shadow.

            and the only two japanese words I know is “connichiwa” and “shi’ne”, because that I memorized from an episode of Detektiv Conan, where that word played an important role. Yes, I can say “hello” to a person and “die”. ^^

            Oh, and talking about fanfics… I have one, too. Written in german and you are not in it, Sofie, but Linkara. ^^ And hence Dan was so nice of pointing out, that he understands the german language, maybe he could translate. ^^





    • Patrick Walters

      If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest you watch “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2: How It Should Have Ended” on Youtube. It’s funny as hell. And it adresses the whole “lets show the bad guy HOW THE BATTLE WILL GO EXACTLY, AND HOPE HE DOESN’T USE THAT AGAINST US.” thing.

      • Sofie Liv

        I’ve seen it, I am subscribed to that channel, so don’t worry.

  • danbreunig

    I’ll bet dollars to donuts that Pia will make a comeback…with the expectant ass-kicking she’ll receive from Sofie.

    A whole review SERIES about just one movie franchise? And one so despised? Now that’s some dedication–let’s light this candle!

    Ah yesssss, the glasses. Strange as it sounds, you look quite a bit like my sister-in-law with the glasses–which I find all funny, ironic, and actually creepy all wrapped up into one. It’s just as crazy as looking for any SENSE in the last Twilight movie–and actually finding it!

    • Sofie Liv

      you lost the bet, cause she wont.

      Well… Twilight are just one of those movies easier to make fun of. It was a way for me to excersise doing straight comedy as I didn’t have to care about analysis, as every-body all-ready knew it was bad movies.

      And well, those are my real glasses, that’s how I usually look in my every-day life, just wanted to try it out.

      Not sure if I will keep it that way. we’ll see, but I can see the response is gennerally positive so, we’ll see.

      • danbreunig

        Well, alright then. [pays a dollar and a donut].

        “you lost the bet, cause she wont” —
        I just thought with the very extended videos about total Twilight that it would be natural for her to make a cameo. I’m not really thinking about the, well, um “fanservice”–we all talked about this in the forum for Blood Diner and concluded that a person’s looks mean nothing without also having charm, personality, or at the very least decency. (besides my own personal idea of fanservice was way back with the Diva instead in the Wackiest Female Characters–“Miss Piggy demands!”–just a quirk with me.) More than anything I just wanted to see Sofie rightfully tear Pia another one. She’s too damn ditzy to have any sense to not mess with the Liv.

        What I said about glasses was just how oddly you resemble someone i know personally. It’s a nice coincidence, but I’m a bit creeped out that there even is a coincidence there. But hey, glasses, contacts, you look great either way. Just keep trying and experimenting and see if it becomes the new permanent thing.

        Okay, as for Twilight altogether, I’m in the camp of “don’t know enough to take an interest to care”. My sole exposure is based on clips in these and other reviews and the only relevant movie I actually watched, which was Vampires Suck. Sad in itself that the stupid parody movie
        entertained me more than the real thing.

  • Muthsarah

    As a movie critic, do you enjoy bad movies on whole new levels now, since bad movies are far easier (and I hope, more fun) to criticize? Or do you still view yourself more as a film buff, where you’d rather talk about or recommend a good movie than tear apart a bad one? If there weren’t so many bad films out there, online film criticism might not even exist, and the Prequels and Twilight (and maybe Transformers) are probably the best things to ever happen to it. There’s just so much material to work with.

    Nice choice to use the slo-mo on the puma pouncing scene. One of the funniest things about the movie is just how goddamn cheap everything looks. Birdemic is a fitting comparison. I enjoyed this movie, even though everything else about the franchise is stupid as hell (in a bad way). I think all I needed to enjoy it was to know that even the filmmakers themselves didn’t care about taking the story seriously and just wanted to make it goofy. Once it was clear it was all a big joke, it instantly became worthwhile. A shame it took so long. I would be totally cool with someone remaking the first four movies (like, now) with a similar spirit. The first fully-ironic film series.

    P.S. Is it just the lighting of your caps, or does Bella inexplicably look LESS pale as a vampire? Oh, what do I care? Nothing in the movie matters, it’s all a big gag reel. :D

    P.P.S. Keep rocking the glasses!

    • Sofie Liv

      It depends on what kind of bad movies it is.

      Some movies are Ed Wood bad. Meaning, there was laid so much passion and power into it, the makers just didn’t know they were doing.

      And having now made so much of this stuff myself, tried to difficult process of writing, putting a video together, putting a theatre show together, ect. I am incappable of hating any movie that obviously tries, even if it is bad. So especially as it comes to low budget passion budget, there is no hate in my heart for that kind of movies, none what-so ever.

      Then there is just lazy bad, where it’s obvious that no-body cared and just met up for their pay-check nothing else, there’s no passion in it, you took an oppertunity away from other talented people whom would kill to be handled such a project and do some-thing with it, it’s just hollow entertainment for the hollow consumers. I despise that kind of movies and yeah.. Twilight kind of is that kind of a movie, and no, I don’t really like any one of the movies.

      This one was the only one to sort of entertain me, and it for ones looked like the director brought some passion and a want to have fun, as the only director of this franchise. But that’s it. And I seriously laughed out loud in real time when it all turned out to be an illusion. I just sat there and laughed my head of, it was to ridicoules for me.

  • Might as well give them what they want eh Mr Sheen? Seriously though, what is it with Michael Sheen and starring in crappy werewolf/vampire crossover franchises? (Underworld being the other) He’s pretty much known as ‘the chameleon’ in the UK because of how damn good he is at real life figure portrayals. David Frost in Frost/Nixon, Brian Clough in The Damned United (my personal favourite) and Tony Blair twice in The Queen and the The Deal. Well Kate Beckinsale, his wife at the time was in Underworld but why was he in Twilight, for a laugh? (Oh dat laugh!) At least he’s the most enjoyable part of it and is clearly making the most of what he was given.

    As Doug Walker said, Twilight isn’t the worst thing ever. It’s just the fact that something so bad made it into the public eye and popular culture that a lot of people were so annoyed with. That and Bella being one of the worst protagonists ever and yet being seen as a role model by so many teenage girls was quite infuriating too. Again, pretty damn wretched, but if you look at with maximum irony and Rifftax, you could find enjoyment from it. Personally, the worst thing ever to me (at least in movie form) is The Innocence of Muslims. A poorly-made, poorly-acted, bigoted piece of anti-Islamic propaganda. It had Birdemic and The Room’s crappy production but none of the enjoyable badness or narm charm that comes with it and it had the amount of bigotry of Birth of A Nation but with none of the historical cinematic pioneering or significance. I know not many people know about it as much as Twilight and it’s only a 15 minute short film whereas Twilight is a 5 film franchise of 2-3 hours to a film, but to me it is way worse for how completely horrid and bigoted it is.

    Other than that, good to see you get through it all and am looking forward to the subsequent analysis vids.

    • Sofie Liv

      Sheen was awesome in this movie.

      Huh, he was married to Beckinsale before she ran off with the director. funny gossip.

      Yeah.. twilight is bad, but apart from the fourth movie, it wasn’t that offensive. I just don’t think men like how this franchise objectyfies men ;P

      But that is an interesting turn around to me still, that this is a franchise turning it around, yeah it promotes the main woman and objectyfies to men in the univers.. gosh dally, if I could come up with just one movie that glorifies men and objectyfies women, just one single movie.. hmm.. brain teaser huh?

      And it’s just a new kind of beast that stirred things up, and perhaps the granter effect of stirring things up is… sort of good.

      I should wait to make my point.

      Thanks, i’ll be seeing you around.

  • MephLord

    I no longer care about Twilight. The Marvel Cinematic Universe along with super hero cartoons and MMA have my full attention.

    • Sofie Liv

      well, you have a right to not even care about twilight in the first place, lord knows that I didn’t. I only started getting into it because of these videos, if it weren’t for these videos, it would all have ended with the second movie back when a whole bunch of girls I lived with dragged me into cinema to see it.

      If not for my review show, that would have been the end of it.

      • MephLord

        Are you still friends with those girls? Cause they clearly didn’t like you making you watch that. I worry that Wonder Woman in Justice League will be a lot like Bella, staying in the background, not doing anything letting the men make all the decisions.

        • Sofie Liv

          those girls genuinly loved that thing to pieces, and they all honestly thought that I would love it to.

          They were excited and wanted to show me some-thing they thought was awsome.. a bit hard to be angry about that. (And actually they weren’t teens, they were 18-21 years old.)

          They were not as much my friends as I just shared housing with them, it was while I lived in London I lived in the WMCA for women, where we were a lot of people sharing a small building. It was the cheapest way to life for me, I shared a bed-room with two pars of bunk-beds with three other girls, and all twenty of us living in the house shared a smaller living room and kitchen.

          They just found out I really loved movies and did in fact like vampires, so they wanted to invite me to a girls night out.. which started the day before by watching the first twilight movie on a computer in our living room and the next day going to watch the second one in cinema..

          Their intentions were good and genuine, I just had to ask…. why do you like this?

          But I left their obsession to them, they were nice girls, they meant it well.

          • MephLord

            I can understand that. You want to be able to relate to the people you live with that is completely understandable. And technically you should be in the Twilight demographic of young girl that enjoys seeing attractive guys fighting over a girl (that does seem to be the overriding theme). I use young in a relative term in a relative sense since I’m a 36 year old myself, so I’m not that much older than you are.

            Not to annoy you more than I have, but is Legacy Hunter a dead series? Because I really miss that. And if you ever resume that series I’ll be watching it because you put a lot of work into it, that’s why I like it so much. Just as a fan to a creator. I know you are busy with your stage work so I don’t expect anything soon just want to know it’s not forgotten.

            I’m thinking of doing a Sportsmaster Review series about fighting movies, cartoons and whatnot to see if people have an opinion on the stuff. Or care about an opinion on stuff like WWE movies, Seagal movies, fighting anime, stuff like that.

          • Sofie Liv

            We were all the same age and I was the only one in the hutt not obsessed over Twilight which felt a bit odd.
            At the time I had no feelings towards it what so ever, and when I was invited like that it sounded like a good time to hang out.
            And that’s how my rule has been born that if girls around me is all about twilight, I am never ever going to give them shit for that. I will ask about it and listen to them to figure out why they like it, but I wont give them shit about it.
            Mostly because books and fiction should be some-thing to be enjoyed, and if I am suddenly the reason why a fictional book about vampires no less, is the reason why there’s a bad atmopshere in the room, then I am the bitch. Just let them have it if it makes them so happy.
            It’s not like Twilight delibaretely hurt me or any-thing.

            Legacy Hunting is not dead, it’s just that there are so many videos I want to make and so little time to do it in.
            I make Legacy hunting videos when I feel like there is a subject I want to talk about in more historic details. There’ll come another one when I feel like it. Probably when some movie is due to be released and another legacy hunting feels approbriate.

            Well, if you want to make a review-show, just go for it, just remember to do it for your own sake and for the fun of it. That’s the only way to do it ;)

  • Bob_in_Baltimore

    Uh oh, I think Sofie has come down with a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome. (Or maybe Silkeborg Syndrome, in her case.) After being forced to spend hours and hours with this bad franchise, her brain, in a desperate attempt to survive, manages to convince itself that the kidnapper’s point of view is correct, that the plot actually makes sense, that the main character isn’t a total waste of space, even that a follow-up could potentially be good. I think we need to stage an intervention.

    Wow, that CGI baby in the beginning falls right in the middle of the Uncanny Valley. I don’t know why they didn’t get a real baby, unless the script called for the baby to make certain emotional faces that real babies that age can’t make, which it didn’t look like based on that clip. And that scene where Michael Sheen sings five notes in falsetto? Okay, that is a hilarious scene. If there is some legitimate plot-related justification why he did that, I don’t want to know- I prefer to enjoy the scene in its context-free glory. Thank you, Sofie, for the review, and good luck with your next review, and with this play you have coming up.

    • Sofie Liv

      Stockholm Syndrome?

      No i don’t think so, I just think that the last movie was so very very bad and offensive to me, that some-thing that actually makes kind of sense and is entertaining, is like angels send from above.

      Beside i’ve thought long and hard over the effects twilight currently had on cinema and public culture, and I find things to be more complicated than that. but I’ll hold up on why.

      I guess what they tried to do with that baby was to CGI the face of the older version of Renesme unto the baby, so they would look alike.

      But question still remains.. why the hell would you do that? guys, a baby is a baby, they don’t look all that different next to each other. Just get a real baby, jesus. Was it because you didn’t want to deal with crying and pooping for the two scenes she is in? what’s the matter with you people?

  • Alexa

    The only thing I can think of that is positive about Twilight is that it promotes reading, especially that of the classics like Bronte and Austen, and it promotes creativity to reshaping a known idea in mythology, in the book’s case vampires. But besides this, the writing and ideas are just so fucking badly handled. I am sorry but this series really is, (shockingly : P) not good. And this is coming from someone who read Twilight before it became a phenomenon, and other YA books ten times more interesting and engaging in high school. Seriously I read a YA book entitled Speak, which is a story of a young girl, named Melinda, trying to deal with her first year of high school, and dealing with her emotional aftermath of being sexually assaulted, which is hard since she has to see her assailant every day in school and is unable to speak up because of shame and fear, thus the title.

    It was an interesting read, that had pitfalls like any YA novel like wonky dialogue and such, but besides that it was extremely engaging as we followed the main character’s journey of dealing with a truly traumatic event and high school bullshit. Funnily enough is that it too was adapted into a movie, that starred Kristen Stewart, and she was really good. Its one of the main reasons why I don’t hate her as an actress, because she isn’t the problem, the source material is. So please everyone give her a break, she really didn’t have much to work with, since there was practically nothing there in the first place. So read Speak and watch the movie adaptation, its not perfect, but its way more thought provoking, with a better female heroine than Miss Meyer could every come up with, whose only motivation, it seemed half of the time, was to just communicate her annoying beliefs in the most ridiculous way possible, instead of just telling a story.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, I am a potter girl myself, Harry Potter is my childhood and it’s a far superior book, those are some great books that holds up.

      And well, as for my real arguments, better wait till the next video..

      Kristen Stewart isn’t the best actress in the world though, at all, it’s just frustrating when a medi-ocre actress are regarded as the new big thing and gets leads in so many big movies. Why settle for Stewart when Hollywood is supposed to be the top of the crop, with the best actors in the world getting the leads?

      I guess that’s just life for ya.

      • Alexa

        I still think she is not that bad of an actress, she isn’t great but she has the ability to give a good performance, seriously read Speak or watch the movie, again not a perfect movie but Stewart gives a really affecting central performance. And her character has a real solid reason for being kind of withdrawn and depressed all the time, and is an active and likable character. Seriously when I compare the two characters from Speak and Twilight, it makes me hate Bella even more because she never had anything to be sad and mopey about, unlike Melinda who had real problems. And I think Stewart could have grown as an actress if she didn’t fall into Twilight, which I still believe it was the source material that was a part of why her acting was terrible, but you are right there are stronger young actress’ out there like Jennifer Lawrence who is getting just recognition and praise.

        But besides this yeah Harry Potter is awesome and I thank god every day that I grew up when that franchise was popular. But I didn’t mention it because I was just thinking about Young Adult books, which Harry Potter can be considered to a point, but really did start out as a children’s book to a degree. But as I said there were just way better books that catered to teenagers when I was in high school in comparison to Twilight, and yet they are ignored. Sure some were kind of pretentious in a way, like As Simple as Snow and Looking for Alaska (yeah those are the titles, again kind of pretentious) but the characters and stories were pretty engaging and they both had better writing, and the messages in them were a bit more substantial than just “Isn’t it great to have a boyfriend.” Now all young adult is paranormal romance aka Twilight clones and that is really sad.

        • Sofie Liv

          I don’t deny it’s annoying that it’s twilight out of all things that started this train but.. it’s because it’s running now that other books aimed for female young adults even gets a shot.

          Movies such as beautiful creatures, Hansel and Grethel witch hunters, hunger games ext.. they exist, with a dominant female cast, because Hollywood has first now realised there is a demographic to be reached among females, and it was twilight which did that.

          Now.. none of these movies are master pieces by any means, but perhaps one day, some one will be able to do it right. All-ready now I can’t deny that it is evening out the movies targeted at males and movies targeted at females, and how much each gender is representended it cinema.. and I cannot call that a bad thing. That’s a good thing.

          And well, that is the nature of books I am afraid, hundreds of books are being published every-day. most of them being passion projects by the author, most of them at least being kind of good, and only a very few will break the surface and become some-thing a little more. Most books are just consumed by readers whom moves on to the next one.
          Being a writer myself, it always fascinates me to stand in the library and just looks at the long rows of books and books and books, and know that behind each book there was a person putting all of his and hers passion on the page… and then it’s twilight that hits it big. yeah.. that is so unfair.

          Kind of like how I feel with Kristen Stewart.. is she the most horrible actress in the world.. probably not, I have heard more people defending her now.

          But having been around at the smaller stages and small educations, I have seen so many people whom are so talented in acting and struggles so hard just to do what their passion demands of them. And then it’s people like Stewart whom runs away with the main price.. just… :/
          I cannot ever feel sorry for a hollywood star whom has “Fallen.” or what you call it, the fact is they had their shot, they were there, they got to do what so many only can dream about, and for every character cast out there, there are a hundred actress’s and actors whom could have done the job just as well, they just aren’t famouse.

          The world doesn’t lack talented hard working people at all, most of them just aren’t recognised as such.

          • MichaelANovelli

            The main problem with Stewart is that she got stuck in a series she didn’t give a shit about, and ever since people keep telling her, “Give us more Bella!”

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            But in Snow White and the Huntsman, she is unable to convey any emotion, too. ^^ Let’s face it, she is not the greatest actress to run around. ^^

          • The_Stig

            Beautiful woman, and I won’t even knock her acting because she CAN act. Hell, she was great in The Runaways. It’s just…she just didn’t care about Twilight.

            Ho-boy. I’ll just say Breaking Dawn part 2 is the least boring of the franchise. What brings it down is that if you hated Bella being a Mary Sue in the previous films, she fucking BREAKS the Mary Suemometer in this one

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Sorry, if an actor or an actress can’t care about the movie she is in – why let her participate?

            Same thing with Mikaela Banes – erm… Megan Fox. if one does the goodwin-law-thingie (which I won’t do here) and compare the director of the movie-franchise, you are currently starring in to that horrible dictator, you should not wonder, when you are written out.

            Same thing with another actor, whom I normally like and pay greatest respect for. Apparently, when he was speaking about his current work-load (2005 or so) he said “Oh, I am doing a stupid movie, it is “a stupid bee-movie” (however it revolved around wasps) and I am just doing it for the green-card, so I can do a couple of episodes of that other show” or so. Don’t quote me on that. However it was something like that.

            In that case, if I had been the director, even though I respect him, I would fire his ass. Why?

            Because he is harmful to the publicity of the movie. Even if the movie is shit – you, as an actor are paid for showing up on set On time, know your lines, be convincing in the role, and at least LOOK like you cared.

            Just an example from this homepage.
            Just – for arguments sake – say, I would be applying to join this site (which I am not, don’t panic.) I would manage to get my application-video out and it would be good looking, would be meeting the standards etc.
            I would do some of those videos and suddenly I would stop looking professional, would not care how I look, how I sound, how I talk about the colleagues and contributors.
            The reaction would be – and both understandably and rightfully so – that I would be “informed”, that my contribution has started to get slackly and if I continue to put out stuff like that I would be fired. Like I said – rightfully so.

            So, yes – even though they made Bella look kickass-awesome and attractive… cutting Kristen Stewart slack, because she did not care about the original material? Sorry, no, not in my book.

          • Sofie Liv

            Erh well… acting is their job! And some-times you have to do some-thing you don’t wanna, bite through the sour apple to get to do what you actually want to do.

            Lets be honest here, I have no interest in Michael Bay, his movies doesn’t interest me, he doesn’t interest me, I really don’t care, I avoid his movie with ninja skill.

            If he asked me to be in one of his movies… why exactly would I say no? Yeah I would go in knowing it’s a bad movie, but it would be my big break.

            How-ever, what I do believe is that even though you are involved in a project, you didn’t originaly want, to get to do the things you actually want… at least make the best out of it. Michael Sheen is really a prime example here. He obviously knows he is in a bad movie, but god dammit! he is giving it his best regardless, and he is making the best out of it!
            I cannot hate people whom honestly tries, no matter how bad the end result it, as long as there was efford, I can admire it.

            Some of these people, don’t have to take the big jobs and that’s when it becomes baffling, does Bruce Willis really need more money? Really?

            For Kristin Stewart, I can understand why she took the part, she wasn’t that big a name, it was a lead in a movie that was supposedly just a small little thing… that just blew out of porpostions.

            But it’s just a shame that she doesn’t meet up with any energy or doesn’t even try to make the best out of it, she does look like some-one whom doesn’t care, in spite of knowing how popular this crap is.

            Acting is Stewarts job right now, so well can’t blame her for taking parts. I don’t blame her as much as I blame people casting for their movies, those are the ones whom should know better.

          • Alexa

            Well to be fair she didn’t have much to work with, the character is that bland in the book. But really I think they did care, since they took the adaptation way too seriously and were way too faithful, and didn’t really realize how dumb the whole thing was until later.

            Seriously watch all the interviews Robert Pattinson did for promoting the movie or when asked about it. From the very beginning he knew he was going to be ridiculed and it kills him. Its pretty sad because it seems no amount of roles in a David Cronenberg movie is going to erase the Edward association. So really its the only time when being truly faithful to the source material ended up being the worse thing possible, when you think about it. And that’s why the best movie to a certain level, was the last movie, since they took the most liberties with it.

          • Sofie Liv

            Yeah.. I don’t think she had the greatest direction either in any of the movies, being involved in some-thing so painful for four years has maybe sucked her soul out of her, as well as her will to give a crap about acting, that would explain a lot.

            erh, movies based on books shouldn’t concern themselves as much as being faithful to the source material as just being good in their own right. That whole idea about. “The closer it is to source material the better it is.” Is bull… that’s not true! at all.

            Books and movies are different
            Comics and movies are different
            Movies from the fourtish are different than the movies from the two-thousands.

            It’s not about staying true to source material, no matter what it is, it’s about being good!
            And if the source material is beloved, then it’s more about “Paying tribute.” to it rather than being a page for page copy.

            And yeah Robert Pattinson… Bless you, I saw an intervew with him ones about the last movie where some-one asked him.

            “Are you going to return to twilight now that Stephanie Meyer is writing more material?”

            And immediately you could see how he started sweating and shifting, then he honestly answered.

            “I think I will be to old for the part of Edward at that time, he is supposed to be immortal and seventeen right? But I am very excited about what she can come up with next,”

            It was so obvious he was lying right there, cause you can’t say bad things about your own project in hollywood, and I was having a good laughter while I ended up just feeling for the guy. It’s okay Robert, it’s Okay, I don’t think you are as sexy as every-body else says, but I know you are a decent actor.
            Also, nice dodge buddie.

          • Alexa

            Yeah I hear you in regards to there being much more talented people out there, but who knows now that the series is over it is possible she might prove herself as an actress in the future, Plus there are more and more actress’ being recognized and praised, more so than Stewart,, who have the chops to carry a movie, as seen with Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games. But beyond this, it is nice to see more and more female centric movies, and hell even some of them have a female that isn’t forced into a romance, as with Hansel And Gretel I hear. That’s actually pretty cool. So I’ll give Twilight that, at least some good came out of a terrible,terrible, series. But then again 50 Shades was a result of it, but that’s a different topic that I am not even going to touch. :)

          • Sofie Liv

            what? You don’t enjoy fifty shades of gray?

            Now who wouldn’t love a bit of SM fiction filled with bad grammar and sexiest stereo-types? what kind of a woman don’t enjoy that? every-body knows, it’s all about the SM!

          • Alexa

            Yeah how can I not enjoy a book with a line like “He’s my very own Christian Grey flavored Popsicle”…Such…poetry. :)

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I heard about the books from a friend of mine, but all I knew about “Shades of Grey” was that one TNG-Episode with Riker dreaming and the one Stargate-Episode with O’Neill supposedly going rogue.

            However, I did my research and must say, that I am a) impressed and b) totally flabbegasted, that people read a “zu Buch gewordene Fanfic”, a Fanfic that became a book.

            What do I do wrong? I mean – I could search-edit-paste the names from my Fanfic and let it become a book. But I doubt, people would be reading that. ^^

  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    I’ll regret saying this but twilight is more entertaining than underworld

    • Sofie Liv

      I’ve only seen the firs two underworld films and erh… what I liked about them was the art direction and the style. It’s certainly a lot more stylish than twilight.

      But every-thing else was medi-ocre or bland, the scripts were actually.. kind of bad in the first two underworld movies.
      And well, all the style in the world can’t safe a bad script I am afraid, especially when the movie is taking itself that seriously.

      • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

        I have a problem with even the style. It is something that just is in the movies throughout with no change at all which leaves the viewer desensiticed from the experience and just becomes bored with it, not helped by bad werewolf transformations. Even the actors follow this trend as they all dress the same way and have pretty much the same scowly faces through the entire movie instead. The only thing that worked was the fact that kate beckinsales costume does seem to suit her.

        Even twilight mixed it up sometimes.

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          Well, it was “Matrix meets Vampires” – I guess, they were contractionally obligated to wear tranchcoats etc. However – I honestly enjoyed those movies more, than I did with Twilight, where the werewolf-transformation of Shirtless Jacob just made me say “Oh, hai Doggey”

          • Sofie Liv

            And that’s where you can see that the demographic of the twilight movies is not geared towards the usual males but the females.

            Because even I gotta admit that shirtless Jacob made me go. “O.O …. more..”
            but him transforming into a doggie was urh… go back to being human and shirtless please.

            And it is very few men whom is allowed to call me out on that! the numbers of. “Omg boob!” jokes on the enternet is astounding.

            Yes shirtless jacob is stupid, but so is every single woman in skimpy outfit in any action movie ever.

            I keep saying though.. the Dark shadow revival of 1991, that’s my ultimate Vampire love story… oh man. Yes I spend the entire time hopelessly crushing and gaushing over Barnabas and his story what about it. His story was compelling, dark, tragic and interesting… in the 1991 revival.. not the Burton movie.. even though Burton movie has Johnny Depp just.. no.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            And you are as free to drool at a shirtless Jacob, as I am to drool at Scarlett Johansons spandex-clad body in the Avengers. Boy, what an as…tounding great character she had there. ^^

            Of course I’m kidding. I mean – yes, Scarlett Johansonn as Black Widow was hot and sexy but not the only reason I watched the movie.

            But back to topic.

            I mean, I couldn’t take Jacob seriously, when he transformed into the most powerful and menacing monster of all time – a werewolf – and he looked like the Huskey I used to take out for a spin when I was ten.

            I had no “AAAAAAAAAAGH, Kill it with FIRE!” in my mind, I thought “Where are the scooby-snacks when I need them?”

            Concerning Dark Shadows – never watched it, but I watched clips of it and I cannot help but think “Johnny Depp is no great actor… he is basically just playing Johnny Depp.” Except for “The Tourist”, which was hated by Film Brain – but I liked the movie. ^^

            Oh, what I liked about the Twilight – breaking dawn part 2 – movie? That one scene you showed us.
            Alice drops the vase and her boyfriend is zapping up next to her. It looked soo cartoony, that I almost expected him to go all road-runner and say “Beep Beep”.

            And from all the clips you showed us, finally, FINALLY, the seem to make Bella at least likeable. ^^

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        … which should not be a problem, hence Underworld doesn’t take himself too seriously. I mean – it does take itself seriously, but sometimes just has fun.

        I liked those three movies, even if I am normally no fan of Vampires – but this and Moonlight… awesome.

        By the way, if you want to watch a GOOD “Vampire in love with a mortal”, go to the sadly-too-early-cancelled show “Moonlight” with Alex “Steve McGarrett” O’Loughlin as Mick St. John, Private detetctive and vampire and Sophie “The Lady in the fireplace” Myles as Beth Turner, journalist for the internet-portal “Buzz Wire”…

        Short lived show, however it had that, what Twilight so thoroughly lacked. FUN.
        At least that one Guy “Josef Kostan”, played by the Jason Dohring (The douche from Veronica Mars), was a Vampire with sense of fun and livestyle.

        • The_Stig

          Or you could watch the show Moonlight ripped off—-Forever Knight. Sure it’s dated, but it’s great, and Nigel Bennett is awesome as LaCroix.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Would be a possibility, too – however I never watched “Forever Knight”, but I liked Moonlight. ^^

          • The_Stig

            Watch it! it’s a damn good show if you can get past the Early 90’s-ness of it. LaCroix makes Kostan look like a bitch.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Maybe “Moonlight” is no rip-off, but a continuation. ^^ However – I liked Kostan, he was cool. And Sophie Myles was absolutely awesome. ^^

            Now I am waiting for a character played by her to appear in Hawaii Five Oh, so that she could say “Haven’t we met each other before?”
            “Maybe in an ealier life – if you believe in that.”

            Which would be a cool scene for Konno and any character played by one of the Cylons or of the rest of the Battlestar-Cast. ^^

          • The_Stig

            The only thing Moonlight has over FK is Sophie Myles is a way more attractive female lead than Catherine Disher. I mean seriously, woof!

      • Yup, the Underworld movies are definitely mediocre. I watch them sometimes. Might be stupid, but hey, they make philosophy papers more fun! If the franchise took itself less seriously, it would be much, much better. Oh, well. Still need to watch the fourth one. Looked like it might actually have a plot…

        Speaking of movies that actually have a plot–a Twilight movie has a plot?! What is this madness? O_O Though thanks to your review, I may actually watch this movie, as opposed to Part 1, which I just couldn’t bear to sit through. If nothing else, the fight at the end looks reasonably kick-ass, even if it is all a dream. Good review, looking forward to your next video!

  • LindaMinda

    You did good work again.
    That was all I wanted to say. :p

    • Sofie Liv

      lol, thanks.

  • The_Stig

    There’s only one good thing I can say about the Twilight saga.

    IT’S OVER! IT’S FINALLY OVER, WAA-HOOOO! (at least until the inevitable reboot but let’s not think about that) But alas, vampires as a horror icon may never recover.

    • Sofie Liv

      Don’t worry, they will, some day some one will make a vampire movie that scarest the shit out of every-body and the vampires will be fine.

      Or just pop the german re-make of Nosferatu on and see how the teen girls reacts.. those of them whom doesn’t faint

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        the one with Klaus Kinski?

        • Sofie Liv


          That movie sure scarred the shit out of me when I had my Dracula phase back in my teens and had no idea what I was going into when I popped that one into my DVD drive…

          • The_Stig

            It’d have to be one hell of a vampire movie because Mopey McSparklepants totally ruined vamps for me. They were my favorite monster, dammit!

            I always thought World of Darkness would make an awesome movie franchise. I don’t count Kindred: The Embraced. Let us never speak of it again.

          • Sofie Liv

            Oh I assure you, Nosferatu from 1979, will put the creep back into vampire for you in a snatch.. damn is that one disturbed movie.

            And that whole image about vampires being beautiful, sexy and teen girls wet dreams.. in that movie… bwahahahaha! no…..

          • The_Stig

            I’ve seen Nosferatu. While it is a great flick, I was talking about -new- vampire movies.

  • Cheshire Cat

    Bella cares about others now? Wow, turning into a vampire actually GAVE her a soul.

    • Sofie Liv

      I know right!?

  • Thomas Stockel

    This was a refreshingly positive review, Sofie. I’m not saying the franchise is good by any means, but you hilighted some excellent points in that 1) parts of the plot actually make sense 2) there was an effort to make Bella likeable and 3) there were logical deviations from the book to make the film better, rather than slavishly adhering to it the way Il Neige pointed out in his New Moon review.

    • Sofie Liv


      Well, I think it’s worth being fair to the movies we review, I mean.. we kind of are a bunch of ass-holes ripping other peoples hard work apart for the heck of it.

      And fair is fair.. still not a good movie.. but kind of fun this time around X)

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        Chapeau, Sofie.

        How did Nash put it? “So reviewers are assholes”? Yes… yes they are. But the stuff, that gets ripped appart is mostly shit. ^^ Except Catwoman. ^^ Except Die another Day. Except Batman and Robin…. na, I dont wanna go into much detail – sometimes Reviewers can be annoying, but then, this is their job – to be the pranksters. ^^
        So, doing good, however – you are likeable. ^^

        • Sofie Liv

          well, we are, it is pretty arrogant behaviour, it’s pretty much exclaiming. “I could do that better!”
          And it’s ridicoulesley hard to make a movie, so well erh… probably most of us can’t.

          Give me a budget though, and I would sure as hell try X)

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Which is why I was so grinning and smirking about Demo Reel being an utter failure. I mean, Doug was so annoying at times, when he was the critic. Mostly in movies I liked, like e.g. Twister or in the Full-House-Review. And then he said “I want to do an own show” and it was basically an “I can do that better”… and I delightedly noticed “No, you cannot, Doug. You cannot.”

            Does that make me an asshole myself? Probably properly. However I don’t say “I can do better than Doug.”
            Nope, I cannot, and I know that.

          • Sofie Liv

            njaah, I thought it was pretty clear that the message of the show was.

            “I cannot do it better, that’s the joke, I play a looser director whom thinks he is a genius but can’t do it better, cause he is a looser.”

            I am a big fan of Doug Walker and takes a lot of inspiration from him, I think he is very talented and I view him as a very humble person, that’s the air I get from him. And I have nothing but respect for him and the things he tried, even those which failed.

            It doesn’t mean I always agree with him, for one thing he seems to rather one. “Unpredictable.” and “New” and even “No plot” over firmly structured story and plot.

            I am in a big dissagreement with him over old-school stories, I think as well as the story is well told, I really don’t care whether it’s a story I have heard before, while he have said on numerous occasions. “What about just showing life, what happens in life.” so erh.. no plot nor structure then?

            No, I cannot deal with that, there needs to be a story, it needs to be focused, you need to pick a focus, put structure on it and make it cohesent. I am also all for exploiting story potentials rather than dodging them, but if there is some-thing that have nothing to do with the current story.. don’t empathise it, focus on the story.

            We are two very different people, that is for sure, mostly I agree with him, some-times I do, but hey, that’s what being a critic is all about.

          • Thomas Stockel

            I gave Demo Reel a shot but I just didn’t find it all that funny. But I give Doug all the credit in the world for trying something different. I can imagine how doing the same thing year in and year out must be wearing sometimes, especially creatively. I think his switching to a bi-weekly schedule was an excellent idea and I do find the inclusion of his two friends in the mix makes for a refreshing change.

          • Sofie Liv

            he tried, and when it could have been so much easier just to keep to formular for cash, and he did it out of passion, and a want to do some-thing else.

            I can only admire and respect that. And well, reality people, No one in the creative industry have a record of only making good things, every-body have duts.

            And when the nature of this kind of entertainment is to spew things out on a regular basis, it does compromise quality.

            If you want some-thing that is exclusively hillarious, you would probably have better luck at a place where a group of talented spends a year exclusively on a one hour show or some-thing like it.

            Writing, re-writing, re-working. true comedy takes a lot of work, you don’t just spew it out, which is why most enternet videos are just medi-ocre comedy, not constant hillarious comedy, the nature of this buisness just doesn’t allow it for us I am afraid.

            And it didn’t allow Demo Reel to be that good, unfortunately :/

  • I wonder if vampire babies poop as much as human babies? Or do they just fart out that sun-ray-sparkle thing the other vampires do?

    • Sofie Liv

      indeed that is the question of the ages.

  • DavidWilmotLow

    if evil sofie ever comes back, and hijacks the show, would her version be called “movie darkness”?

  • DavidWilmotLow

    for some reason sofie reminds me a little of ludwig von drake in this video, lol :)

  • Emily J. Redbird

    This was so good! It gave me a much deeper look into the movie, and you pointed out a lot of things I hadn’t noticed myself. I cracked up, seriously, I did, and several times at that. Especially Aro’s weird laugh. And the sudden My Little Pony clip from the season 3 finale was ingenious!
    Btw, I’m in the progress of reading your fanfictions – du burde have fået et review for et par timer siden på dansk – det er mig, der diskuterer og argumenterer for “In Noctem” egentlige betydning.
    Thanks for pointing me to this site – I’ll definitely be watching more of these :-)

    ~Emily J. Redbird