Twilight (2008) (part 8 of 9)

Daytime again, and the millionth thunderstorm so far is brewing. Charlie is cleaning a shotgun and Bella brings him another beer like the good little woman she is. She tells him she’s got a date with Edward, and Charlie asks if he isn’t too old for her. Harhar.

Bella says Edward’s outside and wants to meet him before they go. Charlie snaps the shotgun closed and tells her to send him in. I love that bit.

Caption contributed by Jet

On learning that Edward has been breaking into his daughter’s room every night, Charlie responds appropriately.

Edward is shown in and introduces himself politely, saying that he’s taking Bella to play baseball with his family. Charlie snickers at the idea of Bella playing baseball and wishes them “good luck with that”. I love this guy. As Bella leaves, he subtly asks her if she’s still got the pepper spray. I really love this guy.

And now, the other moment everybody’s been waiting for—the baseball scene. You all knew it was coming. Doesn’t matter if you’ve read the book; everyone knows about the vampire baseball. Brace yourselves.

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Multi-Part Article: Twilight (2008)

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