TV Show: Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time: Swan Song

As a show runner, inevitably, there will come a time in your life when your series is dangling on the precipice of cancellation, your lead actress has just dumped you via Instagram, and seemingly nothing can save it but a…

Once Upon a Time: A Black Fairy Tale

This week on Once, Rumple continues his trend of contemplating doing the right thing for about five seconds, before effing up again. (But hey, major points for character consistency!) Also this week, Captain Hook chooses a best man…

Once Upon a Time: Let’s Get Kraken!

This week on Once, Storybrooke finally gets a new bar!  Snow White gets wasted! Emma becomes that cliché lady who pours her heart out to a bartender!  Aladdin and Jasmine learn that sometimes all it takes is a little…

Once Upon a Time: Boys behaving badly

This week on Once, the writers bastardize Beowulf (which, in their defense, couldn’t be made much worse than it already was). Also this week, Rumple tries twice to prevent his kids from becoming assholes like him, and is sort…

Once Upon a Time: Baby mama drama

This week on Once, Belle's "baby" keeps haunting her dreams, while not so subtly hitting on her, and no one is supposed to think that's weird. Aladdin becomes a Genie, and moves into a lamp, which I guess beats his prior job of living in a cave and being unemployed.

Once Upon a Time: Arrested development

This week on Once: The Beast tries to win back Belle's heart by incarcerating her. (Hey, it worked last time!) Snow White learns that she's a terrible teacher, when the subject is anything other than making a birdhouse. The Evil Queen's kryptonite is finally revealed. And yet another sort-of villain is given a hasty partial redemption arc before meeting his untimely demise.