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NOTE: This review is in Spanish with English subtitles. Renegado gets into the Halloween spirit by reviewing Twilight. But it’s not the Twilight you’re expecting…

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  • Jonathan Campbell

    That made no freaking sense.

    If Betoid(a) was the killer, why did she come to you? What crazy logic was there in that?

    Anyway, good review. Haven’t heard of this film before.

    Never watched the other Twilight, but I’ve seen enough to know that’s probably a good thing.

  • danbreunig

    Now THIS is my kind of Twilight!

    Really, I didn’t care about vampires even before the Meyer series, but I digress.

    Thanks for the history lesson in film, or really Film Noir–all my schooling and that’s something I never knew about until today.

    This would be quite the experiment for a 1998 basis, to make a film parallel and referencing (not really equal, copying, or spoofing) to an era-specific genre, all the while being only semi-obvious about it. Also interesting for that time (1998) is that the actors are established veterans who are already familiar with film history altogether, which makes them work out for such a tribute to the genre. That’s not something you can really pull off anymore in the 2010s.

    I saw this very review video once before in pure Spanish, so seeing all these visual cues now match with the English subs (“so *that’s* what that scene was about, hm”) was spicing on the johnny cake. As for the review video itself…I still have no idea what programs or equipment is needed for this kind of production. Only that I can just imagine the hours spent to get that homemade Sin City visual style. It’s my longer way of saying Awesome Job, Renegado P.I.

  • maarvarq

    Has anyone else been unsuccessful in trying to watch all of this? The steaming pile of crap that is the Blip player has twice played a few ads at me at the midpoint and then locked up, and it’s not like you can fast-forward or jump the ad point.