VIDEO: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (2012)

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Count Jackula and Horror Guru go on a killing spree due to the last entry of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner.

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  • Ah, so that’s what you meant by “we are pimps!”

    • Jack Shen

      Hell’s yeah, pimp’n like it’s going out of style!

  • Sofie Liv

    Okay, that’s it, you wont appear in my review of the movie, I rather not get killed… again.

    But hehe, some-times you just don’t need more to make a funny joke, this really was funny! :)

    • Jack Shen

      Thanks! I’m interested to hear what you thought of the movie though. 

      • Sofie Liv

         it’s hillarious

  • Muthsarah

    Of course this “Patriot” guy is interesting.  He’s Lee Pace.  Of “The Fall”, one of the most visually-arresting and must-see…iness movies of the decade, and of “Pushing Daisies”, one of my Top Three favorite TV shows EVAR.  I haven’t seen and won’t see these movies, but if Lee is in them, there’s at least something worth watching.  In post-mortem review form, at least.  I hope he got paid well.

    And, really, is it fair to tarnish both women with Twilight and men with Transformers?  I’d like to think that those individuals of either gender who are worthy of respect would and could rise above these franchises and their creators’ expectations.  Twilight isn’t for women, it’s for stupid little girls (and stupid little girls at heart), as Transformers is for stupid little boys and boys-at-heart.  It’s “entertainment” as defined by the shallowest expectation of gender, not by taste, and I’d like to think that’s insulting to everyone.

    BTW, Jack, are you deliberately going for a 19th-century (dare I say steampunk?) costume design, or just something that happens to be similar?  It’s a good look in general, and you wear it well.

    • Jack Shen

      Yes, I wear a deliberately steampunk outfit. I’ve given thought on making the costume a bit more flashy, but for now, that’s what The Count wears. 

      • The_Stig

        Jack, don’t you ever not be Steampunk.

    • The point is not that women like Twilight and men like Transformers. It’s that both movie series are cynically and transparently designed to appeal to stereotypes of their respective target audiences. Intelligent, interesting members of either group see through the manipulations of the movies aimed at them and see them for the crap they are.

      • John Wilson

        What up with people and the Transformers movies? Did everyone walk in expecting the next best picture award winner? I like the Transformers movies. I like the Transformers movies because they’re well done movies about their subjects.

        • Jack Shen

          I won’t argue against you ENJOYING the Micheal Bay Transformers movies. Like the base appeal of Twilight, I get that part. But if you step back from your personal enjoyment, you cannot say they are qualitatively good movies. Especially compared to the surprisingly competent animated film done in the 80’s. 

          But if you want big robots, hot chicks, and explosions there are any number of anime flicks that could be recommended that are also better movies.

          • John Wilson

             Yes , I will say they are “quantitatively good movies”. The scripts are good, acting good. The Transformers movies are good movies. Yes,I know such anime movies like Gurren Lagenn. I would put the Transformers movies with them .Sure they might be a few flaws(being a bit too long,some of the humor). But its more about “robots and hot chicks”. Its about growing up, its about expending your world. Its about being a real human being,and A real  hero. 
            People have got to believe in the Voltage that lives inside us:). 

      • Jack Shen

        Bingo, Kevin. 

  • Thomas Stockel

    One of the things I like about your show, guys, is the dual opinion.  I figured the movie was going to be shit but I thought it was interesting how close this final film came to being passable.

    Mary Sue.  Yeah, no surprise there.  Bella is Stephanie Myers, after all.

    • Jack Shen

      Yeah Myers doesn’t make a lot of attempt at covering up that Bella is her. Not that other writers don’t do that, but they usually are able to pull out a more complex character from themselves. 

      • Sofie Liv

         Stephen King absolutely inserts himself all of the time, half of his main characters are litterately middle-aged, white, troubled, writers. But, yep, his characters are actually more interesting than that.

        I also think a big different here is that Stephanie Meyer and many fanfic writers is making their inseration an “Ideal fantasy insertion.” meaning, they insert themselves in a way they think they come across or how they fantasies and wishes they be coming across to other people.
        Just being that gosh darn special and adored by every-one, cutely awkward, but so like-able and flaw-less.
        And it hits a spot because so many girls wishes deeply they would come across like that, they fantasies about coming across like it in the real world, like Bella does, and they self inserts themselves in Bellas place as this perfect doll.
        A smarter person would be able to see straight through this, but apparently, lots of teen girls aren’t that smart.

        While with Stephen King, his self insertation comes out of facination of his situation and a want to exploit flaws and drive the characters to a new limit, where they get exploited for what they are down to a grim reality. And well, that admittedly is some very fascinating studies he ends up making.

        • The nail, you done hit it on the head. =) 

          King uses self-insertion to explore the more screwed up parts of his psyche and never shy’s away from his obvious flaws – Hell, sometimes he adds more for good measure.  Meyer, on the other hand, created a character in her image that the Twilight universe deemed “perfect” in every way.   But what makes -that- infuriating is her obvious flaws are treated aren’t treated as such, which is a big reason many people find the series insulting.

          • Sofie Liv

            Thank you good sir.

            I don’t think Meyer even realises she has any problems, in her own eyes she genuinly believes that she’s a perfect person whom does not need to ever question, explore or get challenged.

            You realise the lady never saw a horror movie in her life right? because she apparently can’t stand the sight of blood and gets scared or some-thing like that.
            That right there all-ready shows and unwillingness to even challenge herself, instead of trying to explore some-thing more grotesque, she created a nicer alternative for herself.

            The twilight books never questions things, never truly explore things, never exsposes any-thing, and all of that.. must come from the author and how she views the world.

            That’s a very interesting thing about writers to me, some-where hidden in their written work, you can discover how the person views the world, because their world views will some-how get out there on the page.
            That’s truly fascinating to me… unfortunately what it tells me about Meyers is merely that she is very delusional.

          • Jack Shen

            The entire Twilight series has this weird undercurrent of “fix the men in your life and you will fix yourself,” that is very prevalent in romance novels. Which is always what I found disturbing about them. That’s why I read only hardcore smut. 

          • Sofie Liv

             Relationships are build on compromises from both parts right?

            I don’t know.. the weird thing is even in regular media it’s so rare that the woman is in the wrong and so rare that she is the one who needs to realise she did a mistake.

            Often she is just presented as this perfect price that the guy must some-how win, and he must proof himself to be good enough for her.
            Also.. we are absolutely dealing much more with the mans wants and desires than the women in genneral, in genneral movie media, it’s always him in love whom must win the woman over, never the other way around.

            This is ofcause, just a huuuge imbalance. There should be stuff where the woman is in the wrong, there should be stuff where the woman is the one whom needs to fix her own mess, there should be stuff dealing with a womans desires and needing to proof herself worthy by exploiting her own faults… there just aren’t.

            The closest we have… is this! and this is shit in regard to romantism and learning to love a guy, if this is the only thing teaching young girls what a relationship is about.. guys, we are doomed.

          • John Wilson

            Well most stories that are actually about what your talking about are ironically for guys. Its like the song “your women” by white town. How many songs that girls sing that are like that?
                 Most guys are suckers for love. Some even more then women. That why we take it. Plus most of us don’t care. All we do is quote song lyics to get your attention:)
            “You smile like a goddessI am enamored by your charmI fall as I am lured inThe desire that’s settled in my heartAn endless dream that swells upNo one can stop me

            Grasp the perfect Golden TimeI’ll lay on a Poker Face with all my mightDrag me into a world of IllusionSlipping out of an endless Pressure GameIn order to jump over the Border Line of gloryHow many? How much will I have to pay?
            Clap your hands in the face of adversity, cheer me upAttack by the skin of your teeth with a fresh Fighting styleAttention, it’s dangerous, exceed your limitsCarve the greatest Fairy Tale into historyA shocking giant reversal, settle it with splendorDo you know? Fate is meant to be stolenBask in the sunlightshining at the top of Babel”

          • Sofie Liv

             Here’s the thing.. I am much more of a “Superhero flick.” “Fantasy” “Sci-fi.” person than the supposed “Chick flick genre.” person, I watch tons of that other stuff.

            And yet studios for some reason assumes that those are ‘boys genres.’ …. why?

            I admit, there were more boys than girls in the cinema hall when avengers came on, but there was also A LOT of girls, and I meet girls every-day whom likes that movie.

            Here’s another shocker for you, you know how the Brony phenomena was trickered by twenty year old guys?

            Well.. back in the seventies the Trekkie phenoma was largely spawned by teenage girls, no shit, those are the people whom started the whole trekkie conventions and fanfic thing. So well, that those supposed genres are “Boy genres.” it starts becoming flawed right there..

            And hey Jackula! how come girls can’t like giant robots smashing through things? Why is that exclusively a boys thing? I like big robots machine through things, I had a blast watching Terminator the other day :P

          • Muthsarah

            Hollywood DOES make movies with flawed female leads.  Like every Renee Zellweger rom-com.  And What’s Your Number.  And anything Sandra Bullock is in.  There are lots of “romance” movies meant for women, where the female lead has some sort of stupid problem she has to get over – usually limited to having everyone (or even herself) think she’s ugly when she obviously isn’t, being a soulless businesswoman who wants more but doesn’t know how to find a man, or being overly clumsy so the preview can show her flailing her arms and falling down.  Because that’s funny, I guess (preview audiences seem to think so…).  And all to appeal to an appallingly boring male lead, all looks and no personality.  So there is some balance there.  Just not the good kind.  Movies where the female lead is bland and only exists to be a prize aren’t romances, they’re action movies, or slacker comedies that have a romantic angle shoehorned in because they feel you need a happy ending and for the lead character to have an arc.  Even if they never explain what the woman saw in the guy, and why he deserved even a first chance with her.

            You don’t see real romance coming out of Hollywood much because it’s very hard to write, and you’re guaranteed from the start that almost half the audience won’t want to see it.  Action movies, thrillers/horror and gross-out comedies with tacked-on romantic subplots all have cross-over appeal, so that’s what they make.  And women see it.  Even the most male-targetted films tend to have about a third of the audience (usually 40%) be female; women are far, far more likely to cross-over, probably because that’s the only way a lot of them can see a good movie.

            Usually, you have to look at smaller films if you want to see a meaningful romance where the characters feel like real people and whose relationship feels natural and relateable: Before Sunrise/Sunset, Once, even Shopgirl (not bad, but good by recent standards).  Or, as usual, watch an older film:  Marty, Say Anything, The Shop Around the Corner, or even Annie Hall.

          • Sofie Liv

             Even in many of these womens movie it’s the man whom must realise that.

            “Oh gosh darn it, that woman is so perfect, what an idiot I have been for messing this up! ROMANTIC CHASE AND MAKE UP SCENE!”

            Rarely it’s the woman whom must fix things, and realise her own flaws and what dumb things she did she needs to make up to the man, it’s often times to man who has to do all that, we women, pff, we are to good to that, we just need to be our own perfect selves which shouldn’t ever be fixed or exposed.

            Maybe she got the crush first and pursues it, but it’s always the man who messes it up, and dammit, he needs to apologies cause he is just lucky to ever get the attention of Sandra Bullock, it must be true love.
            But yeah.. as a person whom is far more into sci-fi, fantsy, adventures ext than the “womans genre”.. the problem becomes more apparent there, it’s just an imbalance.  I mostly feel sorry for you guys in this aspect to be honest, because it validates so many girls in the thought process that they don’t have to work to make a relationship last and it must be your fault when some-thing doesn’t work.. To maky any relationship work both parts must some-times compromise and work for it, and both parts should be nice to each other.

            I have absolutely showed up with a present to one of my dates ones without telling him about it. I don’t see why it’s only him that should buy me flowers, so i gave him a cactus, he really liked it.

          • Jack Shen

            Yeah there’s no attempt to actually explore or acknowledge a character’s real flaws. Bella has low self-esteem, which can be a real flaw IF you actually explore the damage it does to her and those that love her. But no we don’t do that, low self-esteem is just a character flaw that sits there until it’s fixed. 

            Edward has problems expressing himself, again could be a real flaw, but it’s treated as such. 

            Jacob clearly has control and abandonment issues. Why? Never really gone into.

        • MephLord

          When I think of Stephen King’s better stories (Pet Cemetery, Carrie, The Stand (other than the drawn out finish in the book), the Shining, The Dark Tower, Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, Cujo) they definitely rely on isolation as the main catalyst for what makes them brilliant.  Needful Things, the Four Past Midnight Novellas (oh the Mist you were so painfully bad; where is Fear Fan to talk about THAT failure?), and some other works I probably am forgetting off the top of my head, his books to films are either really good, or simply terrible. 

          It’s true what you said once: Stephen King is a genre unto himself like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, George Lucas, Aesop, and HP Lovecraft.

          • Sofie Liv

             I don’t think I ever said that..

            How-ever, what I have said for a long time is that writers are like painters, it’s just not as obvious at first.

            But! just like every single paint artist have an obvious style, you merely need to glance at it and you can say. “Oh, that’s Van Gogh.” or in your art class you can glance at a drawing and say. “That’s Marias drawing, I recognise the way she draws faces, and that one there is definetely Thomas’s.”
            Because every-body, compleately automaticly have their own drawing style, just as we have our own unique signature, which just happens.

            Same way, all writers have their own style like that! you have to dwell a bit deeper into a writers work to capture this phenomena, but ones you do, it starts getting so obvious, you can recognise a writer on his or hers usual style, what usually stands out, ext.. there-fore.. every writer is his or hers own genre.

            And yeah, some-thing Stephen king likes to dwell in is that, the isolation of a person.. often times a writer (coincidence, I think not.)

          • Jack Shen

            Aw, you didn’t like The Sun Dog?

          • MephLord

            Actually of the Langoliers, the Secret Window, Library Policeman and Sun Dog, I did enjoy Sun Dog the most…cause it had the most creepiness.  I also tend to get my Stephen King novellas scrambled so at times I’ll think the Long Walk was in Dark Forces and The Mist was in Night Shift…stupid I know I am.

          • Tim Terrell

             The Library Policeman was stupid and derivative and the Mist was the freaking bomb, both the novella and the movie.

        • Jack Shen

          For Stephen King self insert fiction, I particularly like The Dark Half where he self inserts himself TWICE. 

      • FullofQuestions1

        James Patterson seems to insert himself in the Alex Cross novels, adding characteristics that I think he wishes he had. It’s pretty infuriating, since Cross could actually be a good character if he displayed more flaws. I read the books for the plotlines, which can be decent and are occasionally fantastic, but I do not care about Alex Cross one bit.

  • Joseph Tedesco

    So Josh plays good cop and Jack plays bad cop on a movie they both dislike. BTW on Jack’s part, well-written response to your thoughts on the movie and it’s fan base. There’s really nothing you can’t do to stop people who like the movies and books from not seeing the movie. What you had to say about it is still well played! 

    After the third movie, there’s no reason for me to watch these movies; plain and simple.

    • Jack Shen

      Josh definitely wrote the better review here. I spent almost the entire time just going “Arghl Flargl!” until I finally pounded that thing in words. He managed to be both critical and fair to the movie and its fans in a way I couldn’t manage. 

      • Joseph Tedesco

        For what it was, I think you did a pretty good job! Same for Josh as well :)

        BTW I find myself in a similar position as you while I draft a review for “The Amazing Spiderman.” 

        • Jack Shen

          You reviewing the Spiderman reboot?

          • Joseph Tedesco

            Yep, kind of a follow up to the spiderman 3 review I did for the movie skewer.

      • The_Stig

        It definitely works with Josh as the reasonable one and you as the ranter.

  • AHA! So you guys are the ones responsible…le sigh…looks like I’ll have to find another place to get my prostitutes XP.  

    Anyway…good review!  I’ve been looking forward to this one.  I’ve yet to see the movie, but many of the critiques you gave could be applied to the book too.  Like the fact that the side characters tend to be more interesting than the main ones. 

    I really can’t understand how people find this shit romantic.  I mean…like in New Moon where Bella keeps nearly killing herself in order to “see Edward”.  That’s not romantic or sweet.  That’s disturbing.

    • Jack Shen

      Yeah, I never really understood the “romantic” appeal of the stories either, cause if you step back and look at it from anyone other than Bella’s POV, she has an unhealthy obsession with a guy she emotionally blackmails into marrying her. 

      • The_Stig

        I know. You have to hand it to Bella. She’s fuckin’ Machiavellian in that respect.

  • I dread having to go see this with my roommate and friend…won’t even get to see some of the brooding vampires die, it’s just the cool ones that actually have fun with the whole “undead” thing who get killed, I’m sure…I don’t think Meyers has the guts to kill off one of the Cullens, after all.

    PS: That reminds me…in Eclipse, a random little girl is murdered and turned into a vampire as part of a vampire army made to kill the Cullens. In the final battle, the little girl is protected by the Cullens because she obviously doesn’t want to be there trying to kill them. Then, the Cullens…turn her over to the bad guys to be executed. For being murdered and turned into a vampire.

    Is it just me, or are the Cullens really not at all sympathetic after that? >_> Wish they’d bite it…dustily speaking…in the end of this movie, just for that…

  • You know I was seventeen when I read Twilight, and I must note I knew NOTHING about the author or the subject matter at the time I read it because it just came out and I just discovered it in my high school library and gave it a go. All I knew was that for some reason I wanted to read a romance, that happened to have vampires in it. I don’t know why exactly, but the idea intrigued me…At the time. And really I felt nothing for the book. Really all I can say is that I read it, and yeah I felt nothing. I read the second book but again I felt nothing, in fact I returned it to the library without even finishing it.

    Romance in general, whether it is in book form or film, is tricky. You have to express a lot of emotional range and express something that is probably foreign to some. But you can still make it possible, by making the reader or the viewer CARE! I could not nor would not relate to Bella, because she was a whiny sour puss, who yeah sure had teenage problems, but that doesn’t excuse her being an elitist Mary Sue, which is what she came across as to me. And because of that, I didn’t care one way about her or her subsequent romance to Edward.
    I guess what I am trying to say is a romance story can work, people can put up with the so called “mushy” stuff, if the characters and the actors playing the characters are likable and can keep you engaged. Plus it helps to keep the stakes high and interesting, which again goes back to making you care about what happens to the characters that you have decided to invest in. Here’s just a short list, at the top of my head, of movies that I’ve seen that are actually pretty good romance movies.

    The French Lieutenant’s Woman
    Harold and Maude
    Doctor Zchivago
    Like Water for Chocolate
    Cairo Time
    Light of my Eyes
    Bread and Tulips
    My Brilliant Career
    North by Northwest

    Okay that last one was more a spy thriller, that happens to have romance in it, but its still awesome. 
    In the end good romance does exist, sure the genre isn’t to everyone’s taste but it still has the capacity to be good, is all I am saying. And don’t let this series influence your view on the genre, these movies are the bad examples because for all the “emotions” that is conveyed in the film, you end up feeling nothing because the main couple are the equivalent to cardboard. 

    • Jack Shen

      Doctor Zchivago damn straight! That final scene is killer.

      My favorite romance movies are (and will prolly remain) L.A. Story and When Harry Met Sally.

      • Sofie Liv

         “Before Sunrise.”

        Absolutely… the only thing that movie has going for itself, at all, is the chemistry of its lead actors.
        The entire movie is just these two people, whom just met on a train, walking around in Paris at night-time talking. Talking about themselves, their lifes, their problems, asking questions to each other, until the day after, they sepperate again promising to meet up at the same train station in six months. That’s it! that’s all the romance in that movie.
        And dammit it works, I was sitting saying.

        “No you fool! don’t leave him behind, go to that church and get married! right now dammit!”

        As any girl, I have a soft spot for the over dramatic romance, like any girl I am so into the romance aspect of Phantom of the opera, I spend the better part of the 1991 remake of Dark Shadows just gushing over Barnabas and feeling how sorry I was for him.
        Beauty and the best, best cartoon romance ever, and i never get tired of it.

        So yeah, when Romance is done right, I am just a big a sucker about it as the next girl.. it’s just not done right here. 

        • Beauty and the Beast was actually one of the first films I remember seeing at the movie theater. And to this day I still tear up at the scene when Belle tells Beast that she loves him, and he transforms. The transformation sequence is just perfect, the music, the animation, its gorgeous. :) 

      • Yeah When Harry Met Sally is one of the best. I actually just recently re-watched it for a film genre class, and really it’s one of those rare movies where everything pretty much works. Nora Ephron you shall be missed.
        As for L.A. Story, I own it and really I should re-watch it.

    • I’m a big Annie Hall, Amelie and Lost in Translation fan.  I also have a soft spot for Titanic and Shakespeare in Love… Don’t judge me. >_> <_<

  • $36060516

    What did whores ever do to you?

    • Jack Shen


      • The_Stig

        Come on, dude. You don’t need a reason.

        • MichaelANovelli

          Well, at the very least, we can appreciate the fact that Jackula knows to use every part of the whore!  :-)  It is for this reason that he was able to defeat Gen. Custer at Little Big Horn…

          • The_Stig

            Of course! Never doubt a man with goggles.

  • Tim Terrell

    Were the “two dead prostitutes” the same woman? Was she supposed to be portraying identical twin prostitutes?  You could have at least put a wig on her and had her face away from the camera in one shot, as to give the illusion it was two different women. Come on, son.

    Is that Jakula’s girlfriend? She wears her corset…very well.

    • Jack Shen

      She’s a female friend, but not my GIRLfriend and yeah she does wear her corset well. 

      • FullofQuestions1

        And she bears a slight resemblance to Obscurus Lupa.

        • Jack Shen

          It’s the red hair isn’t it?

          • FullofQuestions1


    • We knew that’d be a problem, which is why we added the line “And they say we keep killing the same one over and over” when Jack’s on the phone with the whore-house. =P 

  • The_Stig

    That’s the thing about the Twilight films. The only interesting characters are the supporting and side  characters. 

    There’s one thing I appreciated about Breaking Dawn part 2. THIS GODDAMN SHITTY MOVIE SERIES IS FINALLY OVER!!!! Unless of course Stephenie Meyer gets around to publishing Midnight Sun. (or the reboot, whichever comes first) *sharpens a meat cleaver* So if anybody needs me, I’ll be in Cave Creek, Arizona.

  • The likeable characters Josh mentioned almost make me want to see the film…


    • LindaMinda

      If they had a spin-off would you reconsider? That would probably never be made though; Meyer would never be that original/entertaining.

      • Actually, I was having a conversation about this with a friend over twitter, if a TV spin-off is ever done, the ONLY way to make it work is to have the focus be on the side characters, then I’d watch it. But knowing Meyers (and the target audience) that’s asking for too much.

        • Sofie Liv

           Oh I don’t think Meyers will be in any way involved, she’s much to busy writing new books, pushing them at a rapid pace, she’s like Stephen King like that, it’ll only take her three months to finish an entire book!

          ….and now you know part the reason why her books are crap, also.. why it’s only half the time Stephen King is any good..

          And hey, with Meyers out of the picture, it could become a new “Vampire diary.” which is a show I am never ever going to see.

          • The thing about Meyer is that she comes up with really out-there and interesting ideas. You have to admit what she came up with in Twilight in regards to how the vampires work, the powers they gain, and yes even the sparkle aspect, are technically original ideas. The problem with Meyer is that she does a crap job of delivering these ideas, since her writing skills are piss poor, and the characters she decides to focus on are just so uninteresting, in comparison to the side characters. 

            To be fair her other endeavor, The Host, has ideas behind it that do sound actually interesting, with main characters that you can sympathize with. But the problem is that I won’t read it, just on the fact that its probably written quite badly, without any real tension, because when it comes to a Meyer vehicle, happy endings are given to everyone. Hooray… :/

          • Sofie Liv

            The thing about humans is that EVERY-BODY have good ideas!

            That’s quite an amazing thing about the human mind, we are creative, and every-body does indeed have good ideas, just listen to people talking it’s amazing the good ideas they can spew out.

            How-ever, it’s only the fewest whom are genuinly capable to make good ideas into good material.
            So many people miss the part that making some-thing that is good is the hard work and takes genuine craft-man ship, no matter what it is.
            Craft-man ship which must be learned, and it’s always an aggravating process to learn some-thing new probably, a slow aggravating process which takes patience, willingness to learn, and willingness to make do-overs.

            It’s just.. if I should count all the people, who came to me, with some kind of fantasy and a idea.. which is honestly quiet good, and then never actually do some-thing with, or do some-thing half assed and then gives up, almost as if they are surprised it’s more difficult to create stuff, also amazed it can’t be as good or fantastic as in their fantasy.. shess.

            Go to a movie theatre high-school, you’ll be amazed.

          • David Anderson

            She did have some interesting ideas, sure. They were completely out of place in a romance-centric book where she uses every trick in the book to avoid actually writing about any kind of fighting or conflict, though. At least in any way where the characters being vampires is all that relevant to how things play out.

            And you are right, everyone gets a happy ending. I think the only characters who didn’t were either villains or their only utility to the plot was to be mean to the main characters.

          • David Anderson

            That seems to be Meyer’s problem as an author. Her overnight success seemingly gave her a child’s naive view of doing something creative; everyone supports her because she’s a child, and everyone who tells her what she’s made sucks, however legitimately, is just being mean and she shouldn’t listen to them.

            I get the idea that the lukewarm reaction to Breaking Dawn was something even she couldn’t ignore, though, and it soured her on writing about these characters (that and Midnight Sun being leaked). Think about it; the book version came out in 2008. The only thing Twilight-related she’s written (and finished) since then was about another character whose contact with the main ones was minimal.

  • J.O

    That was funny and a good review, but here’s one potential movie to watch out for. The potential House of Night movie. The books are actually a lot worse than Meyers, and a lot more infuiating… that and the mortal instruments at least.