TV Show: Star Trek

Star Trek "Catspaw"

October is here again, and for many, that means the start of Halloween season. So why not look at the only episode in Star Trek franchise history that was an actual Halloween episode? This is the reason “Catspaw”, actually the…

Star Trek "Dagger of the Mind"

In the franchise’s entire 51-year history, there’s only been one Star Trek episode of any of the six series that’s been holiday-themed. That episode was the original series’ “Catspaw”, which was the first episode filmed for the show’s second season,…

VIDEO: Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror”

A transporter accident causes Kirk and Company to cross over into a parallel universe where Spock has a beard, and the crew of the Enterprise is evil and menacing. Meanwhile, a transporter accident in Mendo's house leaves Mendo reviewing this episode with an evil and menacing version of special guest star Sofie Liv. But surely, that's all just a coincidence.